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Found 2 results

  1. I’ve only recently been diagnosed with ghsv2 this past February...and have been reading reading reading non-stop since. Most of what I’ve read has calmed me down EXCEPT when I comb this forum and find so many people experiencing MORE frequent and MORE severe OB’s as time goes on. It scares me! When I start to feel okay with wrapping my head around this diagnosis my mind starts “what-if-ing”. What if I’m one of those people who’s OB’s never stop? What if mine get worse and worse as time goes on? Its consumed my thoughts and life...I know I should be telling myself there’s nothing I can do and just live life but I’m curious as to what percentage of people actually get MORE ob’s as time goes on or is the norm that the virus calms down...? I’m currently on my second OB...I guess it’s the same as the first, one side...mild I’d say? Same spot as the first just without groin pain on the one side this time...I think the mark for this one is lasting longer than the first OB so my mind is going crazy. I haven’t told ANYONE about my diagnosis and do not plan to, so this is my only place to discuss what’s on my mind 😔 Any insights? Thank you ❤️
  2. So this is new...I think I have a herpes on my foot too 🤔 Now that I recognize the signs better, I know I'm starting episode 2 and I have this feeling of constantly stepping on a rock in my left foot. When I had my first episode I thought I had an ant bite cuz the same day my dogs and I got attached by biting ants. Well don't think that was the case at all now lol. It's just one spot in the bottom of my foot that's a little tender, oddly enough, only when within is in it (when I lift my foot to look for damage the sensation stops). I can even press on the spot the blister is without pain (normal?) Anyone else get flare ups in the less coming areas? Not much to do but let the meds take their course, just curious.
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