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Found 69 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and new to HSV-2. This forum has really helped me understand the virus and how to cope with it. Everyone here is so supportive and great. Two weeks ago, I was diagnosed with HSV-2, first visually, and then a culture test to confirm. When I was diagnosed visually, the doctor put me on Valtrex for 7 days. My first outbreak was uncomfortable, but still manageable. I was mostly upset when I found out. I started the meds after 3 days of noticing sores. I've been in a monogamous relationship for a year, so my natural reaction was that my partner cheated on me, but after educating myself, I realized I could have had it a long time ago and now just experiencing my first outbreak. I told my partner, and he said it could be from him, but he's never been tested positive. Anyways, I decided to stay educated and figure out how to fight this in the long run since it's with me for the rest of my life. After my 7 days of meds, I decided to go off of it - until another outbreak started to happen. All the lesions from my first outbreak has now healed over. Right now, I'm off of my meds but I am feeling this constant tingly sensation on my upper buttocks. It's sensitive to touch, but bearable. My genitals have this constant itching feeling. I've been off of Valtrex for 3 days now, does this mean I'm having another outbreak? I'm having all these prodrome symptoms, but I don't see an outbreak. Should I go back on Valtrex? Did anyone experience this? I heard that my body is just trying to build up antibodies at the moment to fight the virus. I would much rather stay off the meds if I can. I've been taking supplements such as vitamins and lysine. I also have an appointment with a naturopath to figure out a natural way of coping with this. But what I'm really hoping for is to never have another outbreak - which I know is unlikely. Any type of support or suggestions on this matter would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I have been having recent prodrome symptoms upon dating someone new. It’s like I was completely fine before we started dating, then as soon as it’s time to get intimate, I start to feel the prodrome symptoms. Tingling in legs, butt, genitals. I think I’m nervous about giving it to him, as I am with all of my new partners, but the symptoms are a continual reminder that I have it, and he’s fine with it, I’ve told him all about it, but I’m still anxious about it. My question is, if I’m having prodrome symptoms, but taking my meds, and we use a condom, and I have NO outbreak, is it okay to have sex? I only ask because this prodrome phase is coming and going for ab a month now. Also, I have been very stressed, and I notice when I am calm, relaxed, and not feeling anxious about being intimate with him, I have no symptoms, if not very small symptoms. Also, what can I do naturally to keep the prodrome phase at bay, as I very rarely actually ever have an outbreak, it’s just the prodrome symptoms.
  3. Hi all 3 months now since being positive Please let me know if a pain on the shin of the leg all off a sudden for about 10min can be a prodrome symptom I am on valtrex 500mg once daily Thanks
  4. I started Valtex in March after having had H for over 30 yrs. I had approx 6 ob's per yr and wanted to take it to zero. At any rate I started having constant prodrome symptoms such as tingling all over glute, thigh and vaginal area and never had prodrome prior to Valtrex. I transitioned straight to acyclovir from Valtrex and all that is completely gone in two weeks time. I know that it's not a side effect at all ( tingling) for Valtrex. I even called the FDA and put it in the list of side effects after reading about similar symptoms from others on Valtrex. I was also having vulva pain. It's all completely gone so I don't know if it was the way it's metabolized in my body or what. Just wanted to share.
  5. Hi all I keep getting an ache in my left butt cheek every few weeks. I never noticed this prior to my diagnosis. However, I get the sharp ache but no outbreak. Is this normal and do prodrome symptoms indicate shedding? Does anyone have any advice with managing the pain? I'm just not sure if I’m being hyper vigilant since diagnosis!! Would be greatful for some advice. Thanks.
  6. Hello, I'm marc, i only got diagnosed 3 weeks ago with hsv-1, and had one outbreak. I'de like to know, what are your herpes prodrome symptoms? I would appreciate if you could be very specific: * Like what is your exact symptoms? what do you feel? * how long does the symptoms last? like are they continuous 24/7? * how many days before the outbreak does this symptoms happen? * do you take your high dose meds as soon as you get the symptoms? Thank you for your advanced replies!!
