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Are BV and Herpes related?

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Hi there,

I've had ongoing cases of Bacterial Vaginosis (almost once a month!) since being diagnosed 2 years ago. Is anyone else experiencing this? Doctors have said they are completely unrelated, but I am not sure I believe that. I haven't been sexually active in a year and am still getting them.


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Are you on the pill? I've been on the pill for over 15 years with no BV or yeast infections and all of a sudden about 9 months ago I began to get it about once a month. I think the trigger was when my doctor lowered the dosage of my pill because I was having other hormonal issues. I think it has to do with ovulation or right before I get my period. It usually only lasts about 2-3 days and clears on its own but is very annoying! I haven't been able to make it go away completely, even with no sex for the past 2 months and using Metrigel treatment, so I definitely think it's hormonal. My doctor recommended using Rephresh gel periodically to help rebalance my Ph and I think it helps. I was diagnosed with GHSV1 in December and I haven't noticed it making any difference with my BV flare ups. 

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Thanks so much for the responses! 

I am still not too sure if they are linked, as I hear mixed reviews, but I suppose their linkage is not that relevant. I am dealing with both about monthly and I'll just need to sort out how to live like that.

For the record, I find BV much, much more of a nuisance than herpes, but the stigma doesn't suggest that. Funny how the world works.


Thanks again!

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 We are women who experience bv and herpes, they are related, I was and still am devastated because of this. I dont have the why, but I have searched for a way to manage our ailments, dont know if there is a cure: 1) green vegetables and hot vegetables are our friends 2) sugar should be totally eliminated, especially processed foods, also limit natural sugars from fruits, too much of anything is not good, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries should be eaten in moderation, especially if you are pre or diabetic 3) please eat lots of garlic, fresh garlic, if you dont lile it, start liking it, it will cut down on discharge, odor, headaches or any type of ailment, 4) apple cider vinegar is also your friend and plain old water is your friend too, lots of it everyday 5) you can use boric acid too, the clindamycin and metro gel are killing your good bacteria 6) use a good probiotic for women that has all the lactobacillus and reuteri in it that is in the billions and has more than 10 to 12 strains, 7) cut out a lot of meat, why? Truthfully, it has tons and tons of antibiotics in it, thats why our bodies are immune to antibiotics, they dont work anymore , the animals are fed antibiotics, so the medicines wont work, 😎 find a good cleanse to clean our bodies from all the toxins from the unhealthy foods and medicines we are putting in our temples, our bodies, do a cleanse every 6 months, 9) do some type of exercise, movement and keep calm 10) ladies, if you are not in a healthy and monogamous relationship, get in one if you desire it, sex is meant to be with a lifelong committed partner, these are tidbits, dont allow anything or anyone to get you down. We are all great people, life threw us a curve, now we must figure out a way to get back on our straight path. I love each one of you and lets support each other. Stay blessed!

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I was diagnosed with hsv1 from a blood test a few months ago and me and my doctors assumed it was oral. However I’ve had chronic bv for almost 7 years 😕 I’m wondering if my dr can do a culture and herpes swab in the same test cuz I wanna know if I actually have ghsv1. 

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