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  1. it could be that you are passing a kidney stone or fragments of one or many.... my ex had many of the same issues that bothered him for months and at one point even I was convinced he maybe had HSV... when finally he passed the stone and all issues stopped immediately. just a thought.
  2. Hey all! I am going to make this very brief, but I recently discovered that many of my health issues were completely unrelated to HSV1, and completely related to having TOXIC MOLD in my home. Once I was able to move out of the environment my health took a total 180 degree turn and every single issue I had related to what I thought was HSV, went away. I am writing this because I will be deleting my account soon, as the main reason I logged on was because I thought my HSV1 from over 20 years ago was to blame for my ongoing issues, but now that I have discovered that toxic mold was the true culprit, I am getting back to the happy, healthy and essentially unbothered by HSV girl that I was before all of this started happening. I just know that often times when people figure out the route of their issues or find relief for them...they disappear. I didn't want to do that, but wanted to share that if you've ever had water damage in your home or see visible mold or have any slight suspicion of mold...it may be worth researching about and looking into. It is essentially a silent killer that will slower degrade your health and cause chronic issues within your body. My issues like skin irritation and vaginal lesions was actually because mold spores were colonizing in my freshly washed underwear that I would air-dry in my laundry room. Mold spores and their mycotoxins were causing the intense skin itching that felt like ants crawling all over my skin and the hair loss. The list goes on and on! I am so happy to now have found relief and I hope this post helps just one person get to the same better place! xo
  3. @Gina99 Google "formication" when you get a chance. I have HSV 1 both orally and genitally and had my first issues with it back when I was 21. Then other than a couple cold sores, my body basically suppressed the virus for about 15 until this past winter when things went haywire. I've been doing some research and it seems that hormones can play into when this virus reactivates and I think it's possible that I am now at the age (37) where my hormones are starting to change and this was what caused my 3 month long GHSV-1 flare up this past winter. I wanted to chime in because once the 3 months of hell were over and the virus seemed to go back into a suppressed state, I developed this all over body-tingle itch that seems to come and go. It feels how you described... like ants crawling on my skin. I did some research on the internet and the term is called "formication" and one of the things that cause it, apparently is a change in hormones, among other things as well. I've been suffering with this on and off itch now for about 5 months and it seems to be getting just a little better each month. I do notice it seems to start a few days after my period and then stop right before my period, which is another reason I think it's related to my hormones. I know you are younger than me, but maybe you are going through other things that are causing this condition for you? Or possibly it's hormonal for you too?
  4. @justachic18 It is really rare! When I as infected I had never come into contact with the HSV1 virus and got it orally at first from kissing someone and then also had oral sex from the same person whom I found out had it after the fact. SO bam, both places at the same time and the outbreak was horrific. Worst pain of my life and I ended up in the emergency room and no one knew what was wrong with me until sores finally appeared after several days down there and my OBGYN swabbed yada yada. Valtrex, blah blah blah. I was devastated like many people share on this forum and immediately thought my life was over, but like we've read about a lot of cases of HSV1, after the initial outbreak it was basically crickets for the next 15 years. Other than 2 or 3 cold sores on my lip during that time, I really didn't have to deal with much. In my mind it's always been a little easier to disclose that I carry the virus that gives cold sores because so many people carry that type-specific virus, many don't even know they do, and like you, I have had many partners and always was safe and in monogamous relationships, but even in long term relationships without condoms, I never passed it any partners and many would use my time of disclosure to say that at some point they had gotten a cold sore too or something, so then I knew we didn't have to worry. It would probably make sense for your guy to get a blood test now to see what that reveals. Random side note - once in my life I hooked up with a guy and when his semen got on my skin, my skin turned bright red and had a reaction to it immediately!! Could it be that your chemistry and lady juices just don't react well with his chemistry? It's certainly a possibility! Either way - he should get tested - he may already have hvs1 if his blood test comes back positive and then you can rule out that he contracted it from you and put that chapter to bed. Crazy but with this virus it's all about knowing as much as we can. The more we know sometimes the easier it is to process or work through shame or guilt, especially in relationships, but this virus can be so tricky, it makes it hard sometimes. This forum is a blessing bc it really does remind me that there are thousands of people dealing with this little virus daily and makes disclosure something not so scary bc I know that so many people who have this virus are too embarrassed or ashamed to disclose and by at least being a person that does, we don't have to live with that shame or guilt and maybe other people will learn from and be encouraged by our honestly and forthrightness.
