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Got tested for herpes: Am I positive or not?


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After my husband cheated and I left him (we had not had sex in moths), I was tested for "exposure" in April 2012. All tests were negative except HSV1. Ok, no problem, I knew I have had cold sores before. Then I met this absolutely wonderful man on Sept 9, 2012. He told me all the right things and I fell in love at first sight. I knew he was going to be my life-long partner. I told him I loved him unconditionally on Feb 7, 2013 and he said he didn't feel the same way but he wanted me in his life forever and that I am his best friend. We would still have sex and I didn't know he started seeing other women, too. We were still having sex!! When I finally found out that he was on at least the second gf, I got tested again. This time I was positive for HSV 1 & 2. He didn't seem to care too much and promised he had been with no other woman while we were together (found out from his ex wife and an ex gf that I was just one in a long line of women he has had sex with) His own son calls him a "man whore". I got tested again, and it was pos for HSV 1 and neg for HSV 2 and the common AB. ARUP lab suggested another sample or to be tested by glycoprotein G type specific ELISA. Meanwhile, he got tested but has not told me his results. My ELISA test came back positive for types 1&2. Now I am getting the information to have the Western Blot test from Univ. of Washington. Supposed to have a specificity of >99%.


I am confused as to why my tests keep going both ways. I pray this last one will be negative.

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From what I've heard, blood tests can be rather finicky. Sometimes, our bodies haven't created enough of the antibodies against herpes (which is what is found in our blood) to test "positive", and there's a negative result. I would say if you've had two positive results, it's probably positive but get the Western blot to be sure. The best way to know for sure is to swab a sore, but it sounds like you haven't had symptoms and you probably don't need to worry about that since your body is already creating the antibodies if they're in your blood to protect you from them, most likely. Get the western blot and find out for sure! :)

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Update. I talked to the Virology Center at the University of Washington where I will send my blood for the western blot. They told me that my numbers for being positive (2.48 and 2.50) are in well within the range they establish (2.50-3.50) of being a possible false positive. They wanted me to wait until at the earliest, the end of October to do the test, just to give me time to seroconvert if I have it. BTW the ex boyfriend said he tested negative. Do I trust him, who knows.


I still have not had any sores or symptoms at all. Geez, I look at every itch or anything. I am so tired of looking! LOL

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