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Casual Sex

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Totally possible! Plenty of folks have done it. The thing about casual sex in general is that those who do it responsibly have the safer sex talk with each partner and get to know their risks (since casual sex is just plain risky across the board when it comes to the risk of getting any STI).

So when you’re open about having herpes, it sets you apart — in a good way! — when it comes to being trustworthy (if only for a one-night stand). When you are armed with the facts while being confident and caring about keeping your casual sex partner safe, it actually makes you *more* safe than those who are in denial about the risks and have casual sex anyway. And with you being open, you get to hear from them about what they’d like to share with you. This is true consent. Super important. 

P.S. — Some folks have argued before that if it’s just a one-night stand, then why disclose anyway? It’s a silly question since of course you would want to be told if the tables were turned and they had a transmissible STI that they could give you. 

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I have selective casual sex. One guy we were flirting via phone & he kept saying he wanted to do oral on me, so since we had already went on a “dinner date” a week prior, i just told him. I told him he can’t & i told him why. He was cool with it & so far we’ve had protected penetration sex 3x. The first time he said alright, now tell me about this thing again lol & he made an informed decision to still have sex. 

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I have had a few casual encounters. I always disclose and let them make their own informed decision. Then I respect their decision no matter what they choose to do. It's their choice if they want to take the risk.

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