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Found 2 results

  1. Just curious as to what most of you put topically on an outbreak (if anything...or do you let it be)? I've been doing rubbing alcohol on a q-tip...not sure if it does anything but if sure feels like it is.
  2. Hey beautiful people. I've had H for at least 11 years. I found out when I got a pap smear result (I had wondered why my GP went quiet when she put the wotsit up my hoo-ha, she secretly swabbed something and it came back positive!) Anyway, I'm in the third week of my second ever OB (since the initial one that the naughty GP spotted)-so lucky to not have suffered for all these years! Anyway, it's relentlessly itchy. My booty is on fire. I want to scoot like a pup with worms! Can anyone suggest anything for this problem before someone catches me going full cow rubbing my sweet butt on a fence post?
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