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Found 6 results

  1. I am a young man with oral herpes (i.e. I have had cold sores on my lips). I want to perform oral sex on my female partner. What are my options? Overview of my condition I have had herpes since approximately 6th grade. My outbreaks are infrequent, maybe 2-4 years apart or even more. I treat outbreaks with valacyclovir and the outbreaks are usually short and not severe. I have never been tested, so I don’t know if I have HSV1 or HSV2. Details on the question I know herpes can be transmitted through viral shedding. I realize my partner and I have to accept some risk for me to p
  2. I’m a 23 year old F and I just found out my 23 year old M partner has herpes. We just started dating 3 months ago, and I was having pain when we had sex so i decided to go to the doctor. I found out that he gave me chlamydia, which was upsetting considering I asked him before we had sex if he recently got tested and was clean, to which he told me he was. Turns out, he never got tested since starting to have sex because he said he never noticed anything wrong, and he’s only had sex with 4 people total. After finding out about the chlamydia I told him that he needs to go to the doctor and get me
  3. SKIP to questions if you don’t want to read background : Hi I was diagnosed with herpes in December 2019, I got the virus from kissing a guy who didn’t disclose his status to me but thinking back I know that he knew because he would always take some medication randomly, like he would jump up to run get them but never showed me so I guess that was him experiencing Prodrome symptoms and attempting to catch it Before the cold sore erupts. I still have not confronted him about what he did to me I’m so angry, we work together and he still acts like everything is ok flirting with me etc. anyw
  4. hello everyone, first timer here and pretty scared. oral herpes is very common i know, but im not sure if i have it. for months i’ve been having this stinging feeling on my lips, like there are tiny cuts since i have dry lips, but nothing ever comes up. its always continously tingling off and on, most of the time in the same spot but sometimes in another, it usually happens during the evening and when i go to sleep and wake up it stops. only two times i’ve gotten like these individual tiny tiny red dots on my lip that didnt hurt nor did they have fluid filled heads, i only noticed bc i l
  5. hey everyone, i'm not sure if i have oral herpes or not. for months i have been feeling stinging in different areas of my lips, like it'll be on the right side of the bottom for a few weeks, and then of the left for a few days, then back to the right side, stuff like that. i also have dry lips but am not sure if its the dryness (since they get real chapped and might be splitting) or what, but every time i feel a sting or tingle i always put on apple cinder vinegar or hydrogen peroxide and then go to sleep, sometimes i also take lysine. when i wake up the tingling is gone and it doesnt come bac
  6. No, that’s not the title of a C-rated horror flick. If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably Netflixed and chilled ... on a bag of peas. Wow. Where do I start? Is it a “Whodunnit”? Perhaps it’s a film with Oucho Marx. Levity, take me away! All jokes aside, this is my first outbreak (zombie outbreak mind you) and I was just diagnosed a few days ago with genital hsv-1. I’m still freaking out a bit. Let’s just say that less than a week ago I was 100% positive that this demon spawn of an OB (look at me with the lingo!) WAS NOT herrrrpeeeees. Like burpees, yet more hated.
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