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Just diagnosed

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Hey all,
Just diagnosed with HSV-2 about a week ago and have been taking anti virals and have soo many questions that i didnt think of in my initial shock. would it be possible to get oral herpes from the sight and not show any symptoms during the intial ob? the reason i ask is because im a single parent with split custody and i am so incredibly scared of passing this off to my 4 year old son. i have been scared to let my son kiss me or me kiss him because it would just ruin me if i infected him. i had a small spot on my penis and 1 small spot on forhead. but nothing on lips, tongue or mouth. the spot on the penis was swabbed but the spot on the forehead was not. please any advice would be much welcomed in helping me calm down.

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Hi there and welcome Jim 🙏 

Firstly, read this article for the ins and outs of passing herpes:


In short, you have nothing to worry about. Having the knowledge that you have herpes and are being careful is enough. Most cases of oral herpes being passed to children is via unwitting relatives kissing with active cold sores, not realizing that it can even be transmitted. 🤦‍♂️ So your first line of defense is awareness. (Just don’t let that awareness explode into paranoia!) 

When you’re not having an active oral (or forehead) outbreak, it’ll be hard to pass to them via asymptomatic viral shedding alone. Especially if the only non-genital outbreak you have is on your forehead, the likelihood of recurrences there (and viral shedding for that matter) — especially after your body builds up antibodies — is slim. As it states in the article above, we’re talking transmission via actual sexual and make-out type friction here ... nothing close to the innocence of a dad kissing his child. Both you and your kid deserve love and affection. I’m so glad you reached out to ask so you can dispel the fears in your head. 

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