  7. Hi all, I had a question regarding the “tingle” feeling one with hsv-2 has. I work out 5 times a week, eat healthy, ect. I do sit for 8 hours a day at a desk job. From research I have found that sitting can effect nerves and cause different sensations in your thigh area. (Sciatic nerve for example) I feel tingles in my lower butt, upper thigh, genitals on the outside (I am female), upper upper inner thighs (really whole thighs). When I feel the tingles, I readjust my body and the tingle stops or goes somewhere else. Could this simply be due to sitting all day vs. prodromes? Tingling mainly happens while sitting and/or legs crossed. Healthy BMI. My doctor thinks that psychologically, I’m overacting on what I think are prodromes and in turn causing sensations to occur. (Like thinking about being itchy somewhere on your body, and then causing an itch). He has prescribed me a med that in low doses, turns that off in my brain so I don’t cause this to happen. Would this play a part? Anything here would be great and appreciated! -Thanks!
  8. I had a promiscuous sexual encounter 7 days ago that could possibly have exposed me to HSV. The day after the encounter, I started experiencing burning, tingling, itching and pain primarily in my groin. The symptoms have been mild but noticable and have continued for 7 days straight. From what I’ve read, these are common symptoms of a HSV prodrome. However I have also read that prodromes only last about 24 hours before sores appear. I was wondering if anybody has had similar symptoms leading to their first outbreak or if I am wrong to think this could be HSV.
  9. So, My next question. After my OB (which I think is still not over), but the lesions etc have healed, When can I go back to exercising? I have the aching, tingling, numb, burning feeling in my privates. I also have a band of on-fire feeling across my butt - but nothing going on there - just the sensation. Also, my complaint last night of the shooting, horrid pain, burning etc etc up and down my leg. I don't do anything vigorous - about 30 to 45 minutes of moderate exercise on the elliptical. Do you think there could be too much friction if I do that? I don't want another OB. Please advise! I think exercising again would cheer me up. As I have said, the docs here are frigging nonchalant. So, their response is always - it's a skin condition, do whatevs! Thanks! X ~ me
  10. I’m new to the Hopp family and am struggling to manage my prodrome symptoms. I contracted HSV (unsure of the type) 4 months ago and haven’t received a positive test, but all signs point to HSV. I have an overall feeling of tingling, burning, itching and discomfort in the genital/anus area constantly. I’ve taken natural supplements, tried creams, and have been taking Valacyclovir for the past 2 months and nothing works. I thought after the initial outbreak (3 small spots on outer labia and a horrendous and angry cluster on my neck) cleared that this was something I could manage and cope with, but these constant feelings serve as a constant reminder and are painful and discouraging. Has anyone had a similar experience or any suggestions? Thanks in advance : )
  11. I've had constant lower back, buttock, and leg pain the past 5 weeks. It hurts to sit and the pain gets worse by evening. Occasional my penis will feel sore and irritated. Slight redness. There is no physical outbreak. It seems the pain travels gradually. The pain began two weeks after initial encounter. It started with a pain felt inside penis. Question - Are these possible recurrent symptoms but no outbreak? Or one long prodrome phase? What is the likelihood of onset neuropathy issues with herpes? Is there a concern regarding nerve damage? Should I continue antivirals? Anyone else have experience with this?
  12. Hi there, So long story, I have HSV Type 1 oral. I've gotten cold sores on my lips my whole life. Or so I have been told. Now I'm not so sure. I recently dated a woman who was type 1 genital positive. We only had sex a handful of times and the first few times we didn't use protection. She takes Valtrex daily. I'm curious if I could have still gotten HSV 1 genital from her. For the last 2 months I've been getting pain while urinating, and pain in my penis in very specific spots. It started with just the pain in my penis, but there has been a definite progression to it. Occassionally I'll get a tingling on the tip of my penis before or after urination. The pain is never constant and there is no pattern to the pain. Eventually the pain spread to my testes, pelvic region, lower back, and middle back. About 3 weeks ago I began having aching pains in my hips, thighs, and knees. I haven't had any sores of any kind. I've been blood tested and low and behold, positive type 1, negative type 2. Saw a urologist who tested me for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and UTI. All negative. Started me on antibiotics, azithromycin and doxycycline. Symptoms subsided significantly then rebounded once the azithromycin wore off. My symptoms are going away but I'm very paranoid. Those of you that had the pain in your hips, thighs, etc. How did it feel? I appreciate any advice.
