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Found 2 results

  1. 👋 Hello Can anyone tell me how long you need to take valtrex for before it really starts working? I’m specifically talking about for lowering transmission rates. Any help is much appreciated, Thanks!
  2. How long before having sex do I need to take Valacyclovir to protect my partner? (FYI: I also use condoms and discuss safe sex, sexual history, and have consent conversations.) If I want to start up Valacyclovir for suppressive therapy so as to protect my partners, how long before we have sex do I need to take it for it to be in effect? I don't want to take it everyday all the time. All the answers I've found online are only saying how long it takes to take effect against an actual outbreak. What I want to know is if I don't have an outbreak but want to take it just before sex to protect my partner (like I might take Viagra), how long before sex do I have to take it for the beneficial effects to kick in? I'm not currently very sexually active and I rarely get outbreaks, so I don't take Valacyclovir daily, but I'd like to take it OCCASIONALLY, like before a date or a romantic vacation. Thank you.
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