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  1. Hello, all!! 🌈🌼🍀❤️ Something that has helped me get through the tears and rough days is laughter. Humor is a lens that really can make all the difference, and I don't mean laughing at or mocking yourself or your pain, but instead, finding a giggle here and there about a situation or even making funny names for herpes (kind of like calling menstruation 'Aunt Flo'). I affectionately call my herpes "The Herps" and it makes me laugh, or feel less intimidated when sharing things with friends. Herpes discussions with others can often lead to often random (and sadly, offensive) questions. However, once in a while we get kind of funny questions from those who do not have herpes. In an effort to bring some smiles and "oh my gosh I have been asked that before *eye roll, giggle*" moments, I wanted to reach out and ask if anyone had any giggle moments they wanted to share! Here is mine: I was 20 when I told my mom I had herpes, about a year after I got it. After I told my mom I had HSV1 on my genitals, she exclaimed "YOU NEED TO COVER YOUR TOOTHBRUSH SO YOU DONT GIVE IT TO YOUR BROTHER!" Of course I explained it to her, and during later reflection I laughed not just because I didn't expect that response, but also... I use my toothbrush for my teeth, not my genitals, where I have my herpes 😂. Share your moment of herpgiggles (yes, I said herpgiggles) below!!
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