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  1. Hello to everyone. I would like to share my story with you and ask if someone had something similar. I have read every story here about herpes esophagitis, but couldn’t find how people live further with it. So my story began in middle of November. A prostitute licked my anus. And In two weeks I got a symptom of tingle in my bladder. And I think, urine changed colour. In December this symptom disappeared, but my throat started to ache. I went to urologist, and made all tests for STDs. All were negative (HIV, syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhoea). He didn’t not make a test for HSV. Doctor said that throat ache is not connected to my complaints about tingles in the bladder. I was hoping that my throat ache will just go in a couple of weeks. But it didn’t happen. In the middle of January I went by myself to make a blood test for all STDs. All were negative except HSV. I don’t know which one 1 or 2, because it is a combined test. IgG 27,1 U/ml; IgM 1,52. Now I had a sore throat and there was some stiffness in the throat. In February I had a flu with sinusitis, clogged ears and water in ears, for about two weeks. Sinusitis and flu were gone by the end of February, but I still have some stiffness in the throat. It is not a sore throat. All this time I didn’t see any blisters. Now all the symptoms are gone except stiffness and tingles in the throat, dull ache in the ear, especially afternoon. After I wake up in the morning it is more or less normal. I think as I did not see any visual blisters and I have these problems with the throat that it is herpes esophagitis. Did anyone have these symptoms? And when my throat can become normal?
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