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Found 2 results

  1. Hi. I’ve had HSV2 for 6 years and been on Acylovir most of that time. I’ve had breakthrough outbreaks but they are painful/ annoying for a few days usually and get me down but clear up soon enough. I never had to heighten my dose or thought to. Cut to last month an outbreak so severe, new internal sores which has never happened and in other new places, finally upped my dose but not till a week later so took a few weeks and a few higher doses to clear. This month I missed one tablet, one evening (!!!) and had another terrible outbreak but this one there hasn’t been sores just pain/nerve problems and weakness to the point where I couldnt open my eyes or speak I was so weak for a few hours each day for about a week. I went to A and E and they gave me 5 days of Valacyclovir and that has certainly stopped my viral neurological symptoms getting any worse but Im now on suppressive Valacyclovir and I just hope it clears the horrible feelings down below. I recently started high dose long term anti-biotics and two consultants I asked think its nothing to do with it but its suspicious to me.. also wondering about a possible BV and thrush connection with outbreaks as anti b’s have given me those. Things are v off.
  2. Where do I even begin. Prior to my first herpes outbreak, I have always been very health anxious and because of this it really makes dealing with Herpes worst. I was diagnosed the beginning of March, with genital HSV-1. I was happy because this was not the type where it was more reoccurring, but still understood that it is genital herpes and it is not certain that I will not have another outbreak. I shaved myself for the first time since my outbreak last week and to add on got my monthly friend. So I am unsure if it was a combination of the monthly friend and the shaving irritation that could have potentially triggered another outbreak. However on 4/19, I felt that tingling sensation down there and I had an itch (like a yeast infection) and I panicked and took the Valtrex just in case. I have finished the Valtrex 2 days ago, and I am still very itchy down there which to be honest I feel like ever since my outbreak I have had some type of itch. I feel as if I am never going to be normal down there cause it has not been 100% since my initial outbreak. Like I said I know HSV-1 is less severe of the types, but is it common that 1 month after my initial outbreak, I feel as if I am getting another one? Because of my health anxiety, it makes me believe that anything out of the ordinary, such as a little itch, is going to be an outbreak. On top of the itch, I do feel myself still getting shooting pains, and I was told that was nerve pain, but does that settle? Also I feel very achy in my legs at times. I am very new to Herpes, and I may be a little uneducated, but my gyno said that my first outbreak could be my only one/may have another years from now. Has anyone else had this issue with HSV-1 genital? Or does it not matter what type you have, an outbreak will happen with whatever triggers it?
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