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Outbreak or not?

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Hi so I was diagnosed about a year ago w hsv1 igg levels about 19 and my docotor didn’t put me on any meds. I never had any inclination of having herpes and was completely shocked and had no clue who I couldn’t got it from. I smoke weed and have smoked with a lot of people so I also thought about that. I also know of multiple friends and a previous partner that have had canker sores or cold sores and then I thought it was just that but now since i’ve don’t research I know it’s herpes. Shocking because i’ve never had an outbreak and i’ve been through extreme stress and I don’t eat that well. Now, i’m scared because I feel like i’m having my first one because i’m noticing white spots under my lip skin right in the middle. It’s not itchy burning or tingling. I’m not sure if it is a potential sore or from smoking a lot of weed over the years. 

I also take lysine & an natural anti viral from my local herb store. Does anyone have any other recommendation for suppressive therapy or should I go to my doctor and have them take a look as well?

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If you've never had a breakout I'm guessing you dont know if its oral or genital? Just that you have HSV1? It's so common and it is the same as cold sores. Most adults carry hsv1 and usually they get the virus as kids. Canker sores are different and I'm not sure if there is any kind of connection to smoking weed. I dont think Dr's prescribe suppressive meds for hsv1 (unless you have very frequent breakouts), but it doesnt hurt to have as needed meds on hand for outbreaks such as Valtrex. Talk to your Dr. The only OTC med approved by the FDA to shorten the length of cold sores is Abreva. If you have small white bumps it could be the start of a cold sore. Starting Abreva as soon as possible should help shorten the duration of your cold sore. 

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