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Found 3 results

  1. Newly diagnosed with hsv-2, after one year with boyfriend who says has zero symptoms. If we’ve had unprotected sex for a year, and I had no symptoms of herpes during this year.. what is the probability of me giving him the virus? Should we assume he more than likely has it now, or he himself brought it into the relationship and infected me?
  2. I was diagnosed with HSV 2 in December I have a rash that pops up everywhere- half the time I don’t know if these are hsv bumps or hives and I’m absolutely miserable about a month and a half ago I got a rash and my forehead and it’s never gone away and has anyone else had an outbreak that look like this
  3. Lol why is this me?  I definitely thought I had infected my nose but again, probably just paranoia. I have been taking baking soda and vinegar baths and it does soothe a little but I will definitely try Epsom salt. Im almost finished with my AV and I still feel a super weird itch. Grateful the burning while peeing has subsided but I still have a somewhat burning sensation whenever I wipe. Did your AV cause a yeast infection? Bc maybe that’s what this is. Sorry to be so forward and vivid but I’m just so clueless and finding this forum has been a game changer. So much information and grateful there are so many that share my same struggles. I have some acyclovir here too but I won’t start it until this valtrex is finished (if I even need it). My mom said she read online that daily supplements are super helpful and I’m all for it. I take lysine +, oregano oil capsules, my AV and echineaneau capsules too. Apparently all great immune system boosters and lysine of course is thought to help with submission and reoccurrences. I’m very hopeful about it all. I have to be. I’ve always been such a “stressedsally” that getting this diagnosis REALLY made me realize a lot. I cant get all worked up over the little things anymore, it’s detrimental to my health and that’s whats truly important rn. But if I’m being honest, the negative thoughts do try to creep in. I mean this isn’t just a “one pill and done” type of deal so that aspects is a bit gut wrenching but hey, whatever. I mean people have worse things and at least my struggle is merely an annoying skin condition so I guess that’s reason to smile.
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