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Found 3 results

  1. I just got diagnosed with HSV1 on my genitals on thursday. I'm truly devestated I was watching this lady on youtube and she was talking about the difference between prodome and shedding. She mentioned something that kinda scared me (more than I already am ) She said that outbreaks don't always look like cold sores or bumps on your genitals. That it could also be a feeling like body aches, rashes, itching, tingling. But I thought that's was what prodome was??? So how am I suppose to be more cautious and know if I'm having an outbreak if there's no actual real physical symptoms like sores Ugh all off this keeps getting more confusing by the minute. She also mentioned to not have sex before or after your period because you're shedding or something like that... I'm so overwhelmed I HATE THIS!!!!
  2. I have learned a lot about HSV2 since I contracted the virus by an asymptomatic partner who didn't know they had it. This is how roughly 70% of individuals get infected by the virus - from an asymptomatic person. How? By shedding. Even if there are no lesions or visible sores in the genital area, asymptomatic individuals are "shedding" the virus on their skin. And condoms DO NOT protect individuals from this shedding virus, since it presents on the skin, around the entire genital area. This isn't common knowledge, and I think this is a crucial factor of how the virus is unintentionally spread. Therefore, if this virus is inconspicuously transmitted - why does the medical community only "test" for herpes when individuals are experiencing symptoms? This seems counterintuitive and honestly an oversight of the clinicians who know the insidious nature of this virus. I have tried to find articles, research, literally anything that examines the idea of making HSV1 and 2 testing routine; but I have not been successful. I am aware of the arguments that claim routine testing for everyone would expose asymptomatic individuals and cause them emotional and psychological harm; however this logic doesn't hold up when the majority of individuals who infect others are asymptomatic at the time. I think the greater psychological harm is when uninfected individuals get their first outbreak and have to inform their asymptomatic partner of the damage they've unintentionally caused them. Both parties are then forced to face this new reality and the asymptomatic partner must come to terms with not only having the virus, but also implicating someone else without knowing. So while the medical community claims they're saving asymptomatic individuals from the truth now, this negligence has long term emotional and psychological effects for both them and their partner. Why aren't clinicians testing for HSV 1 and 2 when so many remain asymptomatic carriers? Why isn't this the status quo STI testing, alongside Chlamydia and Gonorrhea? I am also curious as to why sexual health and education doesn't inform individuals about the reality of shedding. If this was more "mainstream" knowledge, perhaps individuals would be more inclined to get tested (even if they are asymptomatic). Ultimately, I think the medical community has a lot of work to do in regards to improving the public's knowledge about herpes, as I believe it will ultimately counteract a lot of the stigma surrounding the disease.
  3. Hey y'all, My question is, is suppression therapy even worth it? I have tired to do a lot of research but I seem to get the same answers and I just want answers from real people living the same situation as mine. I know a LOT about HIV and treatment and all of that, due to my personal people in my life, and I know that there is this thing called U=U (undetectable = untransmittable) meaning HIV suppression works to prevent the spread of HIV during sex, so much so that you don't even have to wear condoms with HIV negative partners because there is virtually no risk. Now what I want to know if its the same for herpes? I don't mind using condoms, I want to make sure that my current partner is safe and that they run no risk, but what about during oral sex? I've been on valacyclovir for 5 days now, and only have 2 pills left. I want to be suppressed so I want to continue taking the medication, but not if it wont even reduce the shedding. I'm worried about shedding the virus when I don't have breakouts. I want to continue giving and receiving oral without being paranoid of giving my partner oral herpes. Please help, anything from your experience will help.
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