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Is it true chances are very low of transmission when not having outbreaks?

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I have just being diagnosed with herpes. The doctor seemed very relaxed and after asking me several times, as I have made my research on the internet, he told me that using condoms will be enough in order not to tramsmit the virus and also he told me that if I have a partner, as long as I don't have any outbreaks and blister I will not infect my girlfriend. Is that true? I am terrified about transmitting her the virus, I didn't tell her yet, I don't dare, but he reasured me that chances are very low.

Also I asked him about taking medications (aciclovir) and he said that it is not needed.

Can I trust him? Can I still have a normla relation with my girlfriend and just avoid having sex whilst the outbreaks? Can I not use condoms for oral or vaginal sex with very low risk?

Thank you very much for your answers!

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Doctors get this wrong all ... the ... time. Definitely disclose to your girlfriend. Absolutely. You can still transmit herpes even with no signs or symptoms. It's called asymptomatic viral shedding. The rate of transmission vary depending on whether you're on suppressive medication or wearing condoms or both. Read the fact sheets that come with the free e-book to see the risk breakdown. With wearing both condoms and taking suppressive therapy, the risk per year can be brought down to 2.5% for a woman contracting herpes (1% for a man since there's less mucous membrane). 

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Thank you soo much mr_hopp,

So who is the profesional who can help me out? Urologue or dermatologist?

so even though wearing condoms through my pubis skin I can pass it into my girlfriend let's say, throw the sweating?

I feel soo lost and lonely, I don't dare to tell anybody yet..

Thank you so much

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