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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone let me start of by saying thank you for your answers as this is a confusing and difficult time for me. well I was on holiday and met a nice girl (random) we enjoyed each other’s company and had a fun night. Later when I got back home I noticed my lips getting dry and tingling I immediately thought the worst just to let you know used a condom but also performed oral sex, thus the doubt .... anyways once this thought creeped in as it does I started to read a lot and actually got quite confused with all the information out there, so finally after about 2 weeks I went to a doctor and got checked and also got all the testing for stds. Well actaully since i was not convinced and my mind racing with negative thoughts I went and consulted another doctor again he said all is fine but this time I also insisted on pcr herpes test (still awaiting the results) by the way all the other test results are fine no problems there . finally since I was still paranoid I thought too visit another doctor, now keep in mind that the first two doctors gave me a clean bill of health and both throughly checked me. When I visit the 3rd doctor ( I live in a country where I’m still learning dont speak the language fluently) he asked me a few questions and I explained I had visited two other doctors but still wanted a 3rd opinion ... so he asked what I was worried about and I said herpes ... he looked at me looked in my mouth for less then a few seconds and said I have herpes in my throat ... I could not believe it. He then prescribed me valaciclovir and said I’ll be fine. When I asked him is he sure he said he had experience in this field and knew for sure, on top of that he charge me extra for the consultation saying I can not be recovered by my health insurance for his visit. So now since you my story I have a few questions 1) should I take his word seriously ? ( I’m still gonna wait for the pcr results which should come in a few days ) 2) has anyone suffered from oral heroes in the throat ? 3 ) how long will it take in case I actually do have it for things to clear up ? 4) since the 3rd doctors diagnosis I feel a bit of irritation in my throat (perhaps a placebo effect) what do you’ll think? 5) should I begin the medication of valaciclovir right now or wait for the pcr test result ? 6) as I’ve been on homeopathy medicine all my life I’m not used to such strong dosages ... so really not sure if to start and how many times to take it per day? 7)are there any other home remedies besides this strong dosage ? 8)even if I do have herpes (if the pcr test confirms) is it possible to let it just heal on its own if it will not hurt me too much ? Finally besides the early tingling and dry lips I have not had any other symptoms (except this little irritation in my throat now) . Been 17 days so far since my episode with the girl im sorry for such a long post but I really do not know who else to turn to and this is affect my mental health with all these different diagnosis by the doctors. thanks again for reading and hope for you can help me out.
  2. Hello everyone, I recently found out I have genital herpes after going to the dr for a "UTI" that didn't clear up after meds. It was caught a week and a half after the first (painful!) symptoms. How long does the first outbreak typically last? Thankfully, it's not as painful but it's incredibly itchy? I've tried a warm epson salt bath, hydrocortisone cream, and ice packs (they help the most) but the relief only lasts minutes. Does/did anyone face this issue too? As for dating, how long after the sores disappear is it okay to have sex? I'm currently active on dating sites and don't want herpes to stop me, otherwise I'd never get back out in the dating scene. I've already done a lot of research and know that the virus can shed off me at anytime even without sores present and it can be spread when in contact with an open wound or mucosal membrane like someone's eyes, mouth, or genitals. I feel lost. I'm having a hard time with the itchiness and the constant worry of spreading it.
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