  13. Hi All, I am new to this forum but I found out I had herpes in 2013. I started taking Acyclovir as suppressive therapy. For two years I had no flare -ups or any complications. Since about 2017 I have had constant Prodrome symptoms but no flare-ups or minor flare-ups. I initially thought the symptoms were because my Dr. changed my medication from Acyclovir to Valtrex. Thought maybe I was having a reaction to the medication, so I had her switch me back to Acyclovir but the symptoms persisted. I should mention that I have Sacral Herpes, meaning I get flare-ups on my butt cheeks. I have not had a flare-up in my vagina or vaginal area, only my butt cheeks. The symptoms are tingling, burning, feelings of needle pricks and bubble pops on my skin. The symptoms radiate from my lower back to my butt cheeks, crack and even my thighs. The symptoms range from mild to extremely aggravating to the point it interrupts my day. Symptoms see to get worse around my period as my hormones change. I've gone to Dr. and she was totally clueless as to what was going on, why it was happening. She said it may be nerve damage and prescribed me nerve medication. I opted not to take it because the side effects out weighed the benefits of the medication. Also, I am looking into more homeopathic/natural remedies. Besides the Acyclovir, I am only taking vitamins (Vitamin C, multi-vitamin, vitamin D, Lysine & B12). I thought it might be the medication (Acyclovir) so I stopped taking it for a couple months to see if the symptoms might stop but they didn't, actually I had a really bad flare-up. So I've been on the medication since. I have recently started taking Lysine and B12, but I've read it can take about a month to get into your system. I am beyond frustrated and very afraid these symptoms may never stop. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, what happened what did you do to get rid of symptoms? I am open to any advice. Thank you!
  14. HSV2+ Female to HSV2- Male.... Is transmission to the negative partner pretty much guaranteed if the positive partner is shedding or in the prodrome stage? From everything I’ve read across different forums, it seems as though even during these stages, a man is still not highly likely to be infected due to their genitalia… Is this true? Slight burning sensation in the bikini area (thought it was just because I had shaved the night before and am sensitive and hair was trying to regrow) of the upper thigh during a couple of days when vaginal sex occurred twice… No condom use, positive female partner on daily suppression. Couple of days after sex, burning sensation still there, but not worse ( same feeling does also seem to be on the back of the leg near the buttocks), add a slight burning in the anus/butt crack area. One instance of a major tingling in mons pubis area that lasted five seconds or less. Bare shaved again night previous to this. Absolutely no visible signs of an outbreak. Am I overthinking it that the chances of transmission were really high at this time? I was well lubricated, and there was no grinding, as I’ve read doesn’t help the situation because of the friction. Partners penis was visibly clear of any cuts or breaks in the skin. Sex only occurred when the feeling at the top of the thighs has been happening, not when additional sensations occurred. And even the feeling in the thighs was not happening immediately before sex, during sex, or immediately after. Seemed to come back several hours later…
  15. Hello, I am a 23 year old female with genital HSV 1. I had my initial outbreak in April, and it was actually pretty mild. I was taking 2 Valtrex every day and cleared up basically after 5 days. I'm just curious about what prodome symptoms are and when you are about to have a second outbreak. I've had tingles and one time had a little nerve pain on the inside of my thigh, but no sores or anything appeared. Is it possible to have prodome symptoms but no outbreak? Just wanting to know so I can protect any future partner(s) when I feel like I am ready to open my body up to someone again. Any help/tips are appreaciated! Thanks!
  16. Hi! Kinda new here but 7 years w/ HSV2. I wrote a whole other thread about my situation, but in a nutshell, I got HSV1 from my ex, never had a cold sore, but when I was kissing my new boyfriend last week something popped out on my lip. Didn't worry too much about it, thought I bit it or something, and anyway I was on antivirals for the HSV2. Turns out it probably was a little cold sore blip and he was DEFINITELY exposed. I did mention it to him with a brief interchanged where he indicated he may have had them in the past. See other thread for details (Called: I'm terrified I gave my partner cold sores.). Here's my question: he told me this morning in a text that his coffee and everything he drinks/eats feels carbonated on his tongue, like he burned it. Could this be a prodrome symptom? Could he be developing an initial outbreak? I've been panicking all day! Please help!!!
