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Found 7 results

  1. For people who have oral HSV-2, what has been your experience/opinion of disclosing? Do you tell someone before you kiss them? It seems daunting to have to tell everyone I kiss that I have herpes, but I also don’t want to risk spreading it to them without them knowing. I know you can still technically spread it when there aren’t any symptoms, but how easily does it spread through kissing if you are not having any symptoms?
  2. I am a young man with oral herpes (i.e. I have had cold sores on my lips). I want to perform oral sex on my female partner. What are my options? Overview of my condition I have had herpes since approximately 6th grade. My outbreaks are infrequent, maybe 2-4 years apart or even more. I treat outbreaks with valacyclovir and the outbreaks are usually short and not severe. I have never been tested, so I don’t know if I have HSV1 or HSV2. Details on the question I know herpes can be transmitted through viral shedding. I realize my partner and I have to accept some risk for me to perform oral sex on her: I want to better understand what that risk is. How does daily suppressive valacyclovir or a dose hours before oral sex affect the risk? Does having chapped lips or a pimple near the mouth affect the risk? If my partner was to get genital herpes, what are the consequences? Does it affect childbirth? Will it result in consistently painful sex? From what I’ve read, my chances of contracting genital herpes are low because I already have antibodies. Thank you for your help.
  3. I’m a 23 year old F and I just found out my 23 year old M partner has herpes. We just started dating 3 months ago, and I was having pain when we had sex so i decided to go to the doctor. I found out that he gave me chlamydia, which was upsetting considering I asked him before we had sex if he recently got tested and was clean, to which he told me he was. Turns out, he never got tested since starting to have sex because he said he never noticed anything wrong, and he’s only had sex with 4 people total. After finding out about the chlamydia I told him that he needs to go to the doctor and get medication to get rid of it like I did. He went, and upon going they did a blood test which resulted in them finding herpes antibodies in his blood. He was extremely upset because he said he’s never had an outbreak, and he had absolutely no idea he had herpes. I believed him because of his reaction and it was a very difficult few days for us, especially because we just started dating. We talk about our future a lot, I’ve never met anyone I’ve connected with the way I’ve connected with him so I’m trying to be positive and not let this ruin our brand new relationship. I’ve always been very careful and I’ve always made sure I’m clean by going and getting tested usually after every couple new partners, if not every. I’ve also gotten multiple blood tests to make sure I don’t have herpes because I’ve always been seriously worried about it. When he told me, it didn’t seem like a huge deal to me surprisingly because I know how I feel about him, and his doctor said he has the virus that causes cold sores not genital herpes but to be careful and keep an eye out to make sure they don’t develop down there. I’m trying to find a way to cope, and I came here looking for support for people who have dealt with this in the past. If anyone could help me with their experience and how they dealt with this situation, that would mean the world to me. Sorry for the lengthy post, if you’re still reading I really appreciate it and look forward to hearing feedback.
  4. SKIP to questions if you don’t want to read background : Hi I was diagnosed with herpes in December 2019, I got the virus from kissing a guy who didn’t disclose his status to me but thinking back I know that he knew because he would always take some medication randomly, like he would jump up to run get them but never showed me so I guess that was him experiencing Prodrome symptoms and attempting to catch it Before the cold sore erupts. I still have not confronted him about what he did to me I’m so angry, we work together and he still acts like everything is ok flirting with me etc. anyway I came down with mild flu symptoms while on vacation in December , body aches, low fever, tired But just for 2 days and a few days later my lips started tingling. I googled and herpes immediately came up I was scared shitless. I waited and waited and waited but never got a cold sore. I also experience itching down below but never a sore I went to my doctor who checked my lip and mouth and said it can’t be herpes if there is no sore but she swabbed my lip anyway and a few days later she called to confirm hsv1. I felt my world shatter I kept trying to wake up from this nightmare. Of course it’s not so horrible having this virus but I would prefer not to have it. My outbreak seemed to have been lip tingles which lasted weeks and I have a few painless lesions in my mouth inside my cheeks and lips like small paper cuts that didn’t hurt, I also had bad headaches almost everyday. fast forward I think I am having another outbreak but again no sore and I am waiting for one to pop up. I have the headaches, itch down below, lesions all in mouth , lip tingles . I also see tiny bumps around the border of my lip barely noticeable but I have discomfort such as burning and tingling There QUESTIONS 1. is this typical for an outbreak in the beginning ? Will I ever get cold sores ? (I’ve only gotten sores inside my mouth) Does anyone only experience tingles as an outbreak? 