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Found 18 results

  1. Yesterday I read here that some have had success treating with alum and I was so excited to see that! I have been under a lot of stress lately and am hormonal which is a recipe for disaster. I have been on an antiviral off and on for a couple weeks, solid now for four days which was when a more pronounced sore was sensed. (I get vaginal sores in a couple spots.) It was just at a dull roar the past few days and I applied alum this morning. It actually seemed like the sore moved, or popped up a little lower, which I don’t know if anyone’s had that happen, or if maybe the sore just grew, but I stayed the course (I sometimes think if it feels like it’s moving I’m chasing the virus out 🤷🏻‍♀️) I applied alum several times a day, and kept on with my antiviral and water but it seems to have gotten worse. Could the alum be making it worse or is it just running its course? I don’t know if I should stop trying the alum. I’m in quite a lot of pain, which I’m used to, but it’s almost never this bad when I’m on an antiviral also. Took some ibuprofen, cleaned up the last alum application with Good Clean Love Vaginal Wipes, can’t sleep through the pain and I’ll draw a bath in the morning. I’m considering warm compresses with alum, rather than direct qtip application but obviously don’t want to make it worse. In the past when I’ve been this bad I’ve tried to treat topically with salt (direct or compress), alcohol and CBD oil, CBD salve, DMSO, jewel weed salve, and honey. I honestly don’t think any of these have ever been successful once it’s as bad as it is now and I can usually only find relief from a hot tub. Can’t sit in the tub all day though, and as I’m sure all of you know the constant pain is so hard to deal with during your day to day. I was so hoping alum was my golden ticket out of this pain.... Any comments, questions, suggestions or support would be so appreciated!
  2. Can a flu shot trigger an outbreak? I have ghsv-1 Since March 2019 and I got the flu shot yesterday and I’m feeling the achy pain down there which is semi similar to my first ob. Idk if it’s a coincidence or not but it’s Odd. I also have my period, shaved last week with a trimmer, and had sex (with condoms for the first time since infected). I am aware These are all triggers, but I have been fine with these before and the only different thing in play is the flu shot and sex.
  3. Hey everyone, Just wondering if anyone could give me advice on what to do during a period and an outbreak at the same time! What would you recommend tampons or pads? Not sure what to choose. Thanks!!! Have an amazing day!!
  4. I’ve had HSV1 probably for a few years now but I got my first outbreak 10 months in my genital area. Since then it’s got worse and worse. I’m at the point where there’s a constant pain down below. I’m taking valtrex now for the last month, daily. It’s helped with the outbreak but I still have constant pain in my penis. I used to get 3 to 4 outbreaks a month for 10 months. I don’t know how HSV1 can cause so many outbreaks. I thought that’s what HSV2 did? Part of me wonders if it’s even HSV1. I had red marks around my groin area that appeard around the same time as my first outbreak. Not sure if that was related. I don’t really care that I have HSV1... heck 90% of people on this planet have it. Most people don’t know because a lot of people will never know they had it because they get no symptoms. I just want to know for sure what it is. Having 4 outbreaks a month is not normal. So to my questions: • is it normal to have HSV1 outbreak 3 to 4 times a month. • should I still feel pain on my penis even with taking valtrax but no visibal symptoms. • is anyone else getting so many outbreaks with HSV1? I’m going to go back to the doctor and get retested. I haven’t even given a urine sample so I wonder if it’s some bacterial infection. Can anyone else think if it could be something else?
  5. I had my first breakout back in January 2018 & was diagnosed with GHSV-1 through a swab test (& negative for GHSV-2). My boyfriend gave it to me from a cold sore on his lip & I've never had a cold sore on my mouth before so I suppose that is why However it's worrying because from what I've read everyone seems to have only 1 breakout (which is their initial) with GHSV-1, but I've had at least 5 breakouts this year since my first. During the past month I've had 3 separate breakouts & I've a feeling they're stemming from a poor diet & stress but I'd just want to know if these factors are big triggers? I've noticed that they do tend to happen after rough sex, but is that a trigger as well? I don't get colds often so I don't know if it's a matter of my immune system Is this normal? I'm so worried
  6. Just after some help on this really, when is it ok to have sex again after an outbreak? Also when do you judge an outbreak as cleared up as when i have an outbreak the sores tend to be gone within about a week but for about 3-4 weeks after you can still vaguely make out where they were. Has been about 6 weeks now and the frustration is driving me mad. Sorry if these are dumb questions,Thanks
  7. Hi everyone - I have been diagnosed with HSV 1 for almost a year already. My most recent outbreak's symptoms mirror those of urethritis: a little bit of pain during urination, penile discharge (no smell, no color, almost like pre cum), lower abdominal pain, tingling feeling after urination. I have seen a doctor and he said it's just UTI and he didn't think I should do any test. Can HSV 1 cause those? Should I get tested for chlamydia and/or gonorrhea?
