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Herpes and Prodrome

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I have been having recent prodrome symptoms upon dating someone new. It’s like I was completely fine before we started dating, then as soon as it’s time to get intimate, I start to feel the prodrome symptoms. Tingling in legs, butt, genitals. I think I’m nervous about giving it to him, as I am with all of my new partners, but the symptoms are a continual reminder that I have it, and he’s fine with it, I’ve told him all about it, but I’m still anxious about it. My question is, if I’m having prodrome symptoms, but taking my meds, and we use a condom, and I have NO outbreak, is it okay to have sex? I only ask because this prodrome phase is coming and going for ab a month now. Also, I have been very stressed, and I notice when I am calm, relaxed, and not feeling anxious about being intimate with him, I have no symptoms, if not very small symptoms. Also, what can I do naturally to keep the prodrome phase at bay, as I very rarely actually ever have an outbreak, it’s just the prodrome symptoms.

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In your case of both 1) taking daily suppressive medication, 2) wearing a condom and 3) no active outbreak, that would bring his risk level down from 4% to 1% (per year average). So it doesn't give him full protection, but it definitely helps a whole lot! For more of the specifics on herpes transmission and other facts, download the handouts that come with the free e-book on disclosure here: https://www.herpesopportunity.com/lp/ebook

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