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sad .. shocked .. but

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I've been married for 6 years  now 

last year september  i was pregnant    but after five  days i had misscarriage  so went to the doctors  they did checked using vaginal ultrasound.

then we waited for couple of cycles and tried again  then i got pregnant in march this year  we were really excited this time but after 8 weeks we went to ultra sound  they said that there was no heart beat for  fetus .. we were devasted....  then got vexed and changed the doctor .. other lady doctor recommend a quick dnc .. to flush out the remains... so we did ..

after few weeks from dnc  nurse called me to check on me and explained that this is very common .. she said that everything was normal with my health.. but she found out one exception in the paps smear  which not big deal .. then i got curious and asked her what ? she said its hsv2...  this was in may this year

i was shocked how the hell this is possible never had any symptoms or had another relationship  other than my husband 

then me and my husband went to anylabtestnow to check it.. the whole std comprehensive test  after 4 days they gave the result  it came  postive for hsv2   and the range was 8.1 (igg) suprisingly  my husband  got everything negative  he did not have any herpes or any other std

i cried cired.. dont know what to do ... my aunt was obgyn   so i called her she lives in different country .. she said not to worry but start the medication daily  so i did valacyclovir

 after using  antivrial for last three months 

we went for another std panel test last week ...  my husband test negative for all hsv1,2 

i tested negative for all other  and my hsv2 range decreased to 5.6.... but hsv1 started showing postive  with 2.34  which was negative before ......

i dont know what to do now not sure what is going on with me...  i swear  on jesus ..we maintained 1000% celibacy all three months ... 

another fun fact... in late 2017  when my husband went to check  normal health test  we took std panel test as well just for fun and over googling the internet .. everything was negative ... for me and my husband at that time ...

we never had any other intimate relationship.... out of wedlock.... neither my husband ... he tested negative ...all the time even now   so how  can this be possible...

we lived under low income housing where  we have shared washing machine in the commuity .. some times i use to wear the washed underwears without much drying  ...   is that a possibility or hotel towels ?? or toilet seats ?????  i have big suspicion on the  vaginal ultrasound which they did last septmeber where they insert   that big stick to check the uterus .. if that is unclean is there a chance of getting infected  from that ...

i'm crying since last 5 months now  please answer if you can .. i dont know what to do.....  can i get pregnant again without infecting my husband ??  do i need got for IUI ??



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I can relate to a lot of your story....I had my first genital outbreak after getting a trans vaginal ultrasound. I also have been in a committed relationship for the past 8 years. At first I totally blamed the ultrasound wand and thought they hadn’t cleaned it or something....I know how shocking it can be..


I guess the western blot test is the best way to know for certain via blood test if you are positive or negative.


the shared laundry machine wouldn’t have done anything because the virus would die in the wash.


im sorry you’re going through this. I know how much of a shock it can be!!!! 

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 i've went to western blot  via terri ... got my result  it says i'm negative for all herpes i'm happy  but  ......  wtf ....... is my obyn paps mear and anylabtestnow they all  wrong then  with those igg's??? i've been using valacyclovir last four months ... i'm  happy that  western blot came negative  but ....confused at same time ....... we are trying for kids  shall i go for another papsmear ????

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