  17. This is my first post. I found out about last Sept that I had HSV-2 that I had so shamefully & regretably contracted from some 1 night stand asshole drifter who I KNOW did this to me on purpose. I disclosed to my amazing bf & he is totally ok with this. The problems are that IM NOT ok with it. I have to wear very binding & tight outfits for work and have literally been in pain everyday since weeks before I found out. There are NO sores- but it always hurts...Is this normal? We have only been able to have sex like once per month because of this. I have suicidal thoughts CONSTANTLY! I dont want to die but I also just want my life back. I want to stop hating the evil bastard that did this to me and I want to get over it- but mainly I just wonder if it will ever be even close to normal again or will I have to live with symptoms forever? ALSO- my bf & I wear a condom AND I make him wear boxers as to cover him totally so he does not contract. Is there NOTHING that works for me? Ive tried Acyclovir for months everyday, Lysine the same and even started the oregeno oil. And will he ever be able to perform oral on me ever again? God I miss that :( FML
  18. Hi, so this is my first post, and much like everyone here I've been searching the internet for answers and/or other people who can relate. Long story short, I have had oral herpes since I was 12, it recently spread to the inside of my right nostril (when I was blowing my nose and not paying attention to the tissue getting in contact with my sore). I have severe allergies so I'm CONSTANTLY blowing my nose or wiping away mucous so I tried to be as cautious as I could with the outbreak in my nose to not be in contact with my fingers, but I know there were times when the mucous must've seeped through a tissue or two. SO, that brings me to now. I have been experiencing tingling/tightness on the pads of my thumbs, left pointer finger, right ring finger, which comes and goes for the past 4 weeks. It went away for a few days then came back with a vengeance on my right thumb and right ring finger more recently, so I have band aids on those fingertips. There are no visible sores, not even under the skin, but now that I'm approaching the close of this 4th week there is burning pain on my right thumb and I'm no longer experiencing the tingling. Everywhere I've looked online, the prodrome lasts anywhere from 2hrs-2days. So I'm curious as to what is going on with my digits? Has anyone experienced extremely long prodrome like this? I'm also really concerned about spreading the virus even more since viral shedding can occur during prodrome. I go back and forth on whether this is hsv or just my mind playing tricks, but the fact that I've never had anything like this happen with my digits and it just so happened to occur after the outbreak in my nose is too coincidental. A few things that I'm currently doing/or had done: - I was on Acylovir for 3/five day treatments - I'm curretnly taking Lysine supplements (anywhere from 2000-4000mg a day depending on my symptoms) - I am putting super lysine ointment on my finger tips and then putting a bandaid over them since that helped with the tingling and is currently aiding the burning. - I have a DR appointment with a new doctor the day after tomorrow since my previous doctor was not helpful. Hoping to get answers or testing done, but know that that's a slim shot with no blisters present at this point.
  19. Hello, I'm positive for HSV2 15+ years. Last 4 years I'm suffering from "prodrome feeling" almost constantly, but with just 1-2 outbreaks per year. I feel tingling, itching in my penis, at my perineum and anus (how embarassing to describe that), sometimes its progressing to right groin. Sometimes even to right shoulder blade (totaly weird). Sometimes my penis is less sensitive (and Im totally panicking then). Until the end of the last year, I used to have time from time blisters on my penis, but not typical outbreak, it was like one or two very deep blisters which never bursted, but just dissapeared after some time. I had blood test in that time and result was "you are positive, but virus is not active now". Fortunatelly its not recuring now (but anybody experienced someting like that?) The prodrome feelings are worsening right after the urination or several hours after sex. I was checked by urologist, venerologist (full panel, including HIV), neurologist, MRI but nobody knows what is the problem. I tried antivirotics for like one month with no effect, now Im on Lyrica with no effect. Im very uncomfortable that I dont know what is my problem. Its really eating me alive. Anybody suffers from the same? Like long long prodrome feeling without real outbreaks (or very few)? Can I have the prodrome when the blood test shows "virus not active now"? Thank you very much for answer, Im really down.
