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  1. Hi so I have some questions , i went to the dr 1 day after seeing sores downthere , I got the doctor to swab it and she said she doesn’t think it’s herpes but it could be .. so she swabbed the area and did a blood and urine test for all STD , these were fresh , like very fresh flat ulcer looking sores they were also small, I thought there were from stretching after sex I had sex with condom and without maybe a week before. Anyways the doctor uploaded my test results online and they were all negative except chlamydia , she called me and let me know that one was positive and to tell all my past partners to get tested . Then days later I log onto my chart and see the HSV 1&2 were positive , she didn’t even call to tell me and I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t check... She told me it’s not necessary to tell past partners and there’s no way I can know who gave this to me even though I’m pretty sure the guy I’m dating gave it to me. I finished my 10 day antivirals and she told me I don’t need to go on antiviral therapy or anything because the swab was negative.. it’s been a month since I finished and I haven’t had an out break even with my period .... what does this mean? She’s not really giving me answers I also got a second opinion from a doctor who told me my levels were low and to come back to be tested again... this is all very confusing to me. Anyone have any advice or gone through similar ?
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