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Found 7 results

  1. I was diasgnosed with GHSV1 in november My 1st outbreak I had cluster of sores with clear liquid that went away about a week later with acyclovir 2 weeks later ( December) a under skin bump popped up on my groin area The bump got red and painful but i could only feel it if i touched it since its under the skin. I've asked on other forums if this could be herpes showing up differently and got mixed answers. Over the past month 3 under skin bumps have formed ( i kept wanting to believe these are some sort of boils) BUT the fact that ive got one right after the other makes me think differently. Ive ive never got so many back to back like this. ive had boils/ cysts atleast once a year but 3 in one month??? I've read that some herpes show up differently so which is why I keep doubting this could just be boils One of them has almost gone way (not red anymore or painful ) because I squeezed white dry puss out When I touch it my skin feels flat now. Today I poked a whole on with a needle on the 2nd bump and ALOT of yellow puss came out along with blood. The bump is still there to touch and still red and it hurts. I can feel a 3rd one forming on the other side of my vulva. I'm so drained what is this! i currently dont have insurance so i cant go to the Doctor right now. My question is can herpes produce YELLOW puss like this???? Or are these boils / cysts/ abscess??? If they are boils i don't understand how I've got 3 back to back. That's never happend to me before. I wonder if herpes has triggered something down there. ( I haven't shaved in months so it's not that either)
  2. This is a complicated and depressing story, so I apologize in advance for the length and how emotional I am. I am a 29 year old American woman. I had my first cold sore OB when I was 9 or 10 years old and have had multiple oral HSV1 outbreaks over the last couple of decades. I have always been very careful when it comes to my sexual health and in 2018, I became even more neurotic about it. My last serious relationship ended 3 1/2 years ago. The guy cheated on me, contracted HSV2, dumped me for the girl he got it from, and then lied to me so he could sleep with me again to try and pass it to me so that he could cast doubt on who he got it from (she confessed everything to me and was almost gloating about it). I’ve gotten the IgG multiple times in the years since and I’ve never had a positive HSV2 result, though I have had a positive HSV1 results. Since I’ve had cold sores since I was a kid, that was not at all surprising nor concerning. After the experience with my ex, I did not date, have sex, or even kiss anyone for over 2 1/2 years. Last year, I had a guy who is a superior at work start to pursue me (I work in concert production so the typical HR rules do not apply) and after 6 months, he wore me down and I gave him a chance and slept with him. About 5 days afterwards, I started to feel flu-like symptoms with a sore throat, swollen lymph nodes in the neck and groin, body aches, and chills. Three days after that, I developed what was clearly a herpes lesion on my labia. As soon as I noticed the sore, I went to an urgent care clinic that visually diagnosed me with HSV2. The doctor who owns and runs that particular clinic does not run actual STD panels or swab tests and I told the doctor that I have had cold sores most of my life. I told the guy (and flipped out on him as anyone would in that situation), he insisted he doesn’t have HSV2, and ghosted me until I had to see him again at work (the pandemic pretty much shut down our line of work until this past June/ July). (Unrelated to my HSV diagnosis but still relevant to the story): the guy in question is a production manager/ lighting designer and video tech. I’m a sound engineer/ tech. We were both working for one company, he left that company earlier this past July, and I left that company not too long after. I contracted genital herpes in April. At the end of August, I ended up being offered a job at the company he left our old company for and initially wasn’t going to take the job (even though it was with my dream company) because of him. I ended up having to work with him as a freelancer on a gig at the beginning of September and he cornered me to tell me that he had put in a good word with the company owner for me. I was still not going to to take the offer, but the freelancing deal wasn’t working out and the company owner called me the following week telling me to be in the warehouse the next day. I don’t regret taking the job because I love the company and I’m making more money than I ever have before with some really big clients. But having to see the guy and work with him is really hard because most of the time he gives me the silent treatment. Fast forward to the end of October and I went and got another IgG test for confirmation (that allotted enough time for the antibodies to develop) and I have a negative HSV2 result but a very positive HSV1 result that the doctor said looked like a relatively recent infection based on the viral count. I am not majorly immunocompromised and I do not have any autoimmune issues. I was always told that if you have had HSV for over a year (let alone 20 years), the antibodies will protect a different part of your body from contracting the infection. I know for a fact that the guy in question is positive for HSV1- we talked about it prior to being intimate and he did perform oral sex on me that night. When I got the results, I sent them to him and apologized for flipping out on him. He did not reply and is still giving me the silent treatment at work for the most part. When we do talk, it’s short and not about anything that I feel needs to be talked about. I have been struggling with this diagnosis ever since I had the genital OB in April. I have seen all the posts from various sites online from people who have GHSV and say it’s a minor skin condition and does not reflect on your character, but I have to be honest- I strongly disagree. I know a lot of people who have GHSV and every single person I have met who has it contracted it by cheating on or with someone. I was once friends with a girl who told her boyfriend at the time that she contracted it when her ex had cheated on her but then confided in me that she actually got it from cheating on the guy she was seeing at the time and that she didn’t know which guy that she was cheating with that she contracted it from. She was flat out proud of it. Obviously, I did not continue the friendship because to me, that behavior is disgusting. I also once worked with a girl who contracted herpes from her boyfriend and then turned around and intentionally gave it to the next guy she was with because in her mind, that was “taking (her) power back”. Again, I