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  1. Burning itching stinging crawling numb every minute for 30 months now no relief.. sometimes gets very emotional. Lost a very close person over this .
  2. Me - had fibro or chronic fatigue in 30s for 3 years.. slowly came out of it but always got flare ups. DR said they dont believe in it. Now at 56 and got HSV in 2017. Itches burns tingles stings crawls on almost every facial nerve every minute of every day. DR is zero help. My IGG is negative 3 times. Can't do western blot in Canada. Lost a relationship because I backed away as it was heating up . I love her so much that I want the best for her. She doesn't know I was assaulted when drunk women kissed me when she fell on me. I used to write love poems.. last poem I wrote was " my new found friend - loneliness" My lips feel like footballs and bugs crawling under face as it itches as we speak..its every minute for now 30 months. I can't even tell what emotions are based in reality or " wonder " in terms of what ever is going on. I feel like something is living inside me. Even eyes have crawling sense
  3. I'm 56 and daily itch pain crawl and more over entire face. Every second for 2 yrs. Finally I am dealing with a Dr. But naturalpath that has had successes with ocular herpes and progressive face herpes. I talked with a professor of Nat path last yr that was one of her professors. He was awful and she is wonderful. She also has herpes. I only say this because after having all dermatologists reject referrals 6 and the Nuero saying buy a bike enjoy life with community sex health dr saying its dermatitis and IGG being neg . Yet symptoms say otherwise . Can't do westen blot in Canada. Nat path says she has had.successes. I am following the protocol but only 4 or so weeks in..she is changing my bio film and immune system. Finally I have hope. Maybe wont be perfect but improving would be good . Also may consider a nutritionist that has 4 autoimmune issues of her own tackled. So may try incorporating diet. But need to find right person not just right profession Be well...much love
  4. I like coffee and work shifts so coffee helps ..some coffee types right away
  5. 3 tests IGG all negative .No obvious ob but pressure and all itching burning crawling tingling stinging. DR refused to test 3 times and finally after 3 visits agreed and it was neg. I went to other Dr for 2 subsequent IGG .even up to 9 mos. All neg.. My Dr is also the community public sex Dr. .I said its hsv ( kissed by drunk lady slobbered actually) then 36 hrs. Tingles Severe headache nausea and intense fatigue all for 4 weeks. Burning tingling crawling itching stinging sense of leaking wetness along many nerves in face and top lip. Even feel tingling crawling nside eyes at times . They sent me to MS clinic MRI took 18 months - follow up this Jan at 30 months. Saliva burns at times. Often. Skin is tight and numb esp after shaving. Total nightmare as it burns itches stings crawl along entire trangemenial nerves. At 30 months of daily it's now about 70% of initial pain. Dr will not prescribe antiviral as she says its prob not HSV and if it is everyone has it. Drugs are more dangerous to kidneys? This has affected All of me.. was learning guitar -stopped. Worked out 4 times a week for life Havent Been in gym in 2 years. Really impacted my relationship choices...I backed way way off turned cold . Used to love touching and kissing..I will never risk it. DR SAID to risk it. Dont need to divulge since she says I dont have it as IGG is neg... I had fibromyalgia in my 30s..I go into a flare at times. My glands ache all over for months but I was good and healthy for 7years prior to kiss.. I became ultra depressed and suicidal bc I was in love and I backed way out of relationship.. I still suffer the emotional.loss along with pain. Even feels like tingling hives under lips . All Dr I speak with are not concerned. Neurologist said buy a bike enjoy life. Anyway...its been since Sept 30 2017 when a drunk lady fell on me and I stopped her fall and she slobbered all over my lips. Big joke. It was assault in my eyes. Lost amazing person and my passion. No more poetry writing no guitar no working out..totally obsessed with getting a dr to listen. Can't do Westen Blot in Toronto. Thinking of flying to Univ of Washington. No idea how to proceed to getting Westrn Blot. Called Univ of Wash. Then contacted multiple labs to see if they will do testing and ship. No not without original kit which cannot be sent across the border ..I did get a Dr request. But can't get kit . Even still that will give me a starting point after 30 months daily. Oh and every Dr even Nuero will say these symptoms are impossible to be HSV So no buy in from them I have a.Naturalpath who deals with HSV on board.. lots of lysine MitchCondroita licorice Cod liver oil vit c....after 6 weeks. Minor change. Coffee makes it all worse. I drink 4 to 6 coffee a day. That's it
  6. I was 55 ..now 57....i have PHN symptoms every second of every day for 25 months...I lost the love of my heart and in that my heart has finally gone numb..I am not who I was ...Fun loving kind energetic.....stopped the gym stopped guitar and stopped writing poems.. i play hockey just to push through..I am in pain and fatigue constantly.....Coffee and shaving make it worse...I have to shave...
  7. After being kissed ..wet french kiss ..by a drunk woman in a bar that fell on me in my chair...I was drinking water and had just stopped to see friends for 5 mins...she lathered my face....yuk.... Got the tingles in lips, then stinging and pressure but nothing actually broke out..it pressured up then slowly subsided over a week...but at the same time ... Severe headache and fatigue for 5 weeks, extreme nausea in abdomin for 6 weeks...and contant burning itching crawling tingling now throughout entire face which itches or burns daily for now 25 months...Dr says it wont kill me and that its mostly a mental thing.... No medication offerred...no other Dr..can be sought due to Canadian medical rules.......unless i ditch this Dr....i dunno anymore. I lost the love of my life and my heart went numb
  8. Could i have this from.a kiss....i too have tested negative with type specific IGG . I cannot do a western blot in Canada....I have almost given up.....my nerves crawl tingle burn itch sting all along the trigenmenial nerves and all along top of lip ..daily....no outbreaks but raided blemishes that dont break...pressure
  9. I have constant nerve pain around my face daily for 25 months.....every second ....burn itch sting numb wet tight sore...constant never ending pain.... From a french kiss by a drunk woman I didnt know who sat on me at a bar...and smothered my face in her wet sloppy kiss... I was physically ill for 6 weeks....fatigue headache neck pain nausea...and face pain which has continued to creep.....Herpes is Greek for creep...... So so so depressing....Dr will do nothing for me except tell me I wont die But I am already dead... Saliva burns too
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