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Is anyone prescribed Famciclovir?

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Has anyone been prescribed Famciclovir for suppression? Any success on it? Valacyclovir and Acyclovir doesn’t seem to be working for me anymore. I was on those for 8years with great success but the past 2 years have been awful... 

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I was prescribed Famciclovi for an episodic occurrence back in the 90's. I didn't find it effective for me.

It would be worth a shot in your case. Some folks have better results with one antiviral over the others. Hopefully it will be just what you need.

Good luck...

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I'm on famcyclovir for daily suppression of 500mg a day and it works well.  One thing I reccomend is set a alarm, and take it at the same time everyday.  The only time I really get symptoms is if I'm late on a pill or miss a pill.  I'm always stressed so my outbreaks weren't frequent I couldnt live my daily life properly.  

Try it, it may help.  Everyones body is different 🙂

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