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Found 6 results

  1. Hello Hello, beautiful reader 😊 Yes, you are beautiful! And you are worthy of love, of sex, of appreciation! I believe in the power of affirmations, to retrain the mind to think a certain way. For years all of us are told what to think of our bodies, we are taught to believe we need to change, that we are not good enough. Not because we want to think like this about ourselves, but because companies can make money off of our insecurities. THE SAME THING HAPPENED WITH HERPES. (I learned that from Herpes Opportunity, *I give thanks to you*) So, let's all write down affirmations we can repeat to ourselves every day. Every morning, every evening, when you feel like shit, when you feel amazing, whenever you NEED it or WANT it. Take note of the ones that speak to you, of the ones you feel you need more of in your life. Because your happiness, your acceptance, your self-worth all start with YOU. And YOU'VE GOT THIS, you beautiful human. This is my affirmation, especially designed for the Herpes diagnosis by Louise Hay. I say it to myself every morning, and it really helps me to get my strength back whenever I need an extra bit of a push, an extra bit of support when I lack it within myself. Here we go: The Universe supports me (Or your version of God) My higher self supports me. I am supported by others. I am normal and I am natural. I rejoice in my sexuality and in my own body. I am wonderful. Please share your affirmation here. Remember to be kind ❣️
  2. Hey! So Im currently dating this guy and he seems lovely, we get on so well and i do potentially see it going somewhere HOWEVER I’m so scared to disclose ! I’ve had this nearly 2 years now and I’ve dated but the fear of having to disclose has always pushed me away and almost shut me off so I either back out or seem uninterested 😩 when in reality it’s the fear of rejection stopping me! As a result I haven’t been with anyone since my diagnosis and at 24 I feel like it’s really impacting me and I’m scared that this is it and I'm just going to be alone ! I try and remain positive about it and I know I have a lot of good qualities etc and I’m not my diagnosis but I just struggle to picture myself having a successful disclosure and it’s making me so anxious about my future! so was just hoping people could post some positive disclosing stories or ways to not let the fear of disclosing ruin any potential relationships! ... anything positive in general would be super appreciated! Also what length of time have people waited to disclose ? I was going to see how the third date went then after that tell him if I decide that I do want to progress things! thanks in advance x
  3. I wanted to come on this forum to share my positive story after being diagnosed with HSV2 last year as a 36yr old woman who was dating. This site was an incredible resource of real life stories and relatable posts that helped me through the initial stage after receiving the positive results, I hope that my contribution here is able to support others. I didn’t realise what kind of stigma and internal fears I had surrounding a diagnosis of Herpes until I was faced with an incredibly painful and severe first outbreak. I had been dating and casually seeing a couple of people at the time and after falling ill I desperately prayed for my affliction to be anything but herpes. Of course a couple of days after working up the courage to go to the Drs I had the call that completely floored me at the time: The genital lesions that had me in agony were caused by an HSV2 positive result. I remember taking the call and feeling the world close in around me. That was it. life was officially over and I would never be the same. I had just met someone two weeks prior whom had very quickly become someone whom I could see becoming a very important and big part of my life. The thought of having to tell him (after we had had unprotected sex) that i had herpes sent me in to a panic and despair i hadn’t ever experienced. I drove to his house a couple of nights after and just knowing that it would be the end of a very brief but incredible time together- as surely my diagnosis would send him running- made me heartbroken and also angry at myself for ‘letting’ this happen. All the old fears and stories about not being ‘good enough’ or having something really wrong with me felt like they were confirmed with this result. I was unlovable. After having dinner together and getting comfortable I finally worked up the courage to let him know that I had just been diagnosed and that he would need to be aware that I had potentially passed this on to him also. I waited for the look of horror and disgust and the words of rejection I had played out in my mind endlessly on the drive to his place, but they NEVER came. He looked at me squarely and lovingly said that he didn’t care in the slightest and that it didn’t change how he felt about me one bit. He then held me tight and said that he appreciated my courage and honesty and that he could see I was so distraught and was only happy to take that fear away. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine finding someone that would accept my diagnosis and that fact that I had potentially exposed them and that they loved me just the same. We moved in together not too long afterwards, we have been together since, and we now have an incredibly beautiful daughter and we are relishing the life of being new parents together. What I thought was the end of my life (and sex life) was so far from reality that it still blows my mind to think about. Whilst it is your decision completely whether to take medication and use protection responsibly, to be transparent, I want to share that I took medication only briefly whilst in the last stages of pregnancy to make sure that I didn’t have a breakout whilst in labour which can be dangerous. Aside from that I haven’t had any other than one very mild breakout maybe a couple of months after the initial one. My partner and I have chosen to not use protection, he hasn’t had a breakout as yet. We are in love and living very normal lives and relationship wise, we are strong and have a lot of respect for one another. It is possible to find and to be with sometime who loves and respects you completely as you are. I wish for you the same, and to have the courage to accept nothing else because the truth is that you deserve it and it can be yours. Ultimately, this experience reinforced what I have learnt in other ways: what we think is the end of the world can sometimes be just the beginning. Our minds and fears can be so powerful that they can make you feel there is no alternative reality when in fact life, and people can be far kinder than we give credit for. Also, we are far stronger and more resilient that we know. In love, Em Ra
  4. I had two blood test done. Each came back positive for hsv1. First test value was 51.80 two weeks after the second test value was 34.40 why is that?
  5. Hello all ... This is my first post since being diagnosed and since joining this community. I’m 34 years old, was married for 11 years and going through a separation. After spending months in a depressed state I decided to get myself “out there” and date. The second person I slept with during this dating phase gave me herpes. I made the mistake of asking if he had protection and sleeping with him anyway when he said he didn’t. Worst part was I know now that he knew all along that he had this and just wasn’t honest with me. Just ONE careless mistake and my whole world was turned upside down. After my initial outbreak and diagnosis I was completely depressed and even thought my life was over. I had every thought and feeling that each person here experienced after finding out. All I wanted to do was sleep and disappear.... Finding this site and reading all the posts from others in this community gave me such a sense of hope and positive outlook on my future living with this virus. Knowledge really is power and I found solace in reading others experiences. I thank everyone here for sharing their knowledge, their experiences, and for sending positive vibes out there. It’s so true that you never know when sending a kind word to someone how much it can really help. Im finally out of the fog and feelings of total despair. It’s not easy and there is still so much to learn about my body again now that I have this, but I do realize that this virus is not what defines me unless I let it. I will NOT let it define me. I will NOT let it take over my life. And I will NOT let it take away my positive mindset. I will fight for my body and for my health. I will fight for my happiness. And most importantly I know that I can and will live a happy and fulfilled life. People get life threatening and life altering diagnosis’s EVERYDAY... this will not kill me or take away my ability to live a strong healthy life. Perspective and mindset are EVERYTHING. Knowledge is power. And finding this community provided me with another level of comfort. Thank you everyone for reading this, and big thank you to everyone who helps comfort and inform those of us that need it... 🙂
  6. I was diagnosed with herpes but didn't received/ prescribed any medication why is that? If I apparently had a break out. I went for a bump that was located in the pubis mons*pubic hair area.. It was just there no itching no burning no tingling or any of that.. so after being diagnosed I decided to Burst the bump. It bleed then disappear in the next hour or so.. like it never existed. I could've been misdiagnosed
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