  5. @justachic18 I think the chances are incredibly low...I am in the same boat as you with HSV1 and have never passed it to a single personI've dated and I think it's because so many people already have that virus or have come into contact with it at some point in their life. This guy however, may have not and it's possible his first outbreak is starting out this way and will eventually turn into a cold sore no? any updates?
  6. Hey @Andy - I have HSV1 myself and acquired it both orally and genitally at the same time, from a man that I knew got cold sores, but didn't know until AFTER our encounter. My first outbreak was really bad and I had sores all inside my mouth and down my throat as well. If you are older and never exposed to HSV1 then sometimes I think the initial outbreak after exposure can be pretty severe. I was so sick I couldn't get out of bed and even almost fainted I remember when trying. As for transferring it orally...I have never ever passed it to any of my partners in the 15 years since acquiring the virus. All either were tested before we were together and were negative then and then never got any symptoms ever while we were together or even after (I have remained friends with several of my exes) or when I brought up that I got cold sores in the early stages of dating someone, many of them said "me too" or "everyone gets cold sores!" and it was literally no big deal. There's a really good chance that many of your future partners or next partner might already have the virus either orally or genitally and it would totally be a non-issue. Usually if someone has the virus in one place, they won't be re-infected with it in another location. If you are concerned about it, I think the best thing to do is take 500mg of Valtrex daily because I believe that lowers the risk of recurrences but ALSO lowers the possibility of transmission. If you do that when you start dating someone new and have the talk about the fact that you now may get a cold sore while dating them and you want to be safe, then it opens up the discussion that it's very common and if your new partner wants to be cool about it, then maybe they can get tested too. If they have it already, no stress... if they don't you can take meds and just avoid ever going down on them if you feel a cold sore coming on. Don't stress... I think you'll be fine. Just be upfront about it. :) P.S. I of course was devastated when I got this virus when I was 21...but if in the heat of the moment the guy I was with told me he got cold sores and asked if I wanted him to use a dental dam to be safe...I probably still would have said "naw, I'm sure I'll be fine." It's just one of those weird things... the same dealio with performing oral sex on a man when he uses a condom. I just have never done that... life has risks and you can do things to protect yourself, but you also have to live, have fun and enjoy life. ya know?
  7. Hey everyone! Just wanted to share my experience and discovery in the hopes that it will help so many of you out there!! I went through a really intense second outbreak of my GHSV1 over the holidays. I'm one of those women who contracted the virus over a decade ago and after having the first outbreak, it went dormant for about 15 years, until this past winter when I ended up with a second outbreak that pretty much lasted for 4 months and caused constant irritation down there. Like many of you I began to look closer at my life, lifestyle, diet, etc to see what I could do to help my body fight this nuisance of a virus and one of the things I did was begin taking probiotics daily, starting this past March. The issues I suffered pretty much were ongoing from mid-november until late February and slowly began to resolve with some daily Valtrex. It was in March that I took some advice and began also taking a daily high strength probiotic and THAT's when the itching started. I didn't realize it at the time, but that is when I started to have this itching at night...the feeling of bugs crawling all over my skin down there and all over my body. Well after an insightful conversation with a friend, I googled "itching all over and probiotics" and found a ton of information to suggest that maybe the probiotics and not the HSV1 were the cause for my itching so I stopped taking them. It's been 5 days since I stopped taking them and the itching has completely stopped. If any of you out there are including probiotics in your regime to boost your immune system and you ALSO are experiencing itching, especially that feeling of bugs crawling on your skin...try eliminating probiotics and see if that helps! It's only been 5 days and so far so good, but I will def report back if anything changes. For now I am so grateful to have possibly ended the frustration and mystery around the itching!!
