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What to use for Asymptotic pain ?

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I’ve been recently diagnosed with GHSV1 and never had actual lesions ( from what I can see) but I have pain in my vulva, inner labia, and beneath my vagina near my anus. Ive been taking valacyclovir For 5 days and asked to continue it bc my pad was rubbing and caused a lot of pain. So idk if it’s actually working. And idk if that is normal or what is normal. They kinda give you your test results and not really anything else but a prescription and your left feeling lost and hopeless! 

my questions are do you need confirmation from your doctor to take the lysine vitamin and if so what mg? I’m honestly afraid to try stuff bc I’m afraid it will get worse or I’ll have some sort of allergic reaction (I’m allergic to seeds and nuts) What is you alls shower routine for after ,what do you put on your sore bits? 

ive been doing a sitz bath after my shower and aquaphor during the day but I’m afraid to put anything on my actual vulva. 

I need help idk what to do and I need relief 

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Hey I’m sorry I don’t have suggestions but just want you to know you’re not alone, I’ve only had 1 outbreak but feel irritation down there ever since.

been trying to take vitamin b complex to help with nerve pain.

i don’t think you need confirmation from your doctor to take l-lysine but I guess it’s always good to check with your doctor before you take new meds! It is over the counter and is in certain foods we eat, including dairy.


theres a few Instagram profiles that I follow that have suggestions and advice for HSV!

one suggests using lemon balm salve and another makes her own “goddess oil” which contains natural ingredients that are anti inflammatory and antiviral....theres also a brand called Momotaro that makes a balm with coconut oil and tea tree oil and other calming and soothing ingredients.

the products are for your vulva.






those are the Instagram profiles that have the recommendations!!! I hope this helps a little...I’m continuing to look for things to help my daily irritation and nerve pain!!


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thank you for those sites!!! I checked out safeslut and I’m guna check out the rest! I’ve started super B complex and will start Lysine this weekend ( didn’t wanna take it during work week bc of possible allergies)  I think the super B complex is already helping! That or my “ outbreak” Was already calming down. 
Do you have any tips for shaving? There’s times where I’m fine and times where I feel awful after I shave. I tried an electric shaver but have to return it bc it wouldn’t cut any hair. 

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