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Found 18 results

  1. Hi. How long after being diagnosed until you guys had unprotected sex while being on Suppressive therapy? ( GHSV1 BTW )
  2. Has anyone contracted GHSV-1 in the pass 5 months or less & used Suppressive valtrex for about 2 months & haven’t had their partner contract it?
  3. Hello everyone! My question is can someone who is hsv negative get hsv2 from oral sex with someone hsv2 positive? Is this something we need to worry about? Thanks in advance!
  4. Newly diagnosed with hsv-2, after one year with boyfriend who says has zero symptoms. If we’ve had unprotected sex for a year, and I had no symptoms of herpes during this year.. what is the probability of me giving him the virus? Should we assume he more than likely has it now, or he himself brought it into the relationship and infected me?
  5. CAN A MALE TRANSMIT GHSV 1 TO A FEMALE by just sticking the tip in ???? So i recently met someone and things got too heated and i didnt disclose until after the foreplay. Ive felt great since Janurary this year (had H since last year feb) Ive had slight prodrome (slight ingling nerve pain) recently and thought i was getting an OB but what looked like a pimple forming went away... I told her last night and shes been a mess , already talking as if she has it 😔😔 any info is appreciated. @mr_hopp @Ishmael
  6. Hey guys! I have been living with H for 3 months now and I recently met someone. I did my research but I haven't found answers for everything. I have HSV-1 genitally. Can someone go down on me without protection ( I'm a woman) without the risk of me transmitting it to them and vice versa ? Can I cuddle in my underwear or is it not safe? And this is a bit embarrassing but can someone finger me without protection or should we use gloves or something? I haven't been intimate with someone since i found out and even before, it was only with 1 guy for few times so I am new to th
  7. I googled it and some said yes some said no. I also asked my doctor and she said no. multiple times. before I got my dx I shared a bath with my son. I don't know if I was having symptoms or not. But now I'm concerned. can you pass it through the water? it's not like I rubbed my nether regions on him. But Google is saying there is a dilution factor. also my doctor said it passes through SKIN TO SKIN contact. please help!
  8. 👋 Hello Can anyone tell me how long you need to take valtrex for before it really starts working? I’m specifically talking about for lowering transmission rates. Any help is much appreciated, Thanks!
  9. So I’ve had HSV-2 for around 6 months and thought my outbreaks would be less frequent but they seem to be happening quite a lot🙄 they aren’t terrible, I just get a bit of pain,tingling and swelling no ulcers or anything but it’s so frustrating! Does anyone know any food / vitamins that I can take in order to try and prevent this happening? Also when I had my first outbreak I was already ill and on antibiotics so my first outbreak was absolutely horrific! However I’ve noticed the places where I had the ulcer like sores is totally different to where I now seem to get my little outbreaks (
  10. I have learned a lot about HSV2 since I contracted the virus by an asymptomatic partner who didn't know they had it. This is how roughly 70% of individuals get infected by the virus - from an asymptomatic person. How? By shedding. Even if there are no lesions or visible sores in the genital area, asymptomatic individuals are "shedding" the virus on their skin. And condoms DO NOT protect individuals from this shedding virus, since it presents on the skin, around the entire genital area. This isn't common knowledge, and I think this is a crucial factor of how the virus is unintentionally spread.
  11. Hi there, Long story short, I’ve had HSV1 for what I believe to be about ten years now. However, I only found out my official diagnosis (igg blood test) recently, after having strange nerve pains in my groin area. It’s a very complicated story, but I had what I believe to be a (traumatic) genital outbreak when I was merely 16 - and being young, naive, and ashamed, never got it diagnosed. I know, not good. Since no other outbreak has occurred, it was kind of forgotten / suppressed after some time. Nothing was there to remind me of it or the what-ifs. Flash forward into a long term re
  12. So I have fairly recently been diagnosed with genital HSV-1, I got symptoms after a casual sexual partner performed oral sex on me so I am assuming that’s where it came from but that’s not necessarily true or important. It took me a while to be diagnosed as I went to the doctor assuming (and hoping) it was folliculitis, she told me it did not look like herpes, however after a couple of days it became VERY painful and I could barely sleep or walk without tears, due to work I couldn’t get to a clinic to find out, however I think I knew inside the whole time it was, so after a lot of tears I came
  13. Hello everyone :) This is my first post, and I am looking for some insight on how I transmitted genital HSV1. I was diagnosed a month ago via visual exam, PCR swab, and blood test (igg and igm). The results came back positive for genital HSV1, negative HSV2. I am soooo confused as to how I contracted this. I have been with one person for the past four years and neither of us has ever shown signs/symptoms. We broke up, and I was intimate with a different guy a few months later. The new guy gave me oral sex and also touched his penis to my labia, and fingered me. We never had sex. S
  14. I'm hoping to find more information about the possibility of oral hsv2 transmission, the likeliness of it happening, do many of you have it? Have many/any of you given it? I'm finding it difficult to find information on this, I know it's rare, but if it is a possibility I'd like to be able to offer concise, factual information to my partner, not just "oh it's so rare, don't even worry about it." In short I really miss being on the receiving end of oral sex so any light anyone could shed on this would be oh so helpful. Please!!! I'm losing my [email protected] mind!!!!!
  15. I have Oral Herpes type two. Yes positive. I need more information on symptoms and transmission rates, and can I kiss again?? :( I have kissed someone and I want to know if that can pass on to him? Not too much info out there on oral type two. Please help! - Liz
  16. Hey! I was diagnosed with herpes a month ago, right before a big move from Los Angeles to Portland, OR. I had a very small sore on the entrance to my vagina, nothing painful or remarkable. Because of the situation I was in with my move, I intended on just visiting with an OB-GYN in Portland and let my status go unchecked for a few weeks. I was given herpes by my boyfriend at the time, by receiving oral sex while he had a cold sore. I was not informed of the fact that he had any cold sores or prior herpes infections. Upon arriving here, I fell in love with a really great guy wh
  17. Hi Y'all! Had a quick question concerning French kissing (mouth to mouth). Is it possible in any way to transmit HSV-2 to my partner this way? I know that HSV-1 can be, but wasn't sure about the other kind. Many thanks ahead of time for your consideration of my query, and your possible response. Have a great day!
  18. Hey you awesome community! There's been a lot of talk on here about herpes stats and questions about herpes transmission and what to share during the herpes talk. So, I've been hard at work compiling and synthesizing information into 2 separate handouts for you to make everything clear for both you and your potential partners. 1. Post-diagnosis handout: Especially for those who are newly diagnosed (and for everyone else for that matter) with all those question marks floating around in your head. There are a lot of conflicting stats out there. This is all the high-level information you sho
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