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Found 10 results

  1. I was diasgnosed with GHSV1 in november My 1st outbreak I had cluster of sores with clear liquid that went away about a week later with acyclovir 2 weeks later ( December) a under skin bump popped up on my groin area The bump got red and painful but i could only feel it if i touched it since its under the skin. I've asked on other forums if this could be herpes showing up differently and got mixed answers. Over the past month 3 under skin bumps have formed ( i kept wanting to believe these are some sort of boils) BUT the fact that ive got one right after the other makes me think differently. Ive ive never got so many back to back like this. ive had boils/ cysts atleast once a year but 3 in one month??? I've read that some herpes show up differently so which is why I keep doubting this could just be boils One of them has almost gone way (not red anymore or painful ) because I squeezed white dry puss out When I touch it my skin feels flat now. Today I poked a whole on with a needle on the 2nd bump and ALOT of yellow puss came out along with blood. The bump is still there to touch and still red and it hurts. I can feel a 3rd one forming on the other side of my vulva. I'm so drained what is this! i currently dont have insurance so i cant go to the Doctor right now. My question is can herpes produce YELLOW puss like this???? Or are these boils / cysts/ abscess??? If they are boils i don't understand how I've got 3 back to back. That's never happend to me before. I wonder if herpes has triggered something down there. ( I haven't shaved in months so it's not that either)
  2. Hi, I'm 49 years old and recently diagnosed after having 3 OBs, all on my sacrum, which is where the original infection occurred. I've never had an OB anywhere else. My question is, even though I am HSV-2 positive, if a sex partner exposed me to HSV-2 on my genitals, would I also start getting OBs there, almost like another primary infection location? Anyone else have sacral herpes without any genital involvement?
  3. Hey all, So, I just need some reassurance.. I was diagnosed with HSV in February and ever since then, I have had consistent outbreaks. Only 3 weeks total have I not had an outbreak (oh, the bliss). I'm just frustrated with the fact that I keep getting them because I eat well (high lysine foods, gluten free, no coffee, sugar and alcohol every so often), exercise a lot as I am in a dance program (and do yoga on the side), and take antivirals, lysine, and lots of vitamins everyday. I also use essential oils on my outbreaks... What am I doing wrong? Is my body just getting used to the virus and figuring out how to fight against it? I've heard that the first 6 months to a year are the worst. So my question is, should I be doing more to stop the outbreaks, or do I just need to be patient for my body to get used to it.. will I ever have a solid month without one outbreak? Is this normal? I'm pretty positive and have come to terms with having it as it has brought a lot of perspective in my life - I just want these damn sores to go away!! If someone could respond that would be amazing. Thanks 🙂
  4. Just curious as to what most of you put topically on an outbreak (if anything...or do you let it be)? I've been doing rubbing alcohol on a q-tip...not sure if it does anything but if sure feels like it is.
  5. Just a thought. I've had herpes for a long time. Since 6th April I've had non stop outbreaks after nothing for ages. I went back on the contraceptive pill near the end of march. Could this be contributing to these horrid outbreaks? Is there any evidence to suggest this?
