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Found 2 results

  1. Yesterday I read here that some have had success treating with alum and I was so excited to see that! I have been under a lot of stress lately and am hormonal which is a recipe for disaster. I have been on an antiviral off and on for a couple weeks, solid now for four days which was when a more pronounced sore was sensed. (I get vaginal sores in a couple spots.) It was just at a dull roar the past few days and I applied alum this morning. It actually seemed like the sore moved, or popped up a little lower, which I don’t know if anyone’s had that happen, or if maybe the sore just grew, but I stayed the course (I sometimes think if it feels like it’s moving I’m chasing the virus out 🤷🏻‍♀️) I applied alum several times a day, and kept on with my antiviral and water but it seems to have gotten worse. Could the alum be making it worse or is it just running its course? I don’t know if I should stop trying the alum. I’m in quite a lot of pain, which I’m used to, but it’s almost never this bad when I’m on an antiviral also. Took some ibuprofen, cleaned up the last alum application with Good Clean Love Vaginal Wipes, can’t sleep through the pain and I’ll draw a bath in the morning. I’m considering warm compresses with alum, rather than direct qtip application but obviously don’t want to make it worse. In the past when I’ve been this bad I’ve tried to treat topically with salt (direct or compress), alcohol and CBD oil, CBD salve, DMSO, jewel weed salve, and honey. I honestly don’t think any of these have ever been successful once it’s as bad as it is now and I can usually only find relief from a hot tub. Can’t sit in the tub all day though, and as I’m sure all of you know the constant pain is so hard to deal with during your day to day. I was so hoping alum was my golden ticket out of this pain.... Any comments, questions, suggestions or support would be so appreciated!
  2. For a severe outbreak, or recurring outbreaks what is the highest dose that’s also safe? Is there a risk of long term antiviral consumption? I know these are questions for my doctor, but I’ve been through so many and none of them know anything about herpes. Does anyone know of a herpes specialist?!
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