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Genital HSV1 and receiving oral sex without condom

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Hi friends,


i was was wondering if any of you were in a similar boat as me. I was recently diagnosed with genital HSV1 about a month ago. If I’m being honest, I’m doing extremely well. I met a girl, we started dating, and I disclosed on the third date. It went super well, and we’ve been having sex regularly since then. 


I’m taking Valtrex and we’re only having vaginal sex. I’ve researched rates of transmission of HSV1 from genitals to the mouth and I haven’t found anything conclusive. Furthermore, I’ve spoken to my doctor and he didn’t have a good answer either—just the typical, be careful, wear a condom, answer.


My partner is very desperate to give me oral sex, and as a man, I really don’t want to forego unprotected blowjobs. I’m almost jealous of the genital HSV2 carriers, because although they recur more, they’re extremely unlikely to transmit it from receiving oral sex. I wasn’t so fortunate!


Anyways, if anyone has any information that could shed light on my situation as a young college aged male, it would be much appreciated! 

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Hello. 2/3 of the population already have HSV1, mostly orally. I would have her go to the doctor to get tested. She likely already has it. If she has it, she can’t get it again. Then you should be good to go, still avoiding Sex during an outbreak though I’d suggest. If she doesn’t have it, I think this would really be up to her. Is she ok with getting oral herpes. She may, she may not. But she should take time and really consider it. 

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