  20. I have no outbreak that I can see, but I have constant creepy crawly feelings and tingly randomness as well as dull aches. This happens even when I’m valtrex at the gram per day for ten days dose. My doctor is an idiot and hasn’t even told me about daily suppressive dosing. What do I do? I’ve lost 20 lbs. and I was already skinny . My immune system is hampered from Lyme disease already. Help.
  21. So... I started seeing a new guy recently. A few days after having sex with him for the second or third time, I started noticing symptoms that I initially mistook for a yeast infection. Itching, discomfort, unusual/odorous discharge. I am prone to yeast infections so this wasn’t a huge surprise to me, and I was able to get diflucan prescribed from my Doc over the phone, which I started taking immediately. Well, a day or two later I decided to make sure what I was experiencing really was a yeast infection, so I went to an urgent care hoping to get help fast. At this point I was having pelvic discomfort and aches as well. They did an exam, tested for BV, trich, chlamydia/gonorrhea, everything came back negative. A day or two after that I started getting the worst symptoms - burning and irritation when urinating, excessive liquid discharge, etc. Finally went to see my OBGYN and she did a pelvic exam/swab test and suspected HSV, so put me on antivirals just in case. Well, while awaiting my results I started taking them and symptoms were clearing up very well. Now I have no more burning/irritation and I was pretty sure the OB was virtually gone. Now all of a sudden starting yesterday the flu-like aches started coming back, but no visible signs of OB. I was notified online that my results came back from the lab, and HSV-1 was detected from the swab, with no signs of HSV-2. I have since told the guy I’m seeing about my results, but I still have not received a call from my doc’s office with the results. Luckily, the guy I’m with has been extremely patient and understanding and is getting tested as well. My question is... is it normal to experience prodrome symptoms like the flu aches and nerve pains after the initial outbreak has seemingly disappeared? I’m sort of freaking out right now and it is flu season so I don’t know if this is related to the herpes or indicative of something else entirely. I’ve also read that valacyclovir can cause flu-like side effects, so I am unsure if I am having a reaction to the medication. I’m also wondering if it’s possible that this is the onset of yet another outbreak so soon. I’m still coming to terms with/learning about the virus, so I don’t feel like I’m extemely well informed. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  22. I️ outbreak over a week ago, forgot a couple days of my suppressive therapy and now the lesions is gone but I’m still experiencing some sensitivity in the area. Even a week after it’s better. Is this usuall? I’m still taking suppressive valtrex daily. I️ diagnosed in April of this year. Not sure if it would be advisable to have sex or not. Any thoughts?
  23. It's been a bit over a month since I contracted GH (HSV-1) and had my first OB. It is still a shock and I'm having a hard time NOT focusing on how different my life will be from now on. What's making it worse is that I still have that tingling/itchy, almost air bubble/crawling feeling in the area where the sores were every day even after I completely healed from the initial OB. I know that these feelings would most likely signal an OB in the future but I'm on daily valtrex and am wondering has anyone else experienced this even weeks after the initial OB? If so did it stop after a while? Is it just how our bodies heal or get used to the virus? It's super disheartening as I keep trying to move on with my life but its such a constant physical reminder...Happy for any info!
