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  1. I’m married and my s/o has had oral herpes for years, caught it when they were a kid. I knew this going in, figured I’ll be careful and hey, worst case scenario I get a sore on my lip every once in awhile. So a few days ago I wake up to a twinge of pain...in my nose. Figured maybe my nose ring got twisted or something. Go to check and I have what’s clearly a sore in my freaking nose. Like, how?? Is that possible?? I have a couple little blisters on the outside in between my two nostrils but the big sucker is inside. Nothing on my lips, but what the heck. I’m looking for info on this but it
  2. Nope, just like you say, just don't touch it and then touch other parts of your body and you'll be fine. If you're like most people, this should be the only time you have an outbreak on your nose.
  3. Thanks! It seems like the main cold sore is actually inside my nose, and the stuff outside is just from me blowing my nose (after thinking something was irritating the inside). It’s quite large and painful. I’m terrified of transferring it to other parts of my body and “self inoculating”, anything I can do besides washing hands/hand sanitizing to prevent this?
  4. Hi there and welcome! Certainly possible to get a primary outbreak around your nose, but good news is once your body builds up immunity via antibodies (6 mos to a year), you're not likely to have recurrences in the nose since HSV-1 prefers the area around the lips. FYI, here are other related posts on these forums: https://forums.herpesopportunity.com/search/?q=nose&quick=1
  5. Hello, I am hsv2 positive. Lately Iam getting a bad herpetic pimple on cheek (same position for two times in few months) and now one on side nose. Don't have a very noticeable stuff on genitals though. It is possible that you get random stuff on face far from a normal genital ob "timing"?
  6. I know Im most likely being paranoid but I gotta ask... I was diagnosed with GHSV1 in August. I had my initial very mild OB which went within a few days and have not had any OBs/symptoms since. Today I felt a little bump inside my left nostril. When I touch it, it hurts. Classic Im freaking out. Can you get herpes INSIDE your nose? If so, is that what its like? It just feels like one bump inside on the wall of my nostril and it hurts when I put pressure on it. @mr_hopp
  7. Hello everyone, brand new to the forum and hoping for some answers, thoughts, remedies.... Sorry for the long story but... My bf has HSV1 and only gets cold sores. Over the year we have been together he has gotten more cold sores than ever. He says his stress level and sleep patterns have not changed too much. He doesn't eat anything on the not-approved list and his diet hasn't changed much except that we now eat a lot of eggs because we got chickens. His outbreaks seemed a bit sporadic at first and very frequent. Once he had 2 in a row and another time it moved to the inside of
  8. Hi everyone, I acquired HSV-1 in college in many locations at the same time inner thigh, butt, eye, mouth, and nose. When I talked to the health clinic they said the main way it could be passed is orally as it is from the oral strain. She said I should disclose the HSV-1 orally to partners as that is the main mode of transmission. As I’ve gathered more info through the years I have realized this may have been incorrect info. Struggling and feeling confused about conflicting info and many people seem to only have gotten it in one location. Looking to find someone who can relate or has info
  9. I'm not sure because my ex girlfriend (who did not have HSV before dating me) caught HSV from me. The skin between my lip and nose keeps reacting strange after I shave that area. I recently had very red and sore skin next to my mouth, and a sore on at the entrance to my butt that I think was brought on by drinking coffee. I didn't have a chance to get anything swabbed.
  10. Hello, I had unprotected sex and oral sex 3.5 months ago with a girl who later found out she has hsv2. Ever since then, I’ve had discomfort urinating and discharge from my penis (on antibiotics for it it now), red/tenderness on the tip, fordyce spots on the base, facial acne, white spots show up on my lips, now tingling and white heads showing up on my upper lip (not on the actual lip, but in between the lip and my nose. My dermatologist said it looks like a pimple. I got one swabbed a week ago and praying that it comes back negative. All my blood work has come back negative. I did IGM, i
  11. Hi all, I’m freaking out a bit here. I have Ghsv2 and recently found out I have it in my throat too. This morning I was doing my makeup and my face was fine. I’ve been at work for 2 hours and just went to the bathroom and noticed a section on the side of my nose has irritation on it. But it’s not typical irritation, it sort of looks like tiny bumps are forming. I’m panicking because I’m going out of town tomorrow. Could this be herpes on my face?? I’ve had this since March and I haven’t had anything like this yet. I have a pit in my stomach right now. It’s doesnt hurt, it doesn’t itch, i
  12. Hey everyone. So, it was rough being diagnosed positive to hsv1 recently. A small cluster formed underneath my nose when I was sick a couple of weeks ago and a few blisters on my nose..one I spotted on my chin. The nurse I had spoken with was a little unclear with the dos and donts and I was hoping others could share their thoughts and with me.. Is it safe to wash my face during an outbreak? Obviously no scrubs. I was so worried of spreading the virus that I was afraid to wash or scrub any other part of my body. Can I kiss. I miss kissing!! But don't want to spread it. I was te
  13. Thank you. I think I will. I went to the site and they said they needed a video consultation and the test which together cost $345? It's a little out of my depth at the moment, financially, especially since I have insurance where my regular co-pays are $20. I sent them an email to see if they accept insurance, though I am guessing they won't, especially since I live in a state basically as far from Washington as is possible. (I also think charging to post to their forums is... I don't know, icky at best, predatory at worst. $20 per post? That is ridiculous.) Is there another way to get th
  14. I am anxiously awaiting my results from my most recent test for HSV 1 and/or 2. I received a 1.14 igm positive test result in early July/Late June which the Dr. suggested we re-test in a few weeks. Suspicion of exposure was June 3rd. Since July 2nd, I have been prescribed Valacyclovir 1 every 12 hours and I have been taking as prescribed. I am in despair. I can only suspect this test will soon come back as positive for one or both HSV types. I am only hoping that maybe these symptoms I have been experiencing are in my head or somehow something else. I
  15. @mr_hopp sorry, could this ugly nose and face pimples (or herpes if is that) be triggered from some cortisone I am taking for sciatic nerve problem (which started from a bad back movemente but I also think is related to my hsv2)? I mean 'cause I know it can lower your immune defence.
