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  1. Dear folks, Towards the end of August, I had a sexual experience with a new partner (who complained of soreness in her vagina during intercourse) and a couple of days later I started to feel unwell. My symptoms started off with genital discomfort/pain/burning and progressed into abdominal pain, body aches, fever, nausea, oral thrush, blisters in month (whitish in colour, yellow and smaller which turned into ulcers, blood blisters), shooting pain in legs and buttocks, testicular pain, red and inflamed tip of penis, and soreness in the urethra and prostrate. I have continued to have many of these symptoms for the almost two and half months since the initial infection, particularly the red and inflamed penis tip, soreness in the urethra and prostrate and reoccurring mouth ulcers and sores. More recently, I have developed a stiff/sore neck and a bit of a sensitivity to light, which makes me concerned about possible meningitis related to this infection. I have been back and forth from my GP and the sexual health clinic, but they have been unable to give me a concrete diagnosis. The sexual health clinic swabbed a couple of the mouth ulcers that I had but the results came back negative. The clinics in the UK do not do the HSV blood test so they require open sores to make a diagnosis. I haven't had any ulcers or sores in my genital region so far but continue to feel a lot of discomfort on the end of my penis and in my urethra. The sexual health clinic asserted that I have balanitis and gave me some anti-steroidal cream, which I've used on it without much relief. I guess my question is do you think that I have experienced an HSV2 infection? If so, I feel like I've contracted it both orally and genitally... I used a condom during sexual intercourse with this woman, but I did give her unprotected oral sex and we did a bit of unprotected dry humping... Also, I have been barely sleeping since my late August infection, which is almost two and half months ago, and I'm scheduled to get my second dose of the Moderna vaccine on Monday. I'm really worried about the vaccine might trigger this infection further. I really don't want any nerve damage to happen. Is it possible to get post-herpetic neuralgia from an HSV infection? If so, do you think that getting this vaccine will further trigger this infection? Tests at my GP found that my white blood cell count is on the lower end of the "normal" spectrum. Another piece of information that may be useful is that I have been vegan for the past 12 years. Unfortunately, I am not getting the clarity around what is happening to me after constantly engaging with the UK healthcare system for over two months, so I am trying to make my way back to Canada to seek further medical help. However, I have been urged by my parents to get my second COVID vaccine before I return to safeguard myself from COVID and avoid the mandatory 14 day quarantine upon return. The first shot that I got caused a high fever and severe arm pain, which swelled up. This shot was in late July prior to this sexual interaction that has led to this cascade of health issues. All advice is welcome. I'm really struggling here and do not want to feel any worse than I already am. Thanks in advance for the support, folks.
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