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Found 28 results

  1. Hello everyone! My question is can someone who is hsv negative get hsv2 from oral sex with someone hsv2 positive? Is this something we need to worry about? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi guys. I don't know what to do with myself. The only care advice my doc has given is preventative meds and acyclovir ointment. Everything else I have read online. I take 3mg of l-lysine now daily along with Acyclovir pills. I have anxiety and IDK if that is a factor. I'm also overweight and wondering if that contributes to friction. Laying down with an ice pack on my crotch now. Can't exercise or it hurts. Looking for a seasoned vet who has overcome similar issues.
  3. Hello, I was recently diagnosed with HSV 2 by way of swab. My blood test came back negative. The last 2 times I had sex where a month prior to diagnosis and three months prior (February and December). I know there is no time table on being able to tell who infected you through the blood test but based on research I felt like I can rule out the guy I was with in December because 3-6 months (I know 3 months is right on the cusp so it's not guaranteed) after exposure was the general rule on blood testing. Should I get a blood test again in a month or 2?
  4. Hello Can anyone tell me how long you need to take valtrex for before it really starts working? I’m specifically talking about for lowering transmission rates. Any help is much appreciated, Thanks!
  5. Help? I have HSV2. If the other person suffers from cold sores can I still give them HSV2? Or can I now get cold sores? I’m so confused
  6. Need everyone’s opinion: So here’s my story - i was diagnosed with hsv2 through routine bloodwork in 12/2018 with an igg of 1.79. I went on to get another igg drawn several weeks later where the igg was 1.36. (Last time I tested negative for hsv2 was 9/2015 by the way.) My gyno insisted I have hsv2, but with no symptoms and my partners being negative I was not convinced. Well, I just received my WB results this week and I am negative for Hsv1 & Hsv2. I went back to my gyno so she could see/review the results and she is STILL insisting I have hsv2 and she also stated she has no clue what this WB test from the U of W is? I’m really sad because her response is making me second guess my results and honestly makes me look a little crazy in her eyes. I have asked Terri Warren/Westover Heights, whom I got the WB with, for a letter stating that this result is legimate but she hasn’t returned my email in about 5 days so this is also making me extremely nervous and confused. Not many doctors seem to believe this test is real? Or they don’t know about it? Why? I have an appointment with a dermatologist and ID doctor coming up soon so hopefully I can get more answers, but I want to know everyone else’s opinion on here? I’m so confused.
  7. Hi everyone, hopefully someone can help me out a little. Okay so I have genital hsv2, do I need to worry about sleeping with someone who has genital hsv1? Will I have another OB like the first one I had? I’d rather not have that experience ever again thank you very much. Can someone help me out with this? I’m trying to navigate who I can potentially consider for dating. Thank you! This forum has been really helpful.
  8. Hi everyone, found out roughly two months ago I was positive for HSV2..I’m only 22. I’ve so many questions but I don’t know where to go to ask them. My case was awful. I went to hospital complaining of blisters and doctors said it was an allergic reaction. Told me it would pass. 5 days later I was in so much pain, nothing was helping. Went back to a different doctor. Again said it was just a reaction gave me a steroid cream and some tablets. Another week passed and I couldn’t stand, I couldn’t lay down, I couldn’t sit or walk or anything. I hadn’t slept and I was constantly crying. So 3 weeks after my first doctor interaction I went straight to A&E and cried with pain. I was then hospitalized for 5 days as I was retaining so much fluids, my case had gotten so severe, the cream I was given had made it a lot worse and I shouldn’t have been using it, the tablets I was given shouldn’t have been mixed together. I’ve been left with scars mentally and physically. Within the two months since, I’m currently going through my second breakout. What do I do? Is there medications to stop the breakouts? Is there certain things that cause the breakouts? What am I now unable to do? Can I go to a public swimming pool? Can I use sunbeds? Can I share a bath with someone? is there certain body washes I need to stay away from? the list goes on and on.... Please someone help
  9. No insurance--seeking answers! I was given a positive test result for Hsv2 a couple of years ago. Ever since then I've had an immense amount of mystery ailments, leading my drs to believe that I may suffer from an immune disorder. So far, however , I have only had normal test results in regards to immune disorders, leaving me without answers. In the last several months I have also had monthly recurring symptoms of hsv1 (prior to this time I've never experienced cold sores) along with other mystery symptoms at the same time in my menstrual cycle, which I have found a way to control. But now that I have gotten rid of all those symptoms, I suddenly have herpes zoster (shingles of the eye). I'm at my wit's end and looking for some relief! I'm uninsured for the moment and am trying to get answers without the ability to see specialists. Has anyone experienced multiple strains like this? It seems like when I get one type of the HSV under control it rears its ugly head elsewhere. Any insight is appreciated! Thank you