  16. Have you gotten those nose/cheek pimples swabbed and tested to make absolutely sure they're herpes? That'd be super helpful to get a definitive test since HSV-2 is unlikely to show up in those areas except for in some rare cases like folks with compromised immune systems.
  17. I know you said no empty platitudes but I'm going to anyways , because I can't just read this and not say anything . Your body is doing something without your permission , and you are letting that define you . I also have rampant herpes , every day symptoms that seem resistant to anti virals and I think I have also transferred to my eye . My husband gets out breaks on his nose ,eye,lip, and butt cheeks. I am going through terrible depression about this too and never want to have sex either , so I know where you are coming from on that subject . I'm assuming you have had a blood test? Or been t
  18. I will have to check on the bottle I'm not sure - Dr just prescribed it to me after popping positive on an IGM test (1.14) and having symptoms of dysuria, localized heat in the genital area, and pain the pelvis. Since then dysuria has gone, genital heat may be somewhat present, pelvic discomfort comes and goes. Additionally, I've developed symptoms of burning in my thighs, and hands and side of nose *(sometimes in my scalp) with the occasional pelvic pressure which feels like it's coming from my kidneys - it seems like it comes and goes... and occasionally I have a tickle in or around my pe
  19. By gastro doctor, do you mean GI doctor? That is not the type of doctor to see for genital warts. A dermatologist can help you with this. They will freeze them. It stings a little bit, but isn't terribly painful (I have not had genital warts but I had a wart on a sensitive part of my nose that was frozen and it was not bad at all). You may have to go for multiple treatments to fully get rid of them. If you're not sure if this is HPV or herpes or something else, you really should see a dermatologist anyway. If this is HPV, the doctor is right - HPV isn't a very big deal. The strains
  20. So I am freakedo out cause my friend who has recently been diagnosed with Oral HSV2 now has a cold. Do I have to fear and be extra careful of any nasal discharge that he may have contains the HSV virus?
  21. Thank you I needed that kick in the butt lol. I feel reassured then because I don't think I have a compromised immune system. I can't remember the last time I had a runny nose let alone a cold. I am over thinking this and need to believe these negative results. The more I read the more I feel worse after reading all the + swabs and - blood months later or even longer. The only thing is keeping me sane is I didn't have outbreaks or nothing just weird sensations... Can i ask if u don't mind answering. Do u have type 1 or 2. Or both and if so did u kno the exposure date and how long did it
  22. Yes I had issues with valtrex causing my hair to get extremely dry and thinner .. it can cause alopecia. I stopped taking it too because of that and it was causing me to get stuffy nose and headache. I was on it for about 3 months when the symptoms started causing me issues. I went off it my symptoms got better. I currently haven’t had sex since being diagnosed almost a year ago. I’m dating and scared when I do decide to if will cause me problems too! This virus sucks!! God how I wish I could change it.
  23. I have been having what I thought was herpes for over a year. But instead of having outbreaks, I mostly just have symptoms all the time. It's a constant carousel of nose/eyelid itching with down there itching (different areas), pimple like sores on my butt (single fluid filled pimple type things on red base, but a few each butt cheek). Mostly they don't crust or ulcerate. Sometimes they go away quickly, other times not. No sores on my face but I have also had many sore throats this year- every time without cold symptoms or fever and every time the same pattern of dryness then soreness. I
  24. I'm not sure this is herpes, and I'm somewhat skeptical that the sore throat and itchy eyes/nose are related to the sores/rash on your butt. I would get the sores on your butt swabbed if you haven't already. You don't mention any cultures. Sore throats can be caused by many, many things (acid reflux, allergies, etc) Itching eyes/nose can also be allergies. Is your vision affected? IgG for HSV-1 is not that sensitive; it is possible the test didn't pick it up, since you have had cold sores in the past. What types of doctors have you seen for this? Allergist, ENT, and d
  25. Yes, I agree that your immune system being maxed out from the flu shot and stress + hormonal surges might have just been the perfect storm for an outbreak. I don't think there is any reason to endure pain if it can be avoided. As long as you tolerate the meds (and they're safe and have been around for decades, and most people tolerate them fine), then I don't think it's all that different from taking advil if you have a headache or sudafed if you have a stuffy nose... I just wanted to mention that since you already have a diagnosis, you could also go to the doctor and say you've bee
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