  8. @doglover Feel free to go back and read some of my posts, but I initially contracted HSV1 both orally and genitally 15 years ago! I had the first initial outbreak, thought my life was over, didn't really have an issue after that other than a cold sore or two over the next 15 years....always told partners I get cold sores, yada yada, and NOT ONE of them every contracted it from me....then fast forward 15, yes 15 years and starting this past winter I started having almost a 4 month continuous outbreak down there! I was so scared I somehow contracted type 2 and that it was a new infection, but based on my past sexual history and monogamous relationship, that just didn't make sense. I still got tested 3, 5 and 7 1/2 months after the symptoms started for HSV2 just to make sure that wasn't the case and all 3 tests came back negative. After speaking with many women and joining this forum...the reality is that this stinker of a virus really can lay dormant for years and even decades and I think for us women, changes in our hormones can be the number 1 trigger to set it into motion. I'm almost 40 and for sure my body is going through a lot of changes and they have triggered the sleeping monster. I promise things WILL get better. For 4 months I was distraught, depressed, didn't want to have sex and felt constant burning/irritation down there...took meds for 3 months daily which, combined with more rest, less alcohol and supplements and avoiding stress seemed to slowly help things resolve. Here's a couple things that seemed to help me that I would recommend: (I hope anyone reading this post also tries some of these suggestions to see if over time it helps!! Remember though - supplements are NOT meds and they usually take 2 months to build up in your body to start affecting your health...so be patient!) Vitamin C - You can't take too much!!!!! Get a good 1,000mg pill and take 2-3 in the morning with breakfast and 2-3 in the evening with dinner. I've read that large doses of vitamin C (up to 10,000mg DAILY) can really do wonders for the immune system. St John's Wort - This is supposed to help with nerve health. You can take it daily for a couple months at a time, then take break for a month. I get the little homeopathic pellets that dissolve under your tongue. Coconut Oil - I used this religiously and put it all over my lady parts whenever I was having an outbreak or irritation. It's also amazing to ingest and I would put a teaspoon in my coffee every morning. There's a component called Monolaurin that's in coconut oil that medically has been shown to be able to break down the lipid coating of the virus, which leaves the exposed virus available for our immune system to break down. If you can, start taking 500mg of valtrex once a day - it made me really tired and sometimes gave me a headache so I took it at night before bed, but that will also help you body to get the viral load in check. It's been 6 months since I started having the "second big HSV1 genital outbreak" and the first 3 months were a constant state of pain and depression but the last 3 months things have been getting better and better week by week. I no longer have the constant irritation/outbreak symptoms and only have been suffering some some intense itching that comes and goes randomly. A huge improvement. I'm so happy your partner is supportive and mine is as well... he also has HSV1 which made it very easy to disclose and talk about. Sending you love and blessings and remember... our body's also react so much to stress, so laugh, play, smile and think happy thoughts! :)
  9. From everything I know, it's VERY different for everybody. I know that once I started symptoms of what I believe to be my second OB in life, which happened 15 years after the first, the symptoms lasted off and on for about 4 months. Small areas of irritation, sunburned feeling, itching, that prodrome tingling feeling. Not fun, but I have just focused a lot more on eating right, getting lots of sleep and not stressing out as much as usual and that, combined with Valtrex daily for the first 2-3 months seemed to slowly put things into dormant-mode. Be patient with your body and know that it will not last forever. It just takes time for your body to fight this nuisance!
  10. @PLtoJD Doll!! Take a deep breath!! HSV1 is something 90% of people have!! Some people have it orally, some genitally and some in both places. This is not the end of your world, or her world and this will certainly not keep her or you from having children. I remember I thought my life was over when I first got HSV1 when I was 21 years old. It was the worst week of my entire life... but it passed. It passed and I didn't have any issues with the exception of a cold sore here or there for the next 15 years. Everyone is different, but there's a good chance that after your girlfriend finishes her first outbreak, that she may NEVER have another one again. Just breathe... everything will be ok. You can both educate yourselves, learn about the virus and together you can support each other and encourage each other to live healthy lives.
