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how can this be?

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I have just recently been diagnosed with HSV2. I had a horrible outbreak about 4 days after having sex with my partner of 16 years. I have not slept with anyone else in this time frame. He on the other hand has been tested twice(blood) negative and has no symptoms. Is it possible that he slept with someone in the past few months and has yet to have an outbreak and still is testing negative but has passed it on to me? Now I am being pinned as the cheater knowing that I have not slept with anyone else..please help me understand?

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Hi Confused!


No wonder you chose the screen name Confused! This is quite the conundrum. :)


So here's what you need to know: If he got the IgG test, it has been known to give false positives and false negatives. It's not the gold standard when it comes to blood tests, although it works better than nothing. ;) The gold standard is the Western Blot, and only one clinic up in Washington state provides it as far as I know. I certainly will not be telling you that there is definitive proof based on the negative blood tests that either you or he cheated. 15-20% of people with genital herpes never have any signs or symptoms — ever. But the multiple blood tests coming up negative is strange.


How is your relationship? Do you have any reason to believe he's been unfaithful and/or untrustworthy?


Here's a blog article on the herpes blood tests:


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The relationship has not been well and there is a possibility that he was unfaithful..though if course he swears up and down this is not the case. I obviously had a culture rest since I was having an outbreak which came back positive. Just wondering if it's possible to spread if he has yet to have an outbreak and blood tests show nothing? I know I was not unfaithful and haven't been with anyone else for 16 years..I asked the dr if it was something that could have been dormant in my system for this many years and his answer was no this was definitely a first time outbreak. Just trying to wrap my head around how this is all happening

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