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Hello, I know it has been a long time.


I have been a bit down lately. I broke up with my boyfriend which didn't go well with him. I am much happier now but I am very anxious to keep in his good books or I am afraid he might tell others about my virus. I know this is silly but I just think that he is so upset that I ended it it is something he could do. This was about 4 months ago that we broke up but he still isn't taking it well.


There is another guy I like though, I am not sure how much he likes me yet but he seems nice. He is a typical lads lad though and I am just not sure if I can trust him. i hear him and his friends talking about girls and they tell each other everything I don't want to be a topic of conversation for this reason! I have decided to wait a good few months before deciding anything but I wish that I just didnt' have this virus and didn't have the anxiety of telling someone else about it. I wish it was just easy and I could enjoy it. I know things could be a lot worse. I have only ever had 1 outbreak and it was nothing. If only i hadn't decided to go and get it checked out. Ignorance is bliss, I suppose.

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Hey Optimist!


I hear you. It does sometimes seem like it's just plain unfair, doesn't it? And I remember what my parents said, "Life isn't always fair." Oh geez, another life lesson, mom? No thank you ... But it's taken me years to realize that it's not about life being fair or not fair, or that it sucks that this happened or that happened. The point is that it did happen, we can't change it, so now what do you do? That's what defines who you are. Keep hoping and wishing that something that is unchangeable will change? I'll tell you what IS changeable ... Your attitude about it. (Take a hint from the screen name you chose. Being optimistic is truly a powerful medicine.)


I would challenge your statement that ignorance is bliss. This may be your opportunity to be blissfully aware of those anxious voices that are running in your head so they no longer affect you. The more aware you are of all this stuff that has been under the surface, the more you can move past it and live a happy life. Yes, even with a pesky skin condition. ;) Trust me, I've seen it time and time again, whether it's during the weekend workshop or with private coaching clients. All it takes is a mindshift. Then everything changes.


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Adrial you bring up a good point. I'm gonna keep this short and simple: control your controllables. You can't control some things that happen in your life but what you can control is how you react to them and what you take away from those moments. Ask yourself how you want to go forward and make it happen :)

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