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Am I Imagining it

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Trying to come to grips with whether I have HSV. I know the only way to know is to be tested. But I just have to tell my story as I don’t feel I can tell any of my friends. Upfront, I am under a lot of stress and I have been hypersensitive about the possibility of HSV. I am 55 years old, recently divorced. Had my first sexual encounters with a female. Some protected some not. Oral and vaginal. But all the questions were asked about having STDs and the response was “not that I know of.” 

A week after the last encounter, I developed what I think was a canker sore but I got nervous and began to use too much mouthwash. That led to a bad case of oral thrush. I visited the dr and got oral medication that got rid of it. A week later I develop a rash in my groin area. I was so nervous it was HSV I did not go to the doctor for three weeks. By the time I went, the rash was on both sides of my groin, my scrotum was all read all over and I was on fire. The doctor said this is jock itch and gave me antifungal cream. I told him I was nervous it was herpes and he said no. It looked like a fungal infection.to quit reading the internet and get a good nights sleep  

Fast forward three weeks and I keep getting what I think are canker sores. And the groin fungal infection keeps flaring up in some places but in different places. I keep applying the cream he prescribed. The flare ups seem to go down rather quickly. Flare ups happen on both upper thighs. I have also gotten what I call heat bumps on my bum. I just can’t seem to kick the rash and keep getting the mouth sores. 

I called the female and asked if she had any STDs and she said no but let me know if you think I do. Her responses are not making me feel comfortable.

In my distress, I also visited a urologist and he looked at me and said he did not see any HSV. My penis looked healthy. 

Neither doctor tested me. Assuming it is HSV, should the first outbreak be over after five weeks? Can you get back to back outbreaks? In multiple locations at all at once? Thanks for any insight others can provide. 

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I would trust the doctor if all you’re getting is cancer sores and a rash. But if you really think it’s herpes, I’d push and get tested. It’s hard to get a hsv test, it took me a year to get diagnosed cuz no doctors believe me when I said my lips were on fire. I never had sores so doctors didn’t test. Then finally one gave the blood test and I was positive 

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