  10. I started dating a guy a few weeks ago. Earlier in the night, prior to having sex he confessed he had had a mouth sore and didn't know what it was so he consulted his dentist, who told him simply he has herpes. And then he added he doesn't have genital herpes. Later that night we started to have sex and I chickened out on my own status (HSV II - more details in other posts). It wasn't until a week later, when he was supposed to come visit me, that I finally was able to confess. But my question/issue isn't about the disclosing per se. It's after the fact. I told him he should go get tested immediately to confirm he doesn't already have it and then again later (whenever his doctor recommends, as it seems there are varying time frames to wait for the antibodies to build up). He resisted/denied my request for getting tested right away, claiming he had already been tested for EVERYTHING, including HSV. But now, a day later, I'm wondering why his story doesn't seem to jive. He claims he recently had a mysterious mouth sore, and that his dentist (visually) diagnosed it as herpes (more obivously type I). So how could he claim he was surprised by this recent symptoms/diagnosis, when he claims he had already been tested for it. He would've come up positive already for at least Type I, no? The mouth sore shouldn't have been a surprise to him, unless he was just making out with someone and somehow got it that way, I suppose. Either way, I'd like to insist he get tested right away, in addition to waiting later. That way we could be sure he doesn't already have it. MY MAIN QUESTION IS: Is that weird of me to ask/insist of him to take a test now? He seemed comfortable taking my word for it that my last test results came back negative for other STIs. But I'd be willing to take it again if he asked/insisted, in fact I plan to anyway. I'd just really like to clear that possibility out right away, so we won't have to wait unnecessarily another 45+ days for a diagnosis.
  11. So here I am, with a question I didn’t think I’d be asking.. so let me start from the top On Sunday, I hooked with someone I’d been chatting up for a few weeks via Tinder. We really enjoyed each other’s company while we were hanging out and seem fairly comparable. During one of our conversations, had made me aware he had HSV2 when the discussion of sex was brought up. He has had HSV2 for almost 5 years, and has been on antivirals for the duration he has had it. He has not has not had any symptoms, or outbreaks in a little over a year. He nor I have any other STD/STIs. He also explained he dated someone for about 6 months, they had unprotected sex multiple times, and she did not contract HSV2 during their relationship, per blood testing. Initially, I didn’t feel comfortable with having sex at all in fear of getting HSV2. However, over time my and his attraction was obvious and after more discussion, our intention was to use condoms when we hooked up. However, after another date, a few glasses of wine and the heat or the moment.. our plan changed. We had unprotected sex. Not completely unprotected from pregnancy, as I am on birth control, but unprotected from STD/STIs and herpes. It has been 3 days and I’m living in complete and utter freak out mode and nervousness about my irresponsible decision. I have spent hours googling and panicking at everything the results. I have come to determine there is no way I could NOT have contracted it. And I am so disappointed in my irresponsiblility. And I feel like even though I’m attempting to pay attention to my body and changes, I don’t necessarily have the best result due to I started my period the morning after. So I’m more sensitive than normal, and am having normal period symptoms. But nevertheless, I feel like there’s no way I didn’t catch it.. so what I want to know now, is what to be looking for? Which symptoms come first? When, realistically, is the best time to get tested (from personal experience)? How do you mentally deal with knowing you have HSV2? Hoping for some answers...
  12. So I came down with my primary HSV 2 outbreak about 3.5 weeks ago. It sucked as I’m sure most of you can relate to. I had sores everywhere, vagina, anus, cervix, you name it. Full on flu symptoms, nerve pain in and around my butt, difficulty peeing, changes in bowel movements, extreme pain, etc. I was misdiagnosed with a UTI but they finally figured out it was herpes and put me on a ten day course of antivirals. Sores immediately started to clear and have been gone for about a week. However, I still was experiencing some extreme itching, and nerve pain. Went back to my doc, have a yeast infection to boot, yay. I think the yeast infection is clearing but this morning I wake up with a fever and feel like I have the flu and am totally exhausted and just frustrated as all get out with my body. Nerves also still feel funky downstairs. No new sores, but still itchy and tingly. Has anyone had a similar experience and how long did it take for things to normalize after your initial breakout? I’m beginning to feel like things are never going to recover which yes, is dramatic, but I’m just frustrated and overwhelmed. Any advice, kind words, hopeful stories, please share!
  13. Is there anyone who's had hsv 2 breakouts on their eye area or throughout their body? Just would like to hear of any kind of advice or your story. Anything you can tell me really. I've had my breakouts spread throughout my face including eyelids. Now spreading to my hands. And I'm constantly breaking out. I take daily medication and it does make breakouts minor but it still is constant.
