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  1. Hi guys. I guess i could start off by just saying this was a huge slap in the face for me. I have always tried to be so safe and constantly got tested. Something I never realized was they do not test herpes on a routine testing. I mean, I was never really concerned because I've only had 3 partners who were supposedly monogamous, but here we are now. Confused, lost, and sad. I've come to realization that this is the new life I have to live and something I have to accept and it is okay to be a little more different than everybody else. I guess the only thing I need help with is
  2. My girlfriend wants to do oral on me and "swallow". I know for vaginal sex definitely we'd have to use a condom, but not sure for oral. I know HSV2 prefers the genital area. Would it be better for her to just use her hands to avoid the extended oral contact and then just make me "finish" in her mouth? The "swallowing" thing apparently is important to her because she's persistent with it. So is it in semen? Having the green light to just "do it" sounds too good to be true. So I'd like to know how to do this safely. Thank you. (I was diagnosed more than 10 years ago and I'm asymptomatic)
  3. I just discovered this community yesterday and am so thankful I did. I was diagnosed with hsv2 1.5 years ago. I was in a brand new relationship that I really saw turning into something serious. Because of the trust and immediate connection we had, we started having sex about a month into our relationship and never used a condom. I started experiencing symptoms less than a week after my unprotected exposure to him and never experienced anything like it before, so my doctor is pretty confident that I got it from him. I was terrified to tell him because our relationship was so new and I didn’t wa
  4. Hey! So Im currently dating this guy and he seems lovely, we get on so well and i do potentially see it going somewhere HOWEVER I’m so scared to disclose ! I’ve had this nearly 2 years now and I’ve dated but the fear of having to disclose has always pushed me away and almost shut me off so I either back out or seem uninterested 😩 when in reality it’s the fear of rejection stopping me! As a result I haven’t been with anyone since my diagnosis and at 24 I feel like it’s really impacting me and I’m scared that this is it and I'm just going to be alone ! I try and remain positive about i
  5. So I got blood drawn a month ago and I finally got my results and I was both HSV1 and HSV2 positive my HSV 1 was at a 56. Which I’ve had for a long time and occasionally get cold sores and my HSV 2 result was 1.66 I’ve never had any symptoms or outbreaks but I do have a lot of ingrown hair bumps could that be considered symptoms? And if I do have it it was from 2 years that I was with an ex that gave me 2 other STDs and it’s the last person I had unprotected sex, does anyone think I could have been a false positive? It makes me sad cuz I am older and I don’t have kids and I think no one will w
  6. Hi, I currently have HSV2. And sometimes struggles to get things going down below. What lube would be best to use as we obviously need to use condoms! PleaSe help
  7. Here is my story. I had contracted herpes (HSVII/genital) in 2012 from a partner who *claims* he didn't know. I was naturally devastated, but luckily had been on road trip with said partner, and honestly being away from home distracted me from the bizarreness of it all, at least temporarily. I could be distracted with all the adventures that we had planned for the trip. And surprisingly this partner was totally not freaked out by this new diagnosis, let alone current symptoms/outbreak. Over the years I had managed to disclose successfully to a handful of different partners.
  8. I started dating a guy a few weeks ago. Earlier in the night, prior to having sex he confessed he had had a mouth sore and didn't know what it was so he consulted his dentist, who told him simply he has herpes. And then he added he doesn't have genital herpes. Later that night we started to have sex and I chickened out on my own status (HSV II - more details in other posts). It wasn't until a week later, when he was supposed to come visit me, that I finally was able to confess. But my question/issue isn't about the disclosing per se. It's after the fact. I told him he should go get teste
  9. Hello everyone! My question is can someone who is hsv negative get hsv2 from oral sex with someone hsv2 positive? Is this something we need to worry about? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi guys. I don't know what to do with myself. The only care advice my doc has given is preventative meds and acyclovir ointment. Everything else I have read online. I take 3mg of l-lysine now daily along with Acyclovir pills. I have anxiety and IDK if that is a factor. I'm also overweight and wondering if that contributes to friction. Laying down with an ice pack on my crotch now. Can't exercise or it hurts. Looking for a seasoned vet who has overcome similar issues.
  11. 👋 Hello Can anyone tell me how long you need to take valtrex for before it really starts working? I’m specifically talking about for lowering transmission rates. Any help is much appreciated, Thanks!
  12. Help? I have HSV2. If the other person suffers from cold sores can I still give them HSV2? Or can I now get cold sores? I’m so confused
  13. Need everyone’s opinion: So here’s my story - i was diagnosed with hsv2 through routine bloodwork in 12/2018 with an igg of 1.79. I went on to get another igg drawn several weeks later where the igg was 1.36. (Last time I tested negative for hsv2 was 9/2015 by the way.) My gyno insisted I have hsv2, but with no symptoms and my partners being negative I was not convinced. Well, I just received my WB results this week and I am negative for Hsv1 & Hsv2. I went back to my gyno so she could see/review the results and she is STILL insisting I have hsv2 and she also stated she has no c
  14. Hi everyone, hopefully someone can help me out a little. Okay so I have genital hsv2, do I need to worry about sleeping with someone who has genital hsv1? Will I have another OB like the first one I had? I’d rather not have that experience ever again thank you very much. Can someone help me out with this? I’m trying to navigate who I can potentially consider for dating. Thank you! This forum has been really helpful.