think that’s very sick and messed up. After the relief of finding out that my ex was not successful in his attempt to give me an incurable STD, I vowed that this would never happen to me again because I would be even more crazy vigilant going forward. Contracting genital herpes, even if it’s HSV1, has psychologically destroyed me and my faith in anything worthwhile happening in my life- especially since it happened the one time I let my guard down and gave someone a chance after 2 1/2 years of being completely single and celibate. And I’m a closet freak- I LOVE sex. Now I will never get involved with anyone again because I would NEVER forgive myself if I passed it on to someone else. There is absolutely no sure way of knowing when you are or are not asymptomatically shedding and condoms don’t completely protect because it’s passed via skin to skin contact. I shouldn’t have even been able to get HSV1 on my genitalia when he did not have a cold sore outbreak and I’ve had cold sores myself since I was a young child and I do not have an autoimmune disorder or any other issue like that. The only thing I can think of that could have messed with my immune system to let myself get re-infected with something I’ve had for decades is that I got the COVID vaccine 8 days before I was exposed and contracted it. I’ve heard some anecdotal stories of people being vaccinated against chickenpox, getting the COVID vaccine, and then getting a nasty shingles outbreak. Since chickenpox/ shingles are types of herpes viruses, that’s the only logical explanation I can come up with, though I can’t even ask questions about the COVID vaccines regarding this without having people shriek at me that I’m a crazy anti-vaxxer and that I’m trying to kill people. I’ve struggled with self-image, self esteem, and self worth throughout my life due to a lot of trauma and abuse. However, I really turned a corner on those issues towards the end of 2019 and I actually started liking myself and feeling good about myself for the first time ever in my entire life. I was able to maintain that until I saw the lesion on my labia this past April. Now all the work that I did on myself was for nothing because I know myself and I’ll never be able to feel good about myself again with this diagnosis. My own mother won’t even give me a hug anymore because the virus can asymptomatically shed on your lower back and upper legs- not just your genitals and buttocks. I get where she’s coming from and I don’t resent her for it but it’s just the icing on this awful cake that life has served me. I apologize for how long, rambling, emotional, and depressing this post is but I needed to tell my story somewhere. I tried to kill myself over all this back in August and obviously failed. I most likely won’t try again because I’m so bad at trying to end my own life that it’s embarrassing, but I still don’t know what I did to deserve this happening to me or how it’s even medically possible when I had oral HSV1 for 20 years prior to getting the GHSV1 infection.
  3. Hi Friends! I hope you are all doing well 🙂! I wanted to reach out and ask this question, because I have been having some worries about it. Can you pass HSV through urine, period blood, or poo? I know that is an... odd questions to say the least, but I was thinking about sharing a bathroom with those who do not have Gential HSV-1. When someone else has to clean the toilet or the shower, etc, could they contract it? Or, if you accidentally get a little drop of urine on the toilet seat, and you wipe it off, could the next person who sits on it get herpes somehow? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you all SO much!!
  4. Hello, Everyone ❤️ Today was a really rough day. I had a nervous breakdown and just really hit a low. I vented everything to my mom, and explained my OCD, herpes fears, and feelings of guilt and shame around having my herpes. My mom was kind and understanding. It is really awkward to talk to your mom about herpes, especially when they are strict. I told her that I constantly feel afraid I will give my family herpes by sharing food, doing laundry, even touching objects, even though the science says that is not how it works. Honestly, the times when we feel like we will be harshly judged and should keep quiet are actually the times when we NEED to talk and actually won't be judged. The people who really love us will be understanding. I told my mom that I was afraid she would judge me or be disappointed in me, but she wasn't. She said, "You trusted someone and they ended up giving this to you, and that isn't your fault." And she is so right. She told me I'm not dirty or less of a person, and this really really meant so much to me. Please know that disclosing your HSV to someone close to you who is kind and accepting can help release SO much pressure and secrets, and I feel so much more free and able to heal. My feelings of guilt and shame disappeared and I gained a comforting resource, my mom, to help me through my journey. ❤️🍀🌼☀️ Yay for kind understanding humans! I love my mama bear 🐻❤️!!!
  5. Hi all, I find myself very emotional typing this but I thought i'd ask this question because I am so so worried. I was recently diagnosed with ghsv1 in December.. after my primary outbreak I had another tiny outbreak exactly a month later (so weird) so i asked my Dr. to put me on antivirals because I am under a lot of stress with graduate school and i have been ok since and no outbreaks since jan. I also wanted to go on antivirals because I am TERRIFIED to transmit this to anyone. My question is how likely am I to give ghsv1 to someone from sex being I am on antivirals ? Is there anyone out there that has had sex plenty of times with specifically ghsv1 and hasn't transmitted?
  6. Can a flu shot trigger an outbreak? I have ghsv-1 Since March 2019 and I got the flu shot yesterday and I’m feeling the achy pain down there which is semi similar to my first ob. Idk if it’s a coincidence or not but it’s Odd. I also have my period, shaved last week with a trimmer, and had sex (with condoms for the first time since infected). I am aware These are all triggers, but I have been fine with these before and the only different thing in play is the flu shot and sex.
  7. CAN A MALE TRANSMIT GHSV 1 TO A FEMALE by just sticking the tip in ???? So i recently met someone and things got too heated and i didnt disclose until after the foreplay. Ive felt great since Janurary this year (had H since last year feb) Ive had slight prodrome (slight ingling nerve pain) recently and thought i was getting an OB but what looked like a pimple forming went away... I told her last night and shes been a mess , already talking as if she has it 😔😔 any info is appreciated. @mr_hopp @Ishmael
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