  8. Hello everyone, I’ve been diagnosed with HSV-1 for almost a year now. I have had outbreaks once every 2 months I think. And they were all just as severe and felt as bad as the first one. Is this normal for the first year I have herpes? However, I’m currently having an outbreak with cold sores and blisters on lower right leg for the first time ever. I have attached an image of my leg for visual reference. Does that look like herpes to you guys? Or could it be sth else entirely? Thanks in advance for the support!
  9. I just found out that I have HSV1 and I'm having my first outbreak. Me and my husband recently separated and i engaged in oral sex with a new partner for the first time in 4 years. I noticed the first symptoms it about a week afterward. I did not know the guy had HSV1 and the next day he broke out with a cold sore in his lip. I didn't think anything of it and had no idea that it was possible to get genital herpes that way. Just a couple of days after the encounter I started feeling a little sore down there, but I thought it could just be raw and swollen from sex. At the same time I noticed a sore inside of my mouth that I passed off as a canker sore. Within a week there were so many sores in my mouth it was impossible to eat and even sucking through a straw was extremely painful. I started feeling flu like and achey, and lymph nodes in my neck and one in my groin swelled up. I still didn't have any idea that I had herpes. I assumed it must be strep throat or mono... And I still hadn't made the connection with the sore spot on my vagina... But within a day or two i noticed the spot was very very sore and it burned soooo bad when I peed. I decided to finally take a look down there with a mirror and I was shocked when I saw a white blister looking sore right where I had been feeling pain. It all pretty much came together right then that I had herpes. I started panicking and researching it and found out that I was experiencing all of the symptoms, and I immediately went to the emergency room to get checked. They took swabs of the sores in my mouth and vagina and broke the news to me that I had hsv1 both orally and genitally. I also had a bladder infection from the virus. I got a 7 day prescription for Valacyclovir, and started taking it immediately. Even after I started the medication two more sores appeared down there. I have one more day left and the sores in my mouth are completely healed and the 3 genital sores are almost healed as well. I've read that because I have type one and not type two the outbreaks happen a lot less frequently and are a lot less severe, and I hope that's true. I don't have medical insurance so it is not easy for me to see a doctor and pay for prescriptions on a regular basis.. i want to know if I have future outbreaks is it likely that it will not be genital and only oral? Because the outbreak in my mouth was much worse than the one down there. Is there anyone else here that's experienced an initial oral and genital outbreak at the same time?
  10. I struggle with knowing whether or not im having an outbreak or if something else is going on. I dont have any sores or blisters. I just get slightly itchy around my vaginal opening and slight rash irritation along my butt crack. For the most part i think these are indicators. The medicine im taking is valtrex i guess it helps. I feel like im always taking it. By the time im done with the 10 days, i feel slight reflief for a week or two and then I feel like having another outbreak soon after? Maybe its not working properly. Ugh idk. Bottom line Its so difficult to know when im having an outbreak bc symptoms are so suttle.
  11. I just shaved after my ob ended a week ago. i noticed the area where i had the majority of the OB is just slightly pinker than the side that wasn't to extreme. does this just mean that my skin is tender or still healing? im still itchy but even in areas that i didn't have an ob, (i am assuming due to the virus being so fresh and new) and so im hoping i didn't just make myself have another ob. it feels normal now, but im so new at this... lol Can you shave on the regular and not get an ob? i have type 1 if that means anything at all.
  12. Hey community, I'm wondering if you've ever experienced anything similar? I'm 3 years into my dx and just started dating a nice HSV- guy. For a month I've had this weird itch/pain that feels very different from an outbreak and there's a little bump, but I can't tell if it's an outbreak or not, and it's in a different spot than usual. I've been withholding sex for a month thinking it will go away but it hasn't. I wonder if it's (TMI) a cut from grooming or whatnot. It takes ages to get a gyno appt in NYC and I'm scared he's going to leave me from having to wait so long. Every day feels like a year. What would you do? Also does anyone know of support groups in NYC?
