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HSV1 genitally and HSV1 orally

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Hi everyone,

I acquired HSV-1 in college in many locations at the same time inner thigh, butt, eye, mouth, and nose. When I talked to the health clinic they said the main way it could be passed is orally as it is from the oral strain. She said I should disclose the HSV-1 orally to partners as that is the main mode of transmission. As I’ve gathered more info through the years I have realized this may have been incorrect info. Struggling and feeling confused about conflicting info and many people seem to only have gotten it in one location. Looking to find someone who can relate or has info. 

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Most new genital herpes cases (over 50%) are because of the partner with a cold sore (oral HSV1) giving oral sex to their partner and giving them genital HSV1. And if you have HSV1 in those other areas, it can still spread to your partner just like if you had an oral outbreak.

Also, have you read up on asymptomatic viral shedding? For HSV1 it sheds less in the non-oral locations (since that strain prefers to camp out orally) but can still be passed to partners even when no outbreak is happening, but it’s much less likely (especially if you’re partner also has HSV1 antibodies, which 80%+ of people do because cold sores are so common). 

Finally, download the fact sheets so you can get a handle on the data and can better understand transmission rates. 

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