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Found 3 results

  1. I was diasgnosed with GHSV1 in november My 1st outbreak I had cluster of sores with clear liquid that went away about a week later with acyclovir 2 weeks later ( December) a under skin bump popped up on my groin area The bump got red and painful but i could only feel it if i touched it since its under the skin. I've asked on other forums if this could be herpes showing up differently and got mixed answers. Over the past month 3 under skin bumps have formed ( i kept wanting to believe these are some sort of boils) BUT the fact that ive got one right after the other makes me think differently. Ive ive never got so many back to back like this. ive had boils/ cysts atleast once a year but 3 in one month??? I've read that some herpes show up differently so which is why I keep doubting this could just be boils One of them has almost gone way (not red anymore or painful ) because I squeezed white dry puss out When I touch it my skin feels flat now. Today I poked a whole on with a needle on the 2nd bump and ALOT of yellow puss came out along with blood. The bump is still there to touch and still red and it hurts. I can feel a 3rd one forming on the other side of my vulva. I'm so drained what is this! i currently dont have insurance so i cant go to the Doctor right now. My question is can herpes produce YELLOW puss like this???? Or are these boils / cysts/ abscess??? If they are boils i don't understand how I've got 3 back to back. That's never happend to me before. I wonder if herpes has triggered something down there. ( I haven't shaved in months so it's not that either)
  2. I just got diagnosed with HSV1 on my genitals on thursday. I'm truly devestated I was watching this lady on youtube and she was talking about the difference between prodome and shedding. She mentioned something that kinda scared me (more than I already am ) She said that outbreaks don't always look like cold sores or bumps on your genitals. That it could also be a feeling like body aches, rashes, itching, tingling. But I thought that's was what prodome was??? So how am I suppose to be more cautious and know if I'm having an outbreak if there's no actual real physical symptoms like sores Ugh all off this keeps getting more confusing by the minute. She also mentioned to not have sex before or after your period because you're shedding or something like that... I'm so overwhelmed I HATE THIS!!!!
  3. Hi, I'm still waiting for my swab result if I'm positive of Herpes, but as per the doctor he sound so certain that it is actually Herpes. I'm so sad and still crying about it. My boyfriend got tested negative to this, but I still got it. ๐Ÿ˜ž I have few questions and appreciate your answers or thoughts please. I went to the clinic after 5 days that the blisters turned into sores got really painful that I couldn't walk. My doctor gave me antiviral cream, Amox clav and Valacyclovir for 7 days. I'm on my 2nd day of taking it. How long should it take to heal the sores? I been crying because of pain when I move, pee and just walk. ๐Ÿ˜ž I also noticed that there are like white discharge and sores has white pus liquid that going out too which makes it extra painful. Based on your experience how long it usually takes to dry up the sores when taking antivirals medicine. Lastly, I'm scared because I noticed some people like bumps on my face which are starting to feel itchy right now. Could you pass the virus in the face? I'm so scared right now. Help and all your answers and advice will be much appreciated.
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