  11. @Goran - I know you will prob feel kinda weird buying/using them, but the medicated Vagisil wipes in the purple package seem to give me some relief. They were actually almost sold out at both Targets that I went to...so there's a lot of women out there with lady issues and I bet many of them have H and don't even know it, since this itching seems to be a big symptom without anything else. Also - I'm trying to figure out the correlation if any but I may have noticed that when I eat chocolate and/or peanut butter the itching may be worse... I love both of those things but I'm going to try to completely eliminate them from my diet and see if that helps. I'll let you know.
  12. @mstanya1234 - The burning I use to feel was almost like a sunburn feeling the skin just above my clitoris area. The skin where you have pubic hair. However I have also had irritated inside my vagina, where my vagina just feels like it's just been in a bad mood. I notice I am getting that feeling usually about a week before my period. Having sex doesn't make it worse, it actually makes it feel better, which is so weird. As of the last 2 weeks, a lot of my symptoms have calmed down a lot. I haven't had any raw areas and the burning, tingling has almost stopped. Now the only thing I'm experiencing which is new - is this intense itching that randomly starts usually as I'mw waking up in the morning. It feels like ants crawling all over the skin of my ladybits and my tush. I have followed in the advice of another woman on this site and picked up some medicated Vagisil wipes and as soon as the itch starts I give myself a wipe and it usually helps calm it down within minutes. I really have been paying attention to my body and it seems my symptoms are falling into a pattern with my monthly hormonal changes. This virus is so tricky. @goran - I feel like I'm in the same boat hun. No issues for so many years then all of a sudden I had prodrome feelings for almost 5 months straight! It's just crazy. Things are slowly getting better, which I am so thankful for, but now this itching I'm experiencing makes me want to tear my hair out!
  13. @LovetheMountains - I really love your advice and I have to share that I have been in a similar boat and disclosed. Only good things and positivity has come from that. @whatshouldido - I know I have HSV1, but it has been dormant for years and recently I have experienced a ton of issues down there to make me think that it's either reactivated OR I have possibly recently contracted HSV2 and am experiencing the first outbreak from that. Either way I chose to disclose my HSV1 status to a new man I have been dating and low and behold he has HSV1 too. That was a huge relief. I took my time getting to know him and waited about a month to be intimate with him and before that happened - I shared with him that I was concerned that the recent issues I was experiencing could be from my HSV1 OR could be a possible new infection of HSV2 and that I just wasn't sure yet. I told him I got 2 negative tests months after my issues started and was planning to go again for a 3rd test to finally put the issue to bed, but wanted to be upfront with him because I wanted to protect him as best i could and wanted him to know what I was experiencing because it could affect our intimacy. He responded with: "So what? So what if you DO have HSV2? It's just a skin rash, it's not some life-threatening issue. I am falling in love with you. I understand you are worried and trying to protect me, but if we end up together long-termit's not like I'm going to wear a condom forever." Being open and honest and HUMAN is the only thing you can do. Someone will either understand and care about you and want to work through it OR they will have another reaction that you can't predict. I can tell you that if you are open and the other person IS understanding, it can bring you closer and pave the way for a lasting relationship...AND great sex because you won't feel like you are hiding something. THAT being said I have communicated with a handful of women on this site who have struggled with HSV issues and many of their partners haven't had any issues at all. This virus is obviously a tricky one and you can't predict who it will latch onto or how it will affect them IF at all. Just be honest and also remember that sites like this wouldn't exist if this wasn't something that was affecting so many people. :)
  14. From my experience - as we get older hormones can play a huge role is triggering this tricky virus. I got the virus over 15 years ago during which time is was primarily formant and now in my late 30's things are just haywire.
  15. Is it possible if parents have the virus that they can pass it down to their children in the form of antibodies?? Not actual infection but maybe antibodies? Maybe it is these people that get the virus but never get symptoms? Or the people that get exposed but never contract the virus??
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