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Found 2 results

  1. I’ll start by saying in 2015 I received results after not having sex for many years and having absolutely no symptoms whatsoever that I had an HSV1 result of 1.5 I took another test in March 2016 that said it was .87 another test in July 2016 that said .89 and then after the incident in May 2018 with my boyfriend I had a blood test after possibly taking Valtrex for 15 days come back as 1.09 During this time all HSV2 test have come back less than .10 My confusion is with the fact that if I actually had HSV1 before the below story with my boyfriend how would I have gotten it all over my body from the one incident with him? Part of me thinks that I had a false positive to begin with and that this one incident with him I was actually infected and that is why I have it in all of these locations. I have a friend that had HSV one for 20 years and was in complete denial and has yet to spread it to anyone else on her body besides her mouth she also wears contacts. So I’m pretty sure that I have HSV1 in multiple locations. My boyfriend had some sores on his penis, which he neglected to tell me about because he is very convinced that he does not have HSV, due to getting a negative blood test back. We had intercourse I also had oral sex with him and the other thing is is I also touched his penis was my hand in which I felt no sores whatsoever but during our lovemaking he couldn’t keep it up and I asked him if something was wrong and he told me that it felt like he had a cut on his penis so we stopped having sex and I asked them to let me look at it but he said no I want to go to sleep. So the next morning he let me look at it and it didn’t look like the normal HSV sores so we were convinced that maybe it was a yeast infection or something else. It probably lasted a few days and he used antibacterial cream on it then it seem to help and it went away. About 10 days later I started having sores on the roof of my mouth where the skin was actually peeling off so I started taking Valtrex and it took the roof of my mouth anout three weeks to heal. I then started having random itching on my fingers with like these little almost flat teeny tiny blister even though I had been taking Valtrex thousand grams a day. By the way this all started in May 2018 and I still have the teeny tiny blister on my finger even though I have been taking Valtrex I went to a dermatologist and they told me that it was just eczema of course he did not do any kind of swabs or anything else. He also told me that pimples on my leg we’re just folliculitis. I went to the dentist to show them what was going on with the roof of my mouth and also developed in this time an ulcer looking thing on the side of my tongue more like a crater I guess it never changed colors or scabbed over or anything it’s just really weird looking to be honest, so I’m assuming that It’s HSV1. I had also been eating a bunch of pineapple so the dentist said that that’s probably what did it. During this time still continuing to take Valtrex. Yesterday I noticed that in that same spot where I had the ulcer looking area on my tongue it has once again, while on Valtrex, started to look ulcery. I also had a bug like sore appear on my breast that lasted for two weeks I’ve also had a weird bug like sort that appeared on my thigh that lasted about two weeks both breast and thigh bite looked exactly the same. I randomly get pimples on my thighs and my buttocks which I’m not sure if those are actually pimples or if those are herpes other than that I’ve never had any sores in the vaginal area every once in a while I’ll rip at the opening of my vagina when I’m not wet enough and he tries to force his penis into me but that normally heals within a day. I guess my question is because I’ve never had a positive swab come back anytime I’ve went to the doctor should I stop taking the Valtrex and let my body build up an immunity to this? I’m just afraid that since we didn’t realize he had HSV1 that I’ve gotten it in numerous locations all on the same day and I have no idea what would happen to me if I stopped taking the meds. I’m afraid that I would certainly get sores all over my entire body. I did stop taking Valtrex for 2 days and my fingers started tingling and itching again and I got a blister on my pinky which turned into a scab after I started valtrex again. I also started developing a sore in my mouth on my gums, so I decided it really wasn’t worth it but now I’m wondering if I ever have a chance to stop taking Valtrex without breaking out everywhere. Has anyone else ever had this experience? What do you suggest? I’m absolutely terrified that I have this not only on my fingers, breast, vagina and in my mouth but also possibly in my eyes since I wear contacts and at the time had no idea that he was having any issues with this penis upon further questioning he said that it also was kind of hurting the night before so I’m pretty sure that I got a double dose of virus, I know that sounds weird, within a 24 hour period. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Up until this point I have had negative blood test but due to the fact that I started taking Valtrex, I don’t believe that those results are accurate. I’ve also requested that he take the Western blot so hopefully that’ll be done soon.
  2. Is there anyone who's had hsv 2 breakouts on their eye area or throughout their body? Just would like to hear of any kind of advice or your story. Anything you can tell me really. I've had my breakouts spread throughout my face including eyelids. Now spreading to my hands. And I'm constantly breaking out. I take daily medication and it does make breakouts minor but it still is constant.
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