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  1. I have recently separated from my kids father, had one boyfriend since, and gave him HSV2 on his penis. It was about a year ago, I had gotten thrush. At the same time he had just had surgery on a broken foot, was taking a heap of meds including antibiotics. we had been intimate, certain I gave him head literally the day he got home from hospital. He had then gotten thrush (at the time I assumed I gave it to him, or it was something to do with the antibiotics). He went to the docs and was tested for thrush, but by the time he was to return for the thrush results, he had developed a sore, so he was at the doctors for results, which said it was thrush, only to be swabbed again, some days later finding out of was HSV2. I could not beleive it, as Id never had anything down there. Then it all came to me. When I was 19 - about 14 years ago - i went to Bali, I drank heavily and had little sleep, partying hard, for 8 nights. Hooked up with one person cant even remember details. The day I left, i broke out in this blister under my lip on my face and a horrible flu. I went to the doctors who said it was a "fever blister or cold sore" not even thinking to test it. So i went about my life, probably had it pop up about 5 times in total, the last time was about 4 years ago, then about two months ago from now. So what had happened with my boyfriend is, I beleive, my immunity was low (hence the thrush popping up) and I was shedding, therefore passed it on that way, and he had thrush so it got into his skin. I'm 100% sure i have never had any sore on my vagina. So I'm certain it is isolated to my mouth. Anyway that relationship has broken down, regrettably - because I gave it to him - i tried hard to make it work but it just wasn't. My question is, what threats do I pose to future partners. I mean I have kissed a few people including my long term partner since getting the virus and never given it to someone's face or lips. My partner of 10 years said he was tested and does not have it. I will need to ask him again now that I'm single and worried about finding someone who wants me, to make sure he is not lying to me, but this is what he says, and he has had a blood test from the doctor. Now all my research suggests that oral HSV2 is rare. Rare but does happen, obviously I caught it. Perhaps from a sore that was present, I don't know. I feel like whatever partner I'm going to be with will always worry about even doing something so much as kissing me. If you cant kiss your partner worry free then there's something so sad about that. If I never gave my partner oral sex and just stuck to vaginal sex, esp with a condom, the chances of giving it to him are low right? Someone please help
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