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New diagnosis, where do I start?

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So I just got diagnosed last Wednesday,  12/11/19 with GHSV1 from oral sex. All it took was a quick google image search to realize that Monday night that it was not irritation from a hot tub I was dealing with...I was an absolute wreck but at least by the time I got the "official" diagnosis from my doctor I had cried all I could. I'm trying to stay positive now and taking this as a new lease on life, to get my mental and physical well being back on track because now I don't have an excuse not to. It's been rough though. On top of having a pretty severe OB, I had contracted a stomach bug (likely also got that from the partner who gave me herpes) so I couldn't keep anything in or down for about 2 days. I'm now over that and have started a paleo diet, got some probiotics, lysine supplement, and some CBD oil to chill me out (I have a stressful job and don't want that contributing to anything). I'm so thankful I stumbled across this site and have already learned so much but lawd, do I have more questions!

1.) If I contracted GHSV1 from oral sex, why didn't I have an OB orally as well since we kissed? I guess it's possible I contracted it from actual sex, but from what I've read that's much harder to do when it's going from male to female?

2.) I'm on day 4 of meds and day 7 of my OB. Dear god I feel like this is taking forever to go away! I can finally pee now without my life flashing before my eyes too bad, but I'm still very uncomfortable when walking/sitting/standing. I legit wore a knee brace to the store today so people wouldn't think twice about me walking with a limp to keep my pants from rubbing my vag. It just feels so raw down there, but I'm wondering if some of that is nerve pain too?

3.) Any equestrians out there? I've read that friction can sometimes be a trigger for recurrent OBs and unfortunately that's a natural consequence of riding horses. Any tips on managing that or maybe it won't be a problem?

4.) I'm reading conflicting material on prolonged primary OBs vs. prodromes? I'm reading a lot of threads of people saying they have persistent tingling, sensitivity, itching etc. after the first OB sores have healed, so is that considered an actual prodrome where the virus is becoming active again since the first OB or is that just a prolonged OB that hasn't been managed?

Sorry I know this is long, I'm just trying to better understand this virus so I can manage it as best as I can!

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Hi @MissWorld and good on you for reaching out and getting your questions answered. Knowledge is power, girlfriend! 😉 

  1. This shows that passing herpes from one partner to another or from one location to another isn't a done deal. People have the misconception that herpes will spread just by kissing and having sex, but it's a roll of the dice every time. And since your vagina has more mucous membrane than your mouth, it does provide easier access for transmission.
  2. Be patient with yourself during this time that your body is developing antibodies and coming back into homeostasis. Especially for the first 6 months or so, this won't be a reflection of how the rest of your life will be with herpes, I promise. Just like you're doing, take this as a damn fine excuse to take the best care of yourself that you ever have!
  3. It's different for every person, so give yourself some time for your body to heal and maybe try some gentle riding. Ease back into it. But like I said in #2, be patient and don't expect that if horseback riding triggers an outbreak that it will always be like this. It's a delicate balance now as your body is developing its natural protection.
  4. This is a hard question to answer without solid data (meaning getting the area swabbed when you're feeling prodrome symptoms); and for most people in the first 6 months, there is a lot of confusion about what is a prodrome symptom (meaning it's pointing to an impending outbreak or increased viral shedding) and what is nerve pain and what is what. During the first 6 months to a year, assume that you will be more contagious, so be careful (but try your damndest to not be paranoid). 🙂 

You're on a good path already, only a few days in ... For you to be asking questions and genuinely wanting to take care of yourself is admirable and a good reflection on how this can be a positive and life-enhancing experience for you. 

Here are some places to start to get a handle on this the most positive way possible, and to ultimately make it an Opportunity to grow and love more than you would have otherwise:

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