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Found 7 results

  1. For a severe outbreak, or recurring outbreaks what is the highest dose that’s also safe? Is there a risk of long term antiviral consumption? I know these are questions for my doctor, but I’ve been through so many and none of them know anything about herpes. Does anyone know of a herpes specialist?!
  2. I was diagnosed after going to ER, did not know this was what it was. I went to my regular dr about a week later, of course she had to examine me herself. I & my husband have been faithful to each other for over 40years. My doc told me it can take years for it to show up. Stress is a trigger. My husband has genital warts, doc said alot of times this goes hand in hand. My question is I have been on valtrex for last 4 weeks. 1 a day for about 2 weeks. The itching & tingling kept on. I took 2 times a day, it's better. Do I need to keep taking 2 a day-150mg each tablet?
  3. Has anyone contracted GHSV-1 in the pass 5 months or less & used Suppressive valtrex for about 2 months & haven’t had their partner contract it?
  4. So about 2 weeks ago, just a day or 2 after having sex (with a condom) I started having irritation downstairs. It had the symptoms of a yeast infection so I took over the counter meds, but that didn’t make it entirely go away. I went into the gyno and she told me it looked like yeast and gave me antifungal pills— still didn’t go away. A week later (about 3 days ago) I went back as things were getting worse not better. As soon as she looked she got a look on her face and told me it looked like herpes. Of course, I went into full breakdown. She took a swab for a viral culture and gave me all the info packets and some valtrex and I left. The next day, she calls and tells me the viral culture came back negative, but she wants me to come in for a blood test. Went in for the blood test right away. At this point, it has been 2 days since the blood test and I still haven’t heard back. The valtrex hasn’t been helping at all and I am still in an incredible amount of pain. On top of that, I’ve been having other, new symptoms — diarrhea with mucus and blood in it, sore throat, upset stomach, etc. The anxiety is killing me... does anyone have any insight on the odds of a false negative on the viral culture ... the other symptoms, the negative result and the valtrex not doing anything all make me want to believe I have something else. Even so, the sores really do look like herpes . Please help, not knowing is killing me!
  5. 👋 Hello Can anyone tell me how long you need to take valtrex for before it really starts working? I’m specifically talking about for lowering transmission rates. Any help is much appreciated, Thanks!
  6. I struggle with knowing whether or not im having an outbreak or if something else is going on. I dont have any sores or blisters. I just get slightly itchy around my vaginal opening and slight rash irritation along my butt crack. For the most part i think these are indicators. The medicine im taking is valtrex i guess it helps. I feel like im always taking it. By the time im done with the 10 days, i feel slight reflief for a week or two and then I feel like having another outbreak soon after? Maybe its not working properly. Ugh idk. Bottom line Its so difficult to know when im having an outbreak bc symptoms are so suttle.
  7. Ok so I’ve been on my daily valtrex once a day (500mg) for suppression. Pretty standard dose. Had anyone else experienced the most insane vivid dreams? I’m talking scary as hell cant tell the difference between dream and reality? I’m dreamig about exes, end of the world, being trapped on a sinking cruise boat (wtf lol). Anyways just genuinely curious if anyone else had experienced this phenomenon or it’s just me 🙂
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