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pH balance / yeast infections

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I’m a woman in my mid 20s. I was diagnosed 3 years ago, my immune system since then learned how to suppress the virus so I rarely get symptoms. I haven’t had sores for like a year now. When I am sick with a cold or am sleep deprived I get a little itch and that’s it. BUT I often get discomfort in my general vaginal area at many points through my cycle. After my period is over and before I ovulate, the “dry days” that is, I often feel a slight burning like a yeast infection. No discharge, the smell is perfectly healthy too, but there’s still discomfort mostly inside, not on my labia where I used to have the sores, just inside. Can having H without sores still put your pH balance off??? I never had any problems with my pH or lubrication before, before contracting H I always bounced back to normal very quicky after my period and got wet a lot faster during foreplay too. Is there any science behind this, how can H mess with the skin and mucous membrane so much if it doesn’t even produce sores? Should I invest in an intimate moisturizer that older women use when hormonal changes result in less natural lubrication? Any experience, ladies? Thanks a bunch! <3

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Very similar symptoms over here! I’ve had the virus for about 10yrs. First few yrs had typical outbreaks every few months and decided after 2yrs to go on suppressive therapy. That worked for 8yrs than I started getting outbreaks monthly. I switched antivirals and thinks got a LITTLE better, however, almost EVERY month as soon as my period ends and I approach ovulation I get those same symptoms you described. Mostly internal itching and discomfort like a yeast infection, discharge is normal but sometimes sticky almost if that makes sense but not the consistency when you ovulate. The inside of my vagina gets swollen as well. I usually up antivirals and supplements and I’m better in 3-5days typically. Ive gont to the gyno during this time and they tested for yeast infection and bv but they came back negative. They also did NOT see any sores despite the irritation and itching. I have also noticed since this has been going on the past few years my vagina has also not be lubricated like it used to be. Sex has become unpleasant. Ive had to use lube as well as condoms because I’m so worried to infect my husband. Pretty sure I have an allergy to condoms or the spermicide on them as well. If i touch them my hands get hot and itchy same with my vagina after sex which makes me think its an allergy and not herpes related. The lube definitely helps. I also take a womens probiotic thats supposed to help (not sure if it really does) and I may start taking a dhea supplement. Dhea is supposed to help with hormones. 

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