  13. Hello everyone :) This is my first post, and I am looking for some insight on how I transmitted genital HSV1. I was diagnosed a month ago via visual exam, PCR swab, and blood test (igg and igm). The results came back positive for genital HSV1, negative HSV2. I am soooo confused as to how I contracted this. I have been with one person for the past four years and neither of us has ever shown signs/symptoms. We broke up, and I was intimate with a different guy a few months later. The new guy gave me oral sex and also touched his penis to my labia, and fingered me. We never had sex. Sorry if this is too graphic... I saw NO sores or anything unusual on his genitals or his mouth. Ten days after our first intimate encounter, I had my first outbreak. He swears up and down he has never had any form of herpes. The REAL clencher is this: three days before my first outbreak, I was at a club and ended up drunkenly making out and briefly was fingered by a different guy. I absolutely regret this. This same guy had unprotected sex with one of my friends, and she did not contract anything from him. My question is: can you contract genital HSV1 if a guy fingers you? Or is this more likely from the guy who gave me oral? Or what? I have an appointment in one week to see a specialist in this area, but my conscience is eating me alive. I'm so confused and can't believe I let this happen. I am a very careful person and I just want to know how this could have happened.
  14. I am on my fourth month of having herpes and I have had 3 "manifestations" (soft word for outbreak). Whenever I have a manifestation, I emotionally feel like it is the first one. I am great in between them, but each outbreak is a reminder that I am not the girl I once was. How do others cope with manifestations?
  15. There was a time where I was a very religious/Christian/spiritual type person. I would pray every night and go to church 2x per week almost. I slowly moved away from this and did not pray as much and became more sexually active with people who I did not have serious commitments with. I felt that as long as my partner wore a condom, everything would be ok. Or, if my partner had no signs of an outbreak, which I would have hoped they would tell me if they did, I could not catch anything. Well, I did catch HSV-2 from a partner that was wearing a condom and had never had an outbreak. He was completely unaware that he had HSV-2 until I had an outbreak a week after we had sex and called to tell him. What is wearing on my mind is that I wonder if I had been a more faithful and praying person, would this not have happened? Did God lift his protection from me because I was not praying like I should have or going to church like I should? I have friends that sleep with a different guy every month (or more), but they pray and go to church and nothing has happened to them. I know that this may sound crazy, but it is how I feel. I feel that God stopped protecting me when I stopped being as faithful.
  16. Hey! I was diagnosed with herpes a month ago, right before a big move from Los Angeles to Portland, OR. I had a very small sore on the entrance to my vagina, nothing painful or remarkable. Because of the situation I was in with my move, I intended on just visiting with an OB-GYN in Portland and let my status go unchecked for a few weeks. I was given herpes by my boyfriend at the time, by receiving oral sex while he had a cold sore. I was not informed of the fact that he had any cold sores or prior herpes infections. Upon arriving here, I fell in love with a really great guy who unfortunately has also contracted herpes from me. We are both suffering through a very intense outbreak. My first "outbreak" could hardly be called that, but this one is very intense with herpes sores EVERYWHERE. He is experiencing extreme pain, swelling and sores. We are so sick, sore and messed up that we haven't left our apartment for a week, but things only seem to be getting worse. Due to unfortunate financial situations, we don't have money to see a doctor. I visited Planned Parenthood but would have needed to pay 160 dollars upfront to visit a Dr., which I couldn't provide. So..we're trying to rough it out on our own because we have to. We've been taking zinc supplements and have been slathering ourselves with vitamin E oil, because we read online that it could help. We're taking it easy and eating healthy and getting sleep, but we just need some insight about how long we can expect this to last..we're really suffering but we don't see any other options right now. Help!?
  17. I have herpes. What a load off my chest. I know that I know none of you personally and anyone who reads this probably doesn’t know who I am, but despite that I have told you something I don’t even tell my closest friends. I’ve had herpes for about four months and the first outbreak had to be one of the most, if not THE most, painful thing I’ve ever experienced. I had no idea what was going on to my body, so you can imagine the shock when my doctor brought up the possibility of me having the STD. My heart dropped. There was no way. I was in a monogamous relationship for four years and both he and I were virgins when we met. I had been with no one else. So you can imagine what was going on through my head. The words, “My amazing, sweet, and loving boyfriend…cheated on me.” The thought was worse than getting diagnosed. It turns out, however, he had HSV-1 since he was a little kid and had mistaken it for only cold sores of the mouth. Turns out HSV-1 can be transferred to different areas of the body. We had no idea. He got tested and came back positive for HSV-1. So did I. I can’t be angry with him. It’s not as if he purposely tried to give this to me, he had no clue. Even if he did know, I’m not sure if it would have exactly changed anything in our relationship; now that I’ve been fully informed about HSV. It’s strange how much the media brings such a negative vibe on Herpes; as if only unfaithful and the sex-crazed get this virus and anyone with it should be shunned. Huh… You know, in a way, I’m kind of thankful for Herpes. It’s given me a better sense of judgment.
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