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  1. Back story ; my ex husband exposed me to it while I was pregnant. The test results wasn’t positive until 6 months later. I became extremely depressed I felt like the only one. 2 doctors explained it two different ways so I was so confused . I stopped eating and started to drop weight. I sat my ex husband down 3xs to talk about my new results . He wanted to avoid the conversation. The last talk he actually asked me,” do I really have that”. He tried to flip it on me. But he knew.. everyone around us knew he was cheating & living a double life. My son and I was like a secret. Once his cheating came to the light it was easy to put 2&2. Together. he continued to have sex with other women infecting then also without a care in the world . present: I met someone new who wasn’t on the positive singles dating page. My one year anniversary of getting exposed has just past. I don’t know rather to say yay or nay. I sat the new SO down when things started to get a little hot and touchy . I was super nervous. Heart was beating fast. I explained everything. In the back of my head I just knew he was going to freak out and we weren’t going to be able to take it further. He’s a medical student so he knew more about it than I researched. He told me that he got me and don’t let it define me. Called me beautiful & he respected me more for talking to him about it. One thing led to the next . Happily ever after. I wanted to let anyone that’s down from this know. That you’re not alone ! Real love is out there ! You can still have an amazing sex /dating life. I recommend that you have the courage to disclose it. If you’re scared of talking to “ negative “ “ clean “ people make a profile on positive singles and have some fun.! Connect with people who’s like yourself. God bless & keep y’all head up.
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