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Posterior fouchette tearing

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Has anyone else experienced this after being intimate following an h diagnosis? I have ghsv1 and struggle with this. Just wondered if anyone else has this. Any idea if the tears are outbreaks? Docs dont seem to think so. Is this a known side effect of h? How did you manage it? 

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Ouch! Sorry to hear this. Doesn't sound pleasant in the slightest. I haven't heard of this being related to herpes. This wasn't happening for you before herpes diagnosis? And does this still happen even when you are properly lubed up (either naturally or with a lube)? 

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Thanks for replying. Is painful when it happens. Never ever happened prior to diagnosis. Am glad to hear its hopefully not to do with the h. Doctors have given me emollients so am hoping liberal use of this builds the skin up and strengthens it up. Maybe it's just because I'm not as much at ease being intimate nown than I used to be? We are using lots of lube etc. Any other tips would be useful! 

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Hi! Strangely enough, I've actually had this, as well! I also didn't notice it until after my diagnosis and have been curious about similar things. I haven't had many problems with it recently, but after my diagnosis I constantly thought I was having outbreaks, but it was just those weird small tears. I'm curious to hear if your emollients help! 

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So glad to know I'm not the only one!! And great to hear that you seem to be doing better now. Did you use any cream to improve things or did it happen naturally? I haven't seen my partner in a while now so havent been able to test it but will keep you posted. Fingers crossed 

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I was relieved to hear I wasn't the only one, as well! I remember thinking it was strange, but I played it off as being hyper-aware of outbreaks, as it was happening fairly close after I was diagnosed. I haven't had it happen there in a long time, however, now I'm dealing with a fissure at the front above the clitoral hood that keeps popping up. It looks like a paper cut and doesn't seem to respond to valtrex or have any other HSV symptoms along with it, so I've been looking at what it could be. I am by no means a medical professional, but my google investigations brought me to a reddit thread with a woman with a fissure almost exactly the same as mine, and she had something called Lichen Schlerosis. I found a few other infections with similar symptoms, but they all seem to be treated with topical creams (which is good, I suppose!). I haven't been able to get into my gyno because of COVID-19, but next time it pops up I'll go in and see what she thinks and let you know! I have a theory that HSV has a tendency to mess with our PH as women sometimes, so I think maybe these things a more related to that, but I could be totally wrong! For me, it just seems like I have more frequent yeast infections and little symptom like this - I'm not sure if I'm the only one that feels that way!

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