  14. Has anyone ever spread their HSV? Midi if I actually have but I’m having weird symptoms on my face. Super oily skin, itchy and tingly all over and nowhere at once, dry patches on nose and now a single Whitehead in the corner of my right nostril. Please help!
  15. If having an outbreak does it usual form as one painless bump then heal and disappear then another one appears ? And keep continuing until it's gone
  16. HopefulR


    Hi guys, I’ve been recently diagnosed and I’m just trying to get back to my “normal.” I’ve completed a full 10 day of Valtrex and my sore have subsided. Being that I also had a yeast infection, I just took some flucanozole for that so waiting on it to do it’s duty. idk, I’m still itchy and weird down there. I’ve been taking lysine+, oregano oil capsules and vitamin C daily vitamins. My symptoms have eased to a degree but now I have new ones also. Like I said, my lady parts are still itchy and it almost feels raw. I can’t explain it but no visible sore just super uncomfortable. HELP. What did you find helpful? What are some good remedies for relief? What helped with your suppression? What are the best supplements or vitamins for HSV2? All are welcomed. Thanks in advance.
  17. I was just diagnosed due to an outbreak about 3 weeks ago with HSV2. I was put on acyclovir 400mg 3x’s a day for 10 days. The clinic prescribed valacyclovir 500mg once daily for a maintence therapy. I was researching that you should allow time for you body to build up a response to the virus. For that reason I didn’t start the maintenance after my 10 days were up. I’m so new to this so I don’t completely understand all my symptoms yet. I get itchy and tingling still since the initial outbreak. Does that mean it never cleared from the initial OB or could it be that another one came right after except this time without lesions? Also, my main question is if I start the maintence therapy 500mg once a day and I have another outbreak , do I need to call the doctor to be prescribed something different/ or for more of the dose I am taking? Or do I just continue the normal dose? this has been such a lonely and sad process for myself and my head is spinning with trying to figure out everything I need to know. I have been so overly cautious as if I can infect everything I touch. Thanks in advance for everyone’s guidance
  18. Hello all ... This is my first post since being diagnosed and since joining this community. I’m 34 years old, was married for 11 years and going through a separation. After spending months in a depressed state I decided to get myself “out there” and date. The second person I slept with during this dating phase gave me herpes. I made the mistake of asking if he had protection and sleeping with him anyway when he said he didn’t. Worst part was I know now that he knew all along that he had this and just wasn’t honest with me. Just ONE careless mistake and my whole world was turned upside down. After my initial outbreak and diagnosis I was completely depressed and even thought my life was over. I had every thought and feeling that each person here experienced after finding out. All I wanted to do was sleep and disappear.... Finding this site and reading all the posts from others in this community gave me such a sense of hope and positive outlook on my future living with this virus. Knowledge really is power and I found solace in reading others experiences. I thank everyone here for sharing their knowledge, their experiences, and for sending positive vibes out there. It’s so true that you never know when sending a kind word to someone how much it can really help. Im finally out of the fog and feelings of total despair. It’s not easy and there is still so much to learn about my body again now that I have this, but I do realize that this virus is not what defines me unless I let it. I will NOT let it define me. I will NOT let it take over my life. And I will NOT let it take away my positive mindset. I will fight for my body and for my health. I will fight for my happiness. And most importantly I know that I can and will live a happy and fulfilled life. People get life threatening and life altering diagnosis’s EVERYDAY... this will not kill me or take away my ability to live a strong healthy life. Perspective and mindset are EVERYTHING. Knowledge is power. And finding this community provided me with another level of comfort. Thank you everyone for reading this, and big thank you to everyone who helps comfort and inform those of us that need it...
  19. I was very recently diagnosed with HSV2 and am currently dealing with a very severe initial outbreak. So severe that I have missed multiple days of work and am probably going to miss a few more because I can't walk because of the burning and the leg and foot nerve pain I am experiencing. I am in constant pain and going to the bathroom gives me anxiety because I know what's coming. I am constantly tired as well. I know that herpes is not the end of my life and that once this outbreak is over (although it feels like it may never end) my life will be normal with only minor adjustments to the way I live. However, this initial outbreak has cost me a lot of money from missed work and of course it is quite traumatizing to find out I got herpes in the first place. Especially after finding out that the guy who gave it to me was treated for an std only days before I met him and so I can only assume he absolutely knew he had this and chose to not tell me before we slept together. The point of this post is that my friends and family are encouraging me to sue him. Does anyone have any experience with doing that? Or any advice on the matter?