  15. Hi everyone, found out roughly two months ago I was positive for HSV2..I’m only 22. I’ve so many questions but I don’t know where to go to ask them. My case was awful. I went to hospital complaining of blisters and doctors said it was an allergic reaction. Told me it would pass. 5 days later I was in so much pain, nothing was helping. Went back to a different doctor. Again said it was just a reaction gave me a steroid cream and some tablets. Another week passed and I couldn’t stand, I couldn’t lay down, I couldn’t sit or walk or anything. I hadn’t slept and I was constantly crying.
  16. No insurance--seeking answers! I was given a positive test result for Hsv2 a couple of years ago. Ever since then I've had an immense amount of mystery ailments, leading my drs to believe that I may suffer from an immune disorder. So far, however , I have only had normal test results in regards to immune disorders, leaving me without answers. In the last several months I have also had monthly recurring symptoms of hsv1 (prior to this time I've never experienced cold sores) along with other mystery symptoms at the same time in my menstrual cycle, which I have found a way to control. B
  17. So here I am, with a question I didn’t think I’d be asking.. so let me start from the top On Sunday, I hooked with someone I’d been chatting up for a few weeks via Tinder. We really enjoyed each other’s company while we were hanging out and seem fairly comparable. During one of our conversations, had made me aware he had HSV2 when the discussion of sex was brought up. He has had HSV2 for almost 5 years, and has been on antivirals for the duration he has had it. He has not has not had any symptoms, or outbreaks in a little over a year. He nor I have any other STD/STIs. He also explained
  18. So I came down with my primary HSV 2 outbreak about 3.5 weeks ago. It sucked as I’m sure most of you can relate to. I had sores everywhere, vagina, anus, cervix, you name it. Full on flu symptoms, nerve pain in and around my butt, difficulty peeing, changes in bowel movements, extreme pain, etc. I was misdiagnosed with a UTI but they finally figured out it was herpes and put me on a ten day course of antivirals. Sores immediately started to clear and have been gone for about a week. However, I still was experiencing some extreme itching, and nerve pain. Went back to my doc, have a ye
  19. Is there anyone who's had hsv 2 breakouts on their eye area or throughout their body? Just would like to hear of any kind of advice or your story. Anything you can tell me really. I've had my breakouts spread throughout my face including eyelids. Now spreading to my hands. And I'm constantly breaking out. I take daily medication and it does make breakouts minor but it still is constant.
  20. Has anyone ever spread their HSV? Midi if I actually have but I’m having weird symptoms on my face. Super oily skin, itchy and tingly all over and nowhere at once, dry patches on nose and now a single Whitehead in the corner of my right nostril. Please help!
  21. If having an outbreak does it usual form as one painless bump then heal and disappear then another one appears ? And keep continuing until it's gone
  22. Hi guys, I’ve been recently diagnosed and I’m just trying to get back to my “normal.” I’ve completed a full 10 day of Valtrex and my sore have subsided. Being that I also had a yeast infection, I just took some flucanozole for that so waiting on it to do it’s duty. idk, I’m still itchy and weird down there. I’ve been taking lysine+, oregano oil capsules and vitamin C daily vitamins. My symptoms have eased to a degree but now I have new ones also. Like I said, my lady parts are still itchy and it almost feels raw. I can’t explain it but no visible sore just super uncomfortable.
  23. I was just diagnosed due to an outbreak about 3 weeks ago with HSV2. I was put on acyclovir 400mg 3x’s a day for 10 days. The clinic prescribed valacyclovir 500mg once daily for a maintence therapy. I was researching that you should allow time for you body to build up a response to the virus. For that reason I didn’t start the maintenance after my 10 days were up. I’m so new to this so I don’t completely understand all my symptoms yet. I get itchy and tingling still since the initial outbreak. Does that mean it never cleared from the initial OB or could it be that another one came right after
  24. Hello all ... This is my first post since being diagnosed and since joining this community. I’m 34 years old, was married for 11 years and going through a separation. After spending months in a depressed state I decided to get myself “out there” and date. The second person I slept with during this dating phase gave me herpes. I made the mistake of asking if he had protection and sleeping with him anyway when he said he didn’t. Worst part was I know now that he knew all along that he had this and just wasn’t honest with me. Just ONE careless mistake and my whole world was turned ups
  25. I was very recently diagnosed with HSV2 and am currently dealing with a very severe initial outbreak. So severe that I have missed multiple days of work and am probably going to miss a few more because I can't walk because of the burning and the leg and foot nerve pain I am experiencing. I am in constant pain and going to the bathroom gives me anxiety because I know what's coming. I am constantly tired as well. I know that herpes is not the end of my life and that once this outbreak is over (although it feels like it may never end) my life will be normal with only minor adjustments to the way
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