  6. I’ve only recently been diagnosed with ghsv2 this past February...and have been reading reading reading non-stop since. Most of what I’ve read has calmed me down EXCEPT when I comb this forum and find so many people experiencing MORE frequent and MORE severe OB’s as time goes on. It scares me! When I start to feel okay with wrapping my head around this diagnosis my mind starts “what-if-ing”. What if I’m one of those people who’s OB’s never stop? What if mine get worse and worse as time goes on? Its consumed my thoughts and life...I know I should be telling myself there’s nothing I can do and just live life but I’m curious as to what percentage of people actually get MORE ob’s as time goes on or is the norm that the virus calms down...? I’m currently on my second OB...I guess it’s the same as the first, one side...mild I’d say? Same spot as the first just without groin pain on the one side this time...I think the mark for this one is lasting longer than the first OB so my mind is going crazy. I haven’t told ANYONE about my diagnosis and do not plan to, so this is my only place to discuss what’s on my mind 😔 Any insights? Thank you ❤️
  7. So I’ve had HSV-2 for around 6 months and thought my outbreaks would be less frequent but they seem to be happening quite a lot🙄 they aren’t terrible, I just get a bit of pain,tingling and swelling no ulcers or anything but it’s so frustrating! Does anyone know any food / vitamins that I can take in order to try and prevent this happening? Also when I had my first outbreak I was already ill and on antibiotics so my first outbreak was absolutely horrific! However I’ve noticed the places where I had the ulcer like sores is totally different to where I now seem to get my little outbreaks ( always in the same place),does that mean when the virus is active and shedding it will be from all of these places or will it just be from where all my outbreaks occur ? Thanks in advance 😌
  8. I had my first breakout back in January 2018 & was diagnosed with GHSV-1 through a swab test (& negative for GHSV-2). My boyfriend gave it to me from a cold sore on his lip & I've never had a cold sore on my mouth before so I suppose that is why However it's worrying because from what I've read everyone seems to have only 1 breakout (which is their initial) with GHSV-1, but I've had at least 5 breakouts this year since my first. During the past month I've had 3 separate breakouts & I've a feeling they're stemming from a poor diet & stress but I'd just want to know if these factors are big triggers? I've noticed that they do tend to happen after rough sex, but is that a trigger as well? I don't get colds often so I don't know if it's a matter of my immune system Is this normal? I'm so worried
  9. Im now going through my second OB... the terrible thing is I don't have insurance and I mean just to find out that I had this I had to go to the local Health Clinic who by the way made that experience probably the worst day of my life, but regardless of that when I left there they gave me a card that said that I didn't have to pay for my prescriptions and they gave me prescriptions to go get filled. So the next day I go to Walmart and they basically tell me the card is useless, which infuriated me because this is the one time I really don't think I should have to pay for prescriptions but anyways I ended up paying got the prescriptions I needed and my outbreak went away the first time. This time around I still have no insurance out of Valtrex and I haven't been back to the clinic since I got blood work done and the prescription I mean I haven't even gone back to see if I tested positive for herpes I just know I have it. I say this because when I initially started realizing I had it I got the worst flu-like symptoms to the point where I took myself to the hospital. They diagnosed it as 'Strep throat' and prescribed me Clindamycin. But after that night every single day that passed I started notice how painful it was for me to pee and as soon as I talk to my mom about it told me I need to go get tested. So when I finally took myself to the health clinic and actually got a doctor to examine my excruciatingly painful situation the first thing the doctor said when he looked (And by the way standing right next to him was the a "nurse" who asked me all the questions you need to ask before the doctor comes in, and I swear I've never encountered such a rude person at probably one of the lowest points in my life or moments at least if not the lowesT) while I was already hysterically crying, was that it was most likely herpes & like I said ever since then haven't been back, mainly because this specific health clinic near me is only open on Thursdays from 8 to 12. What kind of shit is that, I mean I hate this like who the fuck is going to abuse Valtrex?! It pisses me off that I can't just order this online for myself, I don't want to have to go back to the clinic, I can't bring myself to.. but yet I need medication, I'm in pain uncomfortable as fuck and I've been looking online just to see if I could order this medication without having to have a prescription, but nope they treat it just like any other 'drug'. They don't offer it online without a prescription and all I know is I just want some Valtrex or something similar so that this outbreak goes away.. It rules my life when it's an issue. & let me just say that dating or casually talking any man right now... out of the question!. My only concern right now is how can I get more Valtrex or some kind of similar antibiotic that is just as strong ASAP, and I want to know if there's a way I can get this medication without having to go to the fucked-up Clinic that I went to to find out that I had this in the first place. I mean what kind of place is only open on Thursdays??. Anyway another thing is that I really have nobody to talk to you about this who isn't going to throw it in my face or use it against me right when we have a disagreement, not one person, & I love my mom so much but we fight to much and all that'll be is ammo for her in our next fight.... So yeah if anyone could give me any advice, or any inside tips things that I just don't know about because I'm new to this please I need to know I need help.. I'm tired of feeling this way physically at least. mentally it already takes so much out of me just thinking about what's going on.. Thanks for reading through that.. I appreciate it...
  10. I struggle with knowing whether or not im having an outbreak or if something else is going on. I dont have any sores or blisters. I just get slightly itchy around my vaginal opening and slight rash irritation along my butt crack. For the most part i think these are indicators. The medicine im taking is valtrex i guess it helps. I feel like im always taking it. By the time im done with the 10 days, i feel slight reflief for a week or two and then I feel like having another outbreak soon after? Maybe its not working properly. Ugh idk. Bottom line Its so difficult to know when im having an outbreak bc symptoms are so suttle.
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