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Does it ever get better

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I’m writing this because I’ve been very down. I know I shouldn’t think like this but I do. Everyday I ask myself why did this have to happen to me. Although I know I’m not alone I sure do feel alone. The constant worry, constant depression, constant outbreaks are really getting to me. What do you do when you feel like you can’t be strong any more ?😫 Then to think this is never going away I’m forever feeling so alone. I’ve even had thoughts of killing myself but can’t bring myself to do it. I know it’s not the end of the world but I’m so sad. I get multiple outbreaks at once and I’m just so over my life 😣 I’m hurting so bad and I always have to pretend I’m not . I keep a lot of stuff in because I don’t want my family to feel bad for me or for my parents to feel like they didn’t do their job. They know about it but it’s not something I like to remind them of. I don’t want everyone worried about me. But I’m so sad and I’m really just starting to hate myself more and more. 

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I know how you feel. I recently discovered it for myself, and am feeling pains physical, and emotional right at this very moment. I’m sorry to say I’m so new to this I don’t have any answers for you, besides to proffer you my shared pain. I feel it too. And it hurts like hell. 

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I have constant nerve pain around my face daily for 25 months.....every second ....burn itch sting numb wet tight sore...constant never ending pain....  From a french kiss by a drunk woman I didnt know who sat on me at a bar...and smothered my face in her wet sloppy kiss...

I was physically ill for 6 weeks....fatigue headache neck pain nausea...and face pain which has continued to creep.....Herpes is Greek for creep......

So so so depressing....Dr will do nothing for me except tell me I wont die

But I am already dead...

Saliva burns too 

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HI Iamme15

i felt every word you wrote in your post.

crying as I type these words, running out of will and wanting to keep it all in because saying it would just cause pain to others.    Just know that wherever you are I am feeling the exact same way, and if it helps you, you are not alone.  I am going through the exact same struggle and in so much pain that only someone going through this could understand.  


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