2. the tiny bumps forming around my lip are they permanent has anyone experienced this? 3. Am I still contagious after the sores in my mouth are gone but my lip still tingles ? (Current situation) . I don’t want to pass this to my partner Even If you cannot relate to this please share your experience with oral hsv1 I feel so alone and don’t know what to expect I’m currently taking 3000mg of L-lysine 3 times a day during this outbreak and I normally take 3000mg once a day to prevent. I have valacyclovir that I take for 5 days during outbreak I don’t want to get suppressive therapy until I learn this virus and how it affects me. i take vitamin c, probiotics, vitamin d3, vitamin b6 as well. I’m also pescatarian only eat fish occasionally. No meats I use herpecin lip balm and also abreeva on my lips when I think I am having an outbreak but I’m not really sure if I am please any input would be appreciated
  5. hello everyone, first timer here and pretty scared. oral herpes is very common i know, but im not sure if i have it. for months i’ve been having this stinging feeling on my lips, like there are tiny cuts since i have dry lips, but nothing ever comes up. its always continously tingling off and on, most of the time in the same spot but sometimes in another, it usually happens during the evening and when i go to sleep and wake up it stops. only two times i’ve gotten like these individual tiny tiny red dots on my lip that didnt hurt nor did they have fluid filled heads, i only noticed bc i looked in the mirror and if i put apple cider vinegar or peroxide on them they start to go away and are basically gone the next day. usually cold sores are painful right? even when they are small? im just very confused bc of the tingling/stinging sensation, i bought lysine (both pills and cream) to see if it would help but im not sure if it does. i went to get tested but they said that they dont test unless i have a cold sore, so im not sure whats going on. any thoughts?
  6. hey everyone, i'm not sure if i have oral herpes or not. for months i have been feeling stinging in different areas of my lips, like it'll be on the right side of the bottom for a few weeks, and then of the left for a few days, then back to the right side, stuff like that. i also have dry lips but am not sure if its the dryness (since they get real chapped and might be splitting) or what, but every time i feel a sting or tingle i always put on apple cinder vinegar or hydrogen peroxide and then go to sleep, sometimes i also take lysine. when i wake up the tingling is gone and it doesnt come back till the next day and repeat. i believe i could have been infected a few months ago, so this would be my first outbreak. i want to know if there was anyway i could be stopping a sore for popping up for the first time because this stinging has been continuous for weeks and weeks but nothing has surfaced. and i havent felt any flu like symptoms, like fever or swollen and tender lymph nodes (maybe a little since im always poking at them tho) or sore throat, and i hear that the first outbreak is usually the worst so????? help lol
  7. No, that’s not the title of a C-rated horror flick. If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably Netflixed and chilled ... on a bag of peas. Wow. Where do I start? Is it a “Whodunnit”? Perhaps it’s a film with Oucho Marx. Levity, take me away! All jokes aside, this is my first outbreak (zombie outbreak mind you) and I was just diagnosed a few days ago with genital hsv-1. I’m still freaking out a bit. Let’s just say that less than a week ago I was 100% positive that this demon spawn of an OB (look at me with the lingo!) WAS NOT herrrrpeeeees. Like burpees, yet more hated. How did I get it? My husband unknowingly passed it onto to me via oral sex. He's has hsv-1 since he was a tot, but was just diagnosed after my symptoms.The answer is right there, but I still find myself asking myself in these early days, 'How, after all this time, did I, ME, catch this awful virus?' It must be punishment. (on bad day). It must be an opportunity (on a good day). During this whole ordeal, despite my not being able to walk sans pain, I have tried to focus on all I have going for me. I was not brutally murdered in a BART station. My dreamboat of a husband has my back (and my front) like none other. Good job, health insurance, blah blah blah. Can you go back? No time machines yet. Is it curable. None of the stuff Sam Inc. pumps out is. [Little conspiracy theory there for ya]. You good otherwise? Sure am! So it’s settled. This doesn’t define you and you may even be able to use this mf to spur much needed change. All that being said I would love to hear from folks who are far on the other side of their first horrid ghsv-1 outbreak and from those who contracted it while in monogamous relationships. We're already in marriage counseling so here's another topic of discussion for $165/hour. However, would rather not pack HSV into 50 minutes a week. We need to have healthy, open communication about status that we share. Advice, tips--most welcome. Thanks, all!
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