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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all 😊 Just a wee question regarding hair removal down below. In the past, I have always shaved but have the fear that it may trigger another outbreak as I've just healed from my very first one. (Ooooft, that was a nightmare). I've heard waxing and laser can be a trigger but what about hair removal creams? Anyone had experience of doing this and was there an flare up? I like to have no hair at all around the genital region as it makes me itchy and uncomfortable. Thanks.
  2. So I apparently don’t get your classic blisters and bumps I get an ulcer/lesion. Am I the only one? This is only my second time having this happen in 3 years and it’s just as bad as the first time. Mine have happened after a bad sickness (thanks COVID). It’s been almost two weeks and I’m almost healed up and symptoms have faded (besides some itching). The lesion is almost gone and there is no scab. There was never a scab anyway because it’s a lesion inside the labia area not outside. Since I don’t have scabs to heal, when will I know it’s safe to resume sex? There is nothing coming out and it’s almost gone. It’s also the normal color of that area.
  3. What’s up community!! I found out I have genital hsv2 7 months ago via IGG with numbers I think at 10..I guess I had a slight initial outbreak with 2 little “lesions” on shaft of penis but they did not ooze or anything like that nor did i have pain. I haven’t had any lesions or blisters show back up or any prodome symptoms. I also have oral HSV 1 since I was very youg...Should I jump on antivirals to prevent transmission or would you say I’m not that “contagious” and in dormancy? I’m just looking into options if I get into a relationship, obviously condoms are gunna be used but later on in the relationship we all know condoms aren’t being used..has anyone not passed the virus without taking antivirals or condom use?
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