  24. Hi everyone, I have somewhat of a long story to tell, so please bear with me! June 4th I had just started my period and felt an itch towards my rectum, gave it a scratch and thought nothing of it. The next day I was sore but thought "I probably just cut myself, no big deal". That was until I took a look at what was going on and saw a small open area clustered next to three blisters on the left side of my perirectal area. I tried to convince myself that it was from scratching as I had long nails at the time. I also noticed a swollen lymph node in my left groin. The first thing that pops up when you google swollen groin lymph node is: herpes. I thought that there was no way, I've been in a committed relationship for two years and neither of us has had even so much as a cold sore! ANd then I started to see that anyone can have the virus and have it lay dormant for a period of time or forever, that's how so many people don't know they have it. Anyway, I spent the next two weeks with EXTREMELY high anxiety. Like I couldn't function normally it was that bad. I saw one doctor who mentioned nothing about herpes, giving me an antibiotic cream to make sure the "cuts" didn't get infected. I tried to take comfort in this because she didn't even mention it, so it couldn't be that, right? Then a couple of days later after sobbing and telling my fiance what my worst fear was, I took off of work and made an appt with a gyn doctor who took one look and said "this is fungal in nature, buy over the counter clotrimazole and it'll be gone in a few days". I tried to take solace in this too, this was the second medical professional to NOT mention herpes which is good..? But something in me knew that this was being brushed off. Three days after that, June 16th, I saw a THIRD medical professional - a midwife - whom I told my story to and she asked about a history of herpes and then said she wanted to swab the open area for herpes although her suspicion wasn't high. I was anxiously awaiting the results, knowing that even if it was negative that it could be a false negative as the only remaining small open area was almost healed when it was swabbed. I got the call 6/22 that it was negative for HSV2 and positive for HSV1. She then started me on antivirals, which I'm sure were probably moot at that point as I started them two and a half weeks after symptoms started. I've had my ups and downs coping with the news since then. My fiance is great, he's super supportive. We had a sit down meeting for Q&A with the midwife last Tuesday, 6/27, and decided to do a blood test for me. Again, confirmed HSV1 IgG was positive, HSV2 IgG was negative. My fiance is getting his blood test done tomorrow so that we know if he carries the virus. Now that the background is explained, the reason for my post. Since the first week of the sores being there, I started with on and off burning on one side of my vulva. Then after the lesions healed, I began to get what I've seen described as "prodromal" symptoms. I get random twinges/zings/itches/stings/etc in the area around where the sores were as well as on the other side of that area where I haven't had lesions. These happen randomly throughout the day, every day. I elected to take suppressive therapy with 500mg of acyclovir once a day so I am on that. I constantly feel the need to feel and check that no more lesions have popped up because of these feelings. I also still have some irritation and itching on and off to my vulva and clitoris (mainly only the right side, makes me think nerve distribution?), where there were no lesions of any kind. When I look nothing looks out of the ordinary. And when the midwife had looked when I was experiencing the symptoms (back when she swabbed me) she saw nothing visible of concern. To make things complicated, I have a history of a form of vulvodynia, vestibulodynia (aka vulvar vestibulitis), for which my main symptoms were irritation and itching. I've had this under control for several years and went off of meds (cymbalta for nerve pain and estrogen cream) within the last year and have been pain free. The midwife said to up my pill to twice a day if I experience symptoms. My question.. how do I know if I have symptoms if I ALWAYS have the prodromal feelings?! When I asked when those feelings would stop, she said that they would and that "it'll take time". My thoughts are that they are one of the following: 1. Left over nerve irritation as I didn't take any antivirals until two and a half weeks after symptoms started (I know some are skeptical of this as this isn't "typical" and there isn't much research on it) 2. The virus is constantly active and trying to form an outbreak (note that I DID have these symptoms even when I was initially on 1000mg of valtrex twice a day for ten days) 3. The virus is shedding constantly at this point Any thoughts? Similar experiences? Also of mention, when I got my first outbreak, I had just finished my first pack of a new birth control they wanted to switch me to with different hormone concentrations related to developing a large ovarian cyst on my previous pill. I go to see the NP I see for my vulvodynia on 8/9 and hope she can shed light on some of this if these symptoms continue. Thank you for reading!
  25. Hi. I've read lots about prodrome stage of having painful/tender skin around the site of the herpes infection or down the left leg or tailbone area... since the virus ultimately hides out in the spine. But I seem to always get the skin pain distinctly high up on my left hipbone/waist, a swath of rather painful and tender skin about the span of my hand around there like exactly where your hand would sit on your hip. Long ago I got a few blisters on my labia and perineum a few times (I've only got HSV1 according to antibody bloodwork) but for the past couple years they have migrated to my bum area along with this new aching hip pain. They only ever occasionally appear around my anus these days like where fissures would be, and for the same causes like friction of a rough BM.... in fact I might even doubt my sore bum was actually HSV if it wasn't for this aching sign of super sore skin on my hip that usually happens concurrently or just before. Is this normal or possible? Also I'm curious what the origin of herpetic skin pain is, whether the tender skin areas mean the virus is actually lurking around in that location, looking for an outlet... and whether it could be shedding from that area? Thanks.
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