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Found 16 results

  1. Hi guys so I’ve had genital HSV-1 for over a year now and now all of a sudden I’m starting to get little white bumps on my lip. Can it be herpes? I’m so confused because I thought if I would have an outbreak it would be on my genitalia not my actual lips 👄 . I’m freaking out and I just need answers. Has this happened to someone before? Can you get it on your face and your genitalia??
  2. So I’ve been with my boyfriend for 2 years and it’s been a year since i found out he gave me Herpes. I have HSV-1 On my genitalia. It’s been a year and I still get depressed about it and very sad because he was my second partner ever & this happened. I’m not so happy in my relationship but I feel like this is the best it’ll get. Ever since I found out I have herpes i feel like no one will ever want me so I should just settle. I also have realized I have resentment towards him because of this. I’m the only one who has dealt with multiple outbreaks including on my birthday which freaking suc
  3. Hello! I am new to this group and I am looking for support and advice. When I was 13-16, I was in a relationship where I was frequently sexually assaulted. He would coerce me into having sex with him with threats of self-inflicted harm. He told his parents we were having sex and they supported it. I was young and was upset with myself for being uncomfortable - if it was okay with everyone else why was I so upset? I was embarrassed to tell my friends or my parents, so I bit my tongue and they still are unaware to this day. After two and a half years, that relationship ended but it was a lo
  4. Hi everyone! I just took a trip to the US for the week (living in the uk currently) and had originally brought enough meds for the week but I’m about to run out and I’m having one of the worst outbreaks yet, I’m in excruciating pain and had to up my dose to 1000 mg. I have my flight tomorrow at 11pm and was wondering if anyone in the area would be able to help me with some meds before I set off. It would be a life saver and of course it would be nice to meet in real life! Thank you so much!
  5. Hi guys, Not sure if this belongs here but here goes! 4 years ago I had an outbreak of what was diagnosed clinically as herpes but tests came back negative. I had a horrendous fever for two week with huge painful ulcerated craters in my vagina, a weird grey discharge and swollen glands in my armpits.The first doctor told me I had syphilis! Then I went to a sexual health clinic where she said it was incredibly bad herpes. I was given Zovirax and lidocaine for the pain, after two days the whole of my vagina swelled up and I could hardly see the sores! I could hardly walk. It
  6. Has anyone ever experienced more than one breakout of HSV1 in the genital area in one year?? I’m having a second outbreak and it’s kinda scaring me. Also, should it be itching severely bad?!
  7. I went in yesterday, my vagina opening was a little red but did not hurt. He swabbed said idk 50/50 (nice hey) and said I had to wait a week. I literally died inside expesually not knowing. It doesn’t hurt and there is a little pink spot on the vagina lip hurts only a little when I touch it roughly. I went in today to get valtrex because if anything I don’t want to go through the horrific pain of a first outbreak. It was a different doctor. A female this time. She looked and said I don’t see anything and I’m 99% your test will come back negative. Has this happened to any of you ? What was your
  8. I seriously believe that I have something else or maybe I'm in denial. this can't be hsv1 it has to be something else but my blood work proves differently. can anyone tell me the difference between the two hsv1 and ghsv1 and shingles
  9. Positive blood test 51.80 but negative swab culture What does this means??j Hsv1 results were 51.80 I'm assuming this is a silent on. No pain no oozing no itching no burning. It a just there Hsv2 results Were in the negative range
  10. If having an outbreak does it usual form as one painless bump then heal and disappear then another one appears ? And keep continuing until it's gone
  11. Hi guys! Lemme start off by saying I’m thankful for this site, I didn’t believe there were as many people that had this in common with me, and I admire each and every persons story that has to deal with this. Anyways, I’ve had H since 2016. I was diagnosed on my 19th Birthday (Happy Birthday to me right?). When I found out I felt like my life was over, right when I was actually starting to live it. I was gifted by a partner I had been back and forth with for over a year, and when I moved to his city, one night something seemed off when we had sex, I had a gut feeling, I looked at the dresser a
  12. Hey y'all, I am new to this site due to my recent diagnosis. I knew something was wrong about 2 weeks ago when I started getting bumps on my labia, at first I thought they were ingrowns because of my recent (almost 3 week old) Brazilian wax I had. Well point being I knew this wasn't normal and got tested, my dr. assured me that it wasn't herpes because she said mine didn't look like it and she even mentioned that first outbreaks are horrible so she was "so positive" that it wasn't that. My first outbreak was more inconvenient than anything, slightly itchy, only pain when accidentally scratch
  13. It's been exactly a month since I last slept with someone. And I may have contracted herpes of other std from the other partner. I'm having some weird sensation on specifc parts of lips and genitals. Is it a sign? My appointment is in a week and I'm really freaking out right now.
  14. Hi Everyone, I’m worried I have HSV1. The other day my friend offered me a drag of his cigarette at a party, as I almost took a drag, I noticed he had a scabbed cold sore on his lip. Unfortunately the butt of the cigarette barely tapped my lip. But it did touch for 1 Sec. I am wondering if anyone else has transmitted HSV1 from sharing a cig or drink? I am very worried, and upset. It’s been 2 weeks, and no sores yet but I know i need to get tested after 4 weeks.
  15. So I am having a really really tough time right now. I officially found out I’m HSV2 positive back in May. That being said, I went to my doctor and she gave me 3 fills of valtrex for when I think I’m having an OB. (3 days at 2 tabs per day) ok I’ve had 2 OB in the last 3 weeks and I’m about to lose my shit. The valtrex does not stop the blisters (she told me if taken soon enough I shouldn’t even see blisters) and the OBs are getting WORSE sand CLOSER together. Guys I’m seriously close to going off the deep end. I thought I could handle this and be upbeat because shit happens but is this my li
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