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Found 5 results

  1. I had my first breakout back in January 2018 & was diagnosed with GHSV-1 through a swab test (& negative for GHSV-2). My boyfriend gave it to me from a cold sore on his lip & I've never had a cold sore on my mouth before so I suppose that is why However it's worrying because from what I've read everyone seems to have only 1 breakout (which is their initial) with GHSV-1, but I've had at least 5 breakouts this year since my first. During the past month I've had 3 separate breakouts & I've a feeling they're stemming from a poor diet & stress but I'd just want to know if these factors are big triggers? I've noticed that they do tend to happen after rough sex, but is that a trigger as well? I don't get colds often so I don't know if it's a matter of my immune system Is this normal? I'm so worried
  2. Hello everyone :) This is my first post, and I am looking for some insight on how I transmitted genital HSV1. I was diagnosed a month ago via visual exam, PCR swab, and blood test (igg and igm). The results came back positive for genital HSV1, negative HSV2. I am soooo confused as to how I contracted this. I have been with one person for the past four years and neither of us has ever shown signs/symptoms. We broke up, and I was intimate with a different guy a few months later. The new guy gave me oral sex and also touched his penis to my labia, and fingered me. We never had sex. Sorry if this is too graphic... I saw NO sores or anything unusual on his genitals or his mouth. Ten days after our first intimate encounter, I had my first outbreak. He swears up and down he has never had any form of herpes. The REAL clencher is this: three days before my first outbreak, I was at a club and ended up drunkenly making out and briefly was fingered by a different guy. I absolutely regret this. This same guy had unprotected sex with one of my friends, and she did not contract anything from him. My question is: can you contract genital HSV1 if a guy fingers you? Or is this more likely from the guy who gave me oral? Or what? I have an appointment in one week to see a specialist in this area, but my conscience is eating me alive. I'm so confused and can't believe I let this happen. I am a very careful person and I just want to know how this could have happened.
  3. So when I got my test results back last week they informed me that I had simplex 1.it is gh. I have tried to do research on the internet for what's the difference between simplex 1 and 2. Also on gh in general. Almost everything I read contradicts the last thing I read. How does simplex one affect you differently in the genital area than simplex 2? I'm hoping that the good things I read are true like typically its not as severe because its out if its area. Idk it just all confuses me. Since I've only known for a week that I have it. I'm already starting to come to terms with the whole thing and accept that I have it...I've realized there's nothing I can do about it since we all know that I well have it the rest of my life.there are times I just sit there and cry when I wonder how will I tell people in my life since before my sex life was so open.it has definitely opened my eyes to be more safe and maybe now I will get to know someone before jumping in bed with them.sorry I'm rambling I just need to get it out.I took the valtrex that the doctor prescribed me and I believe it helped a lot.also idk if this is weird but I put desitin on my sores and they were healed up quite a bit the next day.is it better to take the antibiotic everyday got the rest of my life or just when I'm having an outbreak? Id prefer to not have them or have as few as possible...I was in so much pain and I work in the medical field and I could barely walk...I don't want this to undereye with my job
  4. I have herpes. What a load off my chest. I know that I know none of you personally and anyone who reads this probably doesn’t know who I am, but despite that I have told you something I don’t even tell my closest friends. I’ve had herpes for about four months and the first outbreak had to be one of the most, if not THE most, painful thing I’ve ever experienced. I had no idea what was going on to my body, so you can imagine the shock when my doctor brought up the possibility of me having the STD. My heart dropped. There was no way. I was in a monogamous relationship for four years and both he and I were virgins when we met. I had been with no one else. So you can imagine what was going on through my head. The words, “My amazing, sweet, and loving boyfriend…cheated on me.” The thought was worse than getting diagnosed. It turns out, however, he had HSV-1 since he was a little kid and had mistaken it for only cold sores of the mouth. Turns out HSV-1 can be transferred to different areas of the body. We had no idea. He got tested and came back positive for HSV-1. So did I. I can’t be angry with him. It’s not as if he purposely tried to give this to me, he had no clue. Even if he did know, I’m not sure if it would have exactly changed anything in our relationship; now that I’ve been fully informed about HSV. It’s strange how much the media brings such a negative vibe on Herpes; as if only unfaithful and the sex-crazed get this virus and anyone with it should be shunned. Huh… You know, in a way, I’m kind of thankful for Herpes. It’s given me a better sense of judgment.
  5. Hi Y'all! Had a quick question concerning French kissing (mouth to mouth). Is it possible in any way to transmit HSV-2 to my partner this way? I know that HSV-1 can be, but wasn't sure about the other kind. Many thanks ahead of time for your consideration of my query, and your possible response. Have a great day!
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