  20. Yesterday, I got my blood test results back and found out I was positive for HSV2. The number greater than 1 was 10! Does that mean I've had this for a long time and not known?? Quick backstory.. As a child I would always get canker sores in my mouth. I never had a bump or blister outside of my mouth, but would get ingrown hair bumps down below. I was too young to be sexually active when either would happen. So I was taken to the doctor for them as a kid and they told me it was only cankers and that they are hereditary. Makes since becasue my father got them really bad as a child as well. So when I get them now as an adult, I don't question it. Last April I got really sick. I became so ill that I couldnt get out of bed. Had extreme night sweats and my throat was on fire! I couldnt eat for about 2 weeks, felt like i was dying. Docs ran test and said it was some type of bad virus and prescribed antibotics. I was living with my boyfriend at the time but he never showed signs of illness. We broke up a few months later due to other circumstances. (could that have been my first outbreak??) Fast forward to my last obgyn visit this past May. I went in because I kept having discolored vag discharge and wanted to know if it was an std. Test read positive for C and got treated. Took prescribed meds and symptoms went away. Or did they? No. The discharge came back and this time more agressively, so my doc prescribed doxcicilne (spell check) for 2 weeks and told me it was probably a bacterial infection. He also had me take a blood test to test for all STD's (so i thought). Took those meds and began to see symptoms decrease but half way through the second week the discharge came back. Doc did an ultrasound and found cyst on both overies but said they were perfectly noramal and very small. So thats when I took matters into my own hands and requested a full screening through an online test service. I went to my local LabCorp and had my blood drawn again. Just got the test results yesterday and everything was negative except for my HSV2 results. I'm currently experiencing an ulcer on my tonsil that makes it hard to swallow. I dont have sores on my genitals, infact the only time I get a bump down there is when I shave and get ingrowns. Is it possible to get H on the tonsils and nowhere else? Is it possible that the "cysts" in my overies are H?? Is it possible that those "ingrowns" were H? What if I had it for a very long time with no treatment? Currently inbetween insurance companies so I don't have insurance to get treated right now. FML!!!!!
  21. Hello, I am diagnosed with Hsv2 (although with low values I think), and since the first ob that consisted in tiny blisters all over glans, I didn't have a second one. BUT... I have, sometimes more and sometimes less visible, tiny bumps all over glans (imagine sort of little goose bumps). I don't even know if this is H related, rarely had tingling and never hurted, but surely I never had a condition like this prior the infection. My question is: if you are infected with "low" amount of Hsv virus, will it inevitably grow and multiply? Or if your immune system is "normal" it can keep it more or less at the initial quantity? I ask this 'cause I feel I was lucky in the unluck (touching wood!) in getting a mild type of it that is not very good to look at but at least is not painful. Thanks!
  22. Ever since i got the hsv2 my skin is SO itchy most of the time and i get wheals like welts. I diagnosed myself with urticaria and the demertogist found no allergies linked to the itching. It can be subsided with allergy medicine and cortisone , but i hate taking that everyday i read somewhere people with herpes developed urticaria, but im not sure how true that is? If you struggle with this too, what are your remedies?
  23. I struggle with knowing whether or not im having an outbreak or if something else is going on. I dont have any sores or blisters. I just get slightly itchy around my vaginal opening and slight rash irritation along my butt crack. For the most part i think these are indicators. The medicine im taking is valtrex i guess it helps. I feel like im always taking it. By the time im done with the 10 days, i feel slight reflief for a week or two and then I feel like having another outbreak soon after? Maybe its not working properly. Ugh idk. Bottom line Its so difficult to know when im having an outbreak bc symptoms are so suttle.
  24. I just got diagnosed with my primary hsv2 ob in my throat. I’ve been bawling my eyes out thinking how no one would ever love me and that surely the guy I was seeing was going to stop wanting contact. It’s been a very casual relationship and he’s always used condoms vaginally but not orally. I was pondering ways to tell him but preparing for the worst, in my depression went on a a dating site for positive tested people and found him on it. An old profile with no pictures, but some identifying facts on there that make me certain it’s him. I’m at a loss for words and have no idea what to do about this situation, I still haven’t told him I know but now I don’t know what to say.
  25. So I was just told I’m having another outbreak (I *think* this is my third since December) but I also have BV on top of it - love having a vagina! Anyway, I’m on acyclovir because Valtrex gave me weird side effects. This outbreak started off because of stress, my menstrual cycle, and I think due to sex. I also thought I had a yeast infection at first (I get them frequently) so I tried to treat that with monistat beforehand. I think maybe that irritated things. Ive been on acyclovir going on my 4th full day and I have zero relief. Thank god for lidocaine gel. I was under the impression after your first OB they become shorter? This one is definitely the worst of the three though. I think I have more sores than before, so maybe that plays a role? Any other